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Why do you need adult website traffic from

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The online adult industry is BIG…REALLY BIG. For starters, it's estimated that adult websites throughout the world receive in excess of 100 million visits a day. That's a lot of porn!

Additionally, some industry experts say the total adult industry is worth well beyond $100 billion worldwide. Claims that the adult industry is bigger than any of the major league sports, and even Hollywood, is starting to make a lot of sense.

Get a small slice of adult action!

Just imagine what you could do with your website if you managed to get a small slice of that traffic. Let’s say you managed to grab ONLY 0.001% of the online adult industry’s traffic and revenue. That’s $100,000 in just a single year!

Premium Traffic Adult TrafficBUT there's one big problem:

When generating adult traffic for your websites conventional traffic generation methods, such as social media marketing and content marketing, do not work.

Your adult content won’t last long on Facebook. Twitter will pull down your raunchy tweet before it's even posted. And sites like Squidoo and Hubpages won’t even accept your adult-related submissions. So where does the budding internet marketer look to gain adult traffic?

It's simple:

You Buy it!

Why Buying Adult Traffic Makes A Lot Of Sense

Let’s keep it straight to the point: If you want your adult website to succeed, buying traffic from reputable adult traffic sellers is the way to go.

Marketing to adult forums, blasting your ad or link to email subscribers, and plugging your offers through BIGGER adult websites can take a lifetime to get traction.

But you don’t have to wait a lifetime for success.

We've been in this Web traffic selling business for a long time. We know EXACTLY where to find your target audience, what makes them tick, and how to channel that torrent of traffic to your site. Without that expertise, gaining any kind of actionable traffic to your website will be hard.

That's why you need to buy traffic from a company that can deliver.

What To Look For When You Buy Adult Traffic

While many of these adult traffic brokers are reputable and have years of experience under their belt, not all of them are created equal. And to ensure that you’re getting the best traffic possible for your adult site there are a few ideas you should keep in mind.

Aside from a good track record and excellent reviews from previous or current clients, you want to settle for an adult traffic seller who uses an alternative payment method to PayPal.


Because using your PayPal account for purchasing adult traffic is highly risky.

If you thoroughly read PayPal’s terms and conditions, you’ll see that any adult-related purchases (including traffic) can lead to penalties. After all, you don’t want your PayPal account to be suspended.

So, what's the answer?

Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve doesn’t bind its users and customers with such terms and conditions. You can buy pretty much anything you want with Liberty without judgment or fear of penalty. So before you settle for an adult traffic seller, make sure that they have Liberty Reserve as one of their payment options and processors.

Web Traffic Geeks – THE Adult Traffic Source

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect adult traffic seller.

Here at Web Traffic Geeks, we can:

  • Deliver highly targeted traffic to your site
  • Deliver high volume
  • Deliver any required niche
  • Target any country
  • We have tons of traffic-generation experience
  • And can process payments discreetly and without hassle

And we can do a whole lot more. You can buy adult traffic with us using Liberty Reserve, and within as little as 24 hours, real human-like traffic will be flowing into your website.

Additionally, we offer a plethora of niches that are well suited to an adult-themed website.

Here's just a small selection:

  • Adult casino traffic
  • Adult TGP traffic
  • Adult toys traffic
  • Gay traffic
  • Smoking tobacco traffic
  • Transsexual traffic
  • Wedding traffic

Adult webmasters and internet marketers like you can count on us, and the high-quality traffic we generate, to give your adult site the traffic boost it needs to potentially increase its value and profitability.

And the best part:

You can test out what Web Traffic Geeks can do for you, with 10,000 visitors, for as little as $70.

So, what are you waiting for...

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