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What Do You Get When You Buy Traffic From Web Traffic Geeks?

Every website traffic provider provides traffic, but exactly what you get from your order differs from service to service. Not all guarantee human traffic; not all process your order rapidly; not all give you a broad range of targets to choose from. To help you decide whether to buy web traffic from us we’ve made a detailed list of exactly what you can expect when you place an order.

1. The Traffic Order Interface

Sounds fancy, right? A little complicated? Absolutely not! The Web Traffic Geeks Traffic Order Interface is a detailed, easy-to-use order form that ensures you get the right human traffic to land on your page.

What do I Fill In?

  • Visitor Numbers: select from a range of plans that start from as low as 10,000 and rise to 270,000 real people; people that have already visited data-gathering websites. Nearly all of our plans include a few thousand extra visitors absolutely free. You’ll immediately see the price and there are no hidden costs. Want even higher numbers to land on your website? Contact us directly for a custom plan.
  • Order Frequency: some of our clients prefer one-off orders to test different niches, find out whether paid traffic is the right strategy for them, or get their new business off the ground. Others use monthly orders to improve SEO, get more clicks, and increase conversions. We won’t insist you sign up for the long term or implement a ‘cancel your long-term subscription’ strategy. However, if you do decide to use our services for the long-term, we offer a monthly discount.
  • One URL: each order applies to one URL. Want to send traffic to multiple pages? You are better off ordering smaller numbers for each page. We won’t send our traffic to illegal websites, hate sites, or those that contain malware. Adult sites can only buy adult web traffic.
  • Select Your Targets: once you’ve filled in the above metrics you’ll be taken to the next page. This is where you get to select your targets. Every order can select one to three niches from a list of hundreds: ages, genders and all types of interests. Want to target a single niche, no problem. Prefer to spread your targets over three entirely different niches, that’s also fine. In addition to three niches, you also get to pick three locations. These are the areas where your paid visitors live based on their IP address.
  • Visitor Delivery Time: use the button to select how many days you want your visitors to arrive over. Have them flood in on a single day (this might overload your website if your bandwidth is limited) or spread them over any term up to 30 days.
  • Campaign Start Date: want to schedule your order for a later date? No problem. Simply fill in the date you want your order to begin. We usually process your order in 12 - 24 hours, so last minute decisions to buy web traffic are no problem at all.
  • Campaign Goals: let us know what your goals are and we can further target your traffic. Just want more clicks? We’ll put through visitors that come from similar sites. Want to reduce your bounce rate? We’ll do our best to send people who spend a longer time on different sites.
  • Guaranteed Clicks: an additional service for PPC sites through our partner company. You’ll have to make an initial order before adding a note in the accompanying text box to tell us where on your page you want click interaction to take place. This service has an extra charge of between 10 - 30% of your order.
  • Payment Options: pay via bank transfer, PayTabs, Visa or Mastercard and wait for your visitors to arrive - within 12 - 48 hours or according to your given campaign date.

2. Traffic Quality

At Web Traffic Geeks, we strive for quality. That means every customer is guaranteed 100% human visitors - no bots. Furthermore, the great majority of our web traffic is AdSense safe. Although we can’t quite guarantee 100% AdSense safe website traffic, we can guarantee 99% is AdSense safe. Add to this our huge range of niches and locations and you’re also guaranteed fully targeted, human traffic that improves brand awareness, SEO and conversion.

3. Customer Protection

Pause your campaign at any time - as long as you contact us in time. If your strategy changes mid-campaign and you want to wait until a new one has been developed, just send us a message and we’ll pause your visitor stream as soon as we can.

Web Traffic Geeks also offers a money-back guarantee for unspent credit, unfulfilled traffic numbers (we nearly always over-deliver) and any traffic that arrives from the wrong selected niches. All of these are extremely rare events but, should we get it wrong, every order is completely protected.

Naturally, our payment gateways are secure.

4. Web Traffic Tracking

When you buy web traffic from Web Traffic Geeks, you can track it on Google Analytics as referral traffic. However, we go a step further by providing a direct link to your personal page where you can see your traffic as it is delivered.

Buy Web Traffic from Web Traffic Geeks - The Best Provider for The Best Paid Traffic

And there you have it. Order your 100% human, targeted visitors now and enjoy a fail-safe marketing strategy that generates thousands of visits, guaranteed!

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Simple as 1-2-3

1. Choose your Niche & Country

This way, you only receive visitors that will convert best on your website.

2. Set up campaign options

Select your favorite traffic package and time/dates options.

3. Receive visitors within 24 hrs

Once ordered and approved, you will receive visitors within 24 hours.

Oh yeah — and you will have our support available every day should you have any comments or queries. Webtrafficgeeks — we get you 100% human, quality, targeted website traffic. Guaranteed.


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