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We are the largest managed traffic buying service in the world. Sit back and relax while we send you a fixed amount of visitors, for a fixed price.


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We are Web Traffic Geeks, a team of Europeans hard working specialists focusing on providing quality web traffic to your website. We focus on quality, in everything we do. We aren't your average bulk traffic supplier!

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Web Traffic Geeks is the premier website for getting targeted traffic your business needs to succeed. Whether you are a startup looking for an early traffic boost, or an enterprise in need of millions of unique visitors, Web Traffic Geeks has the expertise, and capacity, to deliver the traffic you need. As we are the Geekiest of all Geeks.

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If we don’t deliver the traffic, you get your money back (on pro-rata basis). It’s as simple as that.

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Our traffic equals real people. They have needs, they have desires, and they want what you have to offer.

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For a fixed fee, you’ll get the amount of traffic you’ve paid for. No hidden costs. Ever.
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What we do?

Get up to 200,000 visitors to your website - daily. We are the Webtrafficgeeks and that's what we do! By using a carefully selected mix of various traffic sources we ensure that you receive just the traffic you need.

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Buying website traffic shouldn't be a replacement for SEO and other conventional methods of online marketing, but it can certainly give you that edge you need in the highly competitive online market. You can improve your Alexa ranking, time on site and lower bounce rate, but most importantly — it will drive potential clients and bring your website in front of your target audience long before you will see the first results of your conventional marketing strategies.

Why would you buy webtraffic?

SEO, PPC etc. are certainly the best ways to get those precious visitors, but they all need plenty of invested time and money to yield good results. One way to help you out in getting the results faster - is buying website traffic.

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If you have the resources to hire a marketing company which will run a huge campaign for your website — go for it, but even then you can still profit from buying highly targeted website traffic. From the moment you place an order, to the first visitors showing up and knocking at your website’s virtual door it usually takes less than 24 hours. Do you know any faster way to get to potential clients? If yes - please let us know 🙂

Why Webtrafficgeeks?

You will get 100% human, targeted quality traffic. Visitors that are already interested in your product or service.

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The way it works is quite simple — you choose the desired geo and the niche you want them to be interested in. You also choose how many visitors would you like us to deliver to you and over how many days would you like us to send them to you. After that - we take over, set your campaign up and open the tap. Using a mix of expired domains, the XML feed and other traffic sources, we direct the targeted visitors straight to your website.

Oh yeah — and you will have our support available every day should you
have any comments or queries. Webtrafficgeeks — we get you 100%
human, quality, targeted website traffic. Guaranteed.

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