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Web Traffic Geeks is the number one website for getting the targeted traffic your business needs to succeed. Whether you are a startup looking for an early traffic boost, or an enterprise in need of millions of unique visitors, Web Traffic Geeks has the expertise, and capacity, to deliver the traffic you need.

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Need a lot of traffic? Not a problem! Here at Web Traffic Geeks we specialise in delivering high volume high quality traffic quickly and efficently so you can start profiting from your website!

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Every Visitor Web Traffic Geeks sends you is 100% human, targeted quality traffic. They have desires, motivations, needs and wants: And you can profit from them all.

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We live in competitive times. Thousands of new websites go live every hour and any of them could be your next competitor. Get the edge you need to stay on top by buying web traffic.

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Here at Web Traffic Geeks we understand the importance of putting the customer first. That's why we offer 24/7 support that's ever ready to solve your web traffic needs.

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Whatever your traffic need, Web Traffic Geeks can provide. We offer traffic interested in multiple niches from locations across the world so you get exactly the traffic you need, from where you need it, to succeed.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How does WebTrafficGeeks.org work?

Step by Step Guide – How to order

1. Sign up as a new advertiser or login as an existing advertiser

2. Visit the order page and choose between 1 of the 6 traffic packages we have. (IMPORTANT: hover on the QUESTION SYMBOL for added information). If you need a package larger than those advertised please contact us.


3. Select your traffic package. Choose between monthly plan or one-time payment.

Choose payment type

4. Now fill out the form with your desired URL. Remember to add the “http://”

url website

5. Tweak the details here. Select your niche and then select the country. You can choose up to three of each. Spread visitors between 1 to 30 days. Enter the date on when you want the campaign to start (day-month-year)
Niches Countries

6. Fill out your full name and then your email (order confirmation will be sent here).

7. This one is optional. You can leave special instructions on this field.


8. Then select your payment method. Review your order. Once you’re happy with all the details it’s time for you to click the button (Checkout)

Payment Method

9. After you’ve paid: Your order is now in the oven. We received you order and will send you a confirmation email after your payment is received. You order status will be changed to “approval”.

10. Next, we review your order and activate it. Status will be changed to “active”. You will receive an e-mail when this happens – your order is now live!
That’s it!

Thank your for ordering with WebTrafficGeeks.org.
Please let us know if you
have any questions or suggestion to improve our service and website. Thank you!

What are the rules for buying traffic? Anything forbidden?

Yes, since we provide real human visitors, we want to serve them only quality. Therefore, the following types of websites cannot use WebTrafficGeeks.org services:

– Url(s) may not contain adult content (unless the appropriate adult category is selected), Hate, Warez
– Url(s) may not use site rotation, extensive redirection, or forwarding
– Url(s) may not load virus or force any downloads
– Url(s) may not disrupt the traffic delivery process


– No Tech Support sites

– No linkshrink.net
– No Pharmacy Sites of Drugs of any kind

What is the best way to measure traffic coming in?

Use a lnk.direct link

Use a bitly website
The best way to measure incoming traffic is to use either Cpanel or, even better, use a lnk.direct link for the order. By putting a ‘+s’ behind the link, you will see the exact amount of visitors received. Bit.ly is also a handy alternative.

We set each order up via a lnk.direct tracking link, as it is a reliable third party tracker with a good amount of extra information about the visitors.


These tools work better than Google Analytics and other analytics tools, which do not register all visitors under certain circumstances.

Can I Pause My Campaign?

If for any reason you need to pause your campaign, contact us here. We will then pause your campaign as soon as possible.

Which niches can we choose from?

We support one of the largest selections of web traffic niches to target.
This is our current list of niches. You can select your desired niches (up to
three) when ordering:

Most popular niches

– Casino
– Games
– Gambling

All niches

Advertising Media





Astrology and Horoscopes




Audio – Car

Audio – Home


Automotive – Aftermarket

Automotive – ATV

Automotive – Cars

Automotive – Custom

Automotive – Fuel

Automotive – Parts

Automotive – Rental

Automotive – Sales

Automotive – Trucks


Babies / Expectant



Beauty – Hair

Beauty – Makeup

Beauty – Supplies










Business Opps

Business Opps – Christian

Business Services



Candy and Confectionary


Career – Home-based

Career – Search

Cash Gifting







Clocks and Watches



College Students


Computer – Advice


Computer – Hardware

Computer – MAC

Computer – PC

Computer – Repair

Computer Software

Computer – Upgrades

Cosmetics and Perfume

Costumes and Uniforms


Crafts & Craft Making

Credit Cards

Credit Cards & Loans

Credit Repair


Dating & Personals

Debt Consolidation

Diet & Exercise

Diet – Instructional

Diet – Services

Diet – Supplements

Domain names



Education – Higher

Education – K-12



Event – Graduation

Event – New Parents

Event – Wedding

Exhibitions & Conventions

Eye Care





Fashion – Accessories

Fashion – Apparel

Fashion – Children

Fashion – Men

Fashion – Women

Female Straight

Female Targeting



Financial Services

Fire Fighters


Fitness – Equipment

Fitness – Instructional

Fitness – Nutritional



Food – Cooking

Food – Dining

Food & Drinks

Food – Nutritional


Football – NFL


Free Stuff

Friends and People



Games – Board

Games – Family

Games – PC

Games – Video






Gifts – Cards

Gifts – Flowers



Green Living

Guns & Ammo





Health – Children

Health – Insurance

Health – Mens

Health – Prescriptions

Health – Senior

Health – Womens

High Tech




Home Business

Home Electronics

Home Furnishings

Home & Garden

Home Improvement




Humor and Fun

Ice Hockey

Ice Skating

Income Opportunities

Industry Information

Information Products

Insurance and Banking

Insurance Services

Interior Design

Internet Services

Internet – Web Design

Internet – Web Hosting

Internet – Web Resources

Internet – Web Services

Internet – Webmasters



Jobs / Career Counselling


Kids Activities



Language – Chinese

Language – French

Language – German

Language – Spanish


Law and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Legal Services


Liquor and Alcohol

Live Cam


Loans – Auto

Loans – Mortgage

Loans – Personal




Male Straight

Male Targeting


Marketing – Internet

Marketing – Non Internet

Marriage / Wedding

Match Making



Middle Class

Mobile or Cellular Phones

Mobile or Cellular Service

Mobile Services – GPS

Mobile Services – PDA

Money Making





Multi-Level Marketing


Musical Instruments





News & Information


Office Supplies

Online Storage

Organized Sports


Paintball & Equipment


Party Supplies

Personal Advice

Pest Control


Pets / Supplies





Politics – Democrat

Politics – Republican


Pregnancy / Expecting

Printers and Supplies

Property – Commercial

Property – Residential

Real Estate

Recreation & Leisure


Religion – Christian


Rims & Wheels




Run of Network

Safety and Security


Satellite TV




Select Adult Target

Select Traffic Category

Self Defense

Self Help

Self Help / Improvement

Self Improvement



Shoes and Foot Products



Skin Care

Smoking – Cigarettes

Smoking – Cigars

Smoking – Pipes

Smoking – Tobacco

Social Networking



Software – Linux

Software – MAC

Software – PC

Special Events

Special Ocassions


Sports & Fitness

Sports – Tennis



Spyware and Adware


Stories and Poems


Tea and Coffee




Telephones and Service



Time Shares

Top Web Sites



Trading Online




Travel – Air

Travel – Airline

Travel – Attractions

Travel – Car

Travel – Cruise

Travel – Lodging

Travel – Vacations


TV and Satellite TV

Upper Class

Vitamins / Supplements

Web Design

Web Hosting






YouTube – Related

Adult Dating

Adult Toys

Age By 18 – 24

Age By 25 – 54

Age By 55 and Older

Which countries can we target?

These are just some of the countries you can target when ordering traffic on our website. You can select up to three different countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Caribbean Islands
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Luxemburg
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • Namibia
  • Nauru
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Venezuela
  • Vietnam
Do you offer guaranteed visits or clicks?

With help of some private partners we are able to help you with clicks on specific elements, URLs and generate custom time on sites and bounce rates for any URL.

Please specify this during your order. Additional charge may apply if your requirements are difficult to realise.

In which time frame do I receive traffic?

Our standard time frame for delivering traffic is 30 days. This means that you’ll receive traffic in the 30 days following the activation of your campaign.

Delivery time traffic

Change time frame

Do your prefer to receive traffic over a shorter period? No problem. Simply adjust the slider on the order form to the required time span.

How do I know my campaign is running?

1). You will receive an e-mail from us when the campaign has been ordered. Your campaign will start running within 12 hours.

2). When your campaign starts, the status of your campaign is changed to Active. You can see the current status of the campaign in your dashboard after you log in.

3). You can check the lnk.direct link provided in your account for details of delivered visitors. Add a ‘+s’ behind your lnk.direct link and visit the url. This will show you stats of the campaign. If you don’t see any visitors via the link – please let us know. We might sometimes swap the tracking link (usually due to special requests) and we’ll provide you with the correct one.

What’s the difference between Monthly and One-time packages?

We recommend you to buy a one-time package instead of a monthly package when you:

– Want to test our traffic for the first time – Have limited budget – Are running a limited time offer promotion that you want to promote.

In all other instances, we recommend to use a monthly package. This is cheaper and will send you targeted visitors each month, over and over.

Please note: In case of cancellation, there will be a 10% penalty on refund of unused credits to compensate for the discount on monthly packages.

WebTrafficGeeks.org offers a full money back guarantee, what is the catch?

There isn’t a catch. We do have some rules to prevent abuse of our 100% money back guarantee.Money back guarantee We know what we do, therefore, we offer a full money back guarantee in case you do not receive 100% traffic of what you ordered. Note: we usually over-deliver.

Geo- and Niche targeting promise

Also, if a decent amount of visitors don’t abide to your selected targeting options, we will send you a refund. You can trust that you will receive what you order with us.

Unspent credit

You will get the money back for the unspent credit you have left. You cannot ask for money when your campaign has finished, only during the campaign running. Your website must adhere to the guidelines to be applicable for money back guarantee.


If you place an order with a 5% subscription discount and cancel it after one payment, there will be a 10% penalty applied in case of a refund request.

*Unfortunately we can not provide the 100% money back guarantee for any Google Adsense Traffic because we can not guarantee 100% safety with this type of traffic. Please consult this page to read more on the dangers of Google

What Payment options are currently available?

Currently, we offer the following payment options:

payment via Paypal


How does Web Traffic Geeks drive traffic to our websites?

The traffic mainly comes from domain names that are no longer being used. We have a large inventory of these inactive websites and present the visitors with other relevant websites to visit. The traffic you will receive is 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, Pop-ups and Pop-unders.

Interested visitors

We can Geo target and niche interested in your nichestarget the traffic. So you will always receive visitors who are interested in your niche (up to 3 niches possible). If you select geo targeting, these visitors will also be country targeted. This means that they are visitors from the country you choose (up to 3 countries possible).

The visitors we serve you come from our advertising network. We have thousands of domains with almost 100,000 hits per day. These hits are sold to you. If orders can’t be fully filled with traffic from these domains (due to niche and geo-targeting), a secondary (PPC) traffic source is being used, which also provides the quality we stand for.

Geo and niche targeted

targeted country

We can Geo target and niche target the traffic. So you will always receive visitors who are interested in your niche (up to 3 niches possible). If you select geo targeting, these visitors will also be country targeted. This means that they are visitors from the country you choose (up to 3 countries possible).

Important: We do not apply or have our partners apply any technique that is illegal or forbidden. We are a genuine supplier of quality traffic.

Is your traffic 100% safe to use with Google Adsense?

No, unfortunately, if you buy traffic we can not guarantee absolute safety if you are using Google Adsense.

We have seen websites penalized for receiving a sudden large amount of traffic and clicks to their Google Adsense ads. Therefore, to avoid problems when using Adsense, we strongly recommend you follow these tips:

  • Use Google Adsense in moderation
  • Use it in conjunction with other monetization techniques
  • Buy a small amount of web traffic first then slowly build the amount up over the coming months
  • Continuously buy traffic in order to maintain a constant flow
What is the origin of the visitors that WebTrafficGeeks offers?

The visitors we serve you come from our advertising network. We have thousands of domains in our network totaling almost 1 million hits per day. These visitors are sold to you, among some other sources of traffic.

Choose your own visitors

We can Geo target and niche target targeted on niche and countrySo you will always receive visitors who are interested in your niche (up to 3 niches possible). If you select geo targeting, these visitors will also be country targeted. This means that they are visitors from the country you choose (up to 3 countries possible).

Quality traffic

supplier of quality traffic

The traffic you will receive is 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, Pop-ups and Pop-unders. We do not apply or have our partners apply any technique that is illegal or forbidden. We provide traffic from websites who are relevant to your niche, never (even not when buying bulk traffic) your traffic will originate from adult websites or website about illegal activities. We are a genuine supplier of quality traffic.

How well do visitors convert? (Example included)

This is totally dependent on your website. As you might imagine, an online jewelry shop will have a lower conversion rate than a freebies website.

Promising tests

However, we have ran some tests, and these were promising. Generally, when you have a good optimized website, you will see some conversions. However, we can’t guarantee this. See our money back guarantee for more information.

The test we ran resulted in these Google Analytics stats:

buy website traffic online

Note: The stats are in Dutch, since we are a dutch company.

Bouncepercentage = Bounce rate in %
Pagina’s / Bezoek = Average pageviews per visitor
Gem. bezoekduur = Time on Site

As you can see, these are high, and even higher than the average visitor on our website (in this case, a fashion blog).

How to order adult traffic at WebTrafficGeeks.org?

Simple, the principle of ordering traffic is just the same as if you order other traffic at WebTrafficGeeks.org. But there are few differences.

Adult traffic

The main difference between Adult traffic and Niche or Geo traffic is the fact you can only order either general Adult traffic or a niche in adult traffic. But it is still possible to target a specific country or even up to 3 countries.

You can earn a lot of money in the online adult industry, so make sure you get a piece of the pie!

Delivery time frame 30 days

Delivery time traffic

The time frame of delivering Adult traffic is set to 30 days. This means that you’ll receive traffic in the 30 days following the activation of your campaign. It isn’t possible to change this time frame.

100% Real traffic

The visitors we will send to your Adult website come from our advertising network. We are the owners of thousands of domainsSupplier of quality traffic with around 1 million hits per day. An amount of these will go to your adult website. The traffic is 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, pop-ups and pop-unders. We and our partners don’t apply any technique that’s illegal. We are a genuine supplier of quality traffic.

How many visitors can you offer per day per niche and country?

This depends on the niche and country that you target. These are the numbers that we can deliver per country (differs a bit per day):

Brazil (BR) 1.011.000 visitors

Canada (CA) 1.300.000 visitors

China (CN) 222.000 visitors

Germany (DE) 1.700.000 visitors

Spain (ES) 300.000 visitors

France (FR) 599.000 visitors

Italy (IT) 927.000 visitors

Netherlands (NL) 280.000 visitors

Poland (PL) 385.000 visitors

Turkey (TR) 1.379.000 visitors

United Kingdom (UK) 1.110.000 visitors

United States (US) 2.500.000 visitors

Isn’t your country listed? We offer traffic for numerous countries, so send us an e-mail with your preferred country and niche and we will reply to you with the numbers.

Can I split visitors over multiple domains?

No, a single traffic package can’t split over multiple domains. Instead, you need to order separate packages for each separate domain.

Do you accept movie sites?

Sure, we accept any movie site as long as they are in line with our terms. So what we don’t allow is websites that autoplay movies / clips on opening the website and websites that host illegal content.

What is the potential benefit of the traffic?

Website traffic will help to increase your sales:

e.g. you have a product that sells for $20. If you purchase 10,000 guaranteed visitors you would make $2000.00 based on a 1% response rate. Imagine if you were to get a 1% or higher response!

Response Rate Total Sales Earnings*
0,1% 10 $200.00
1% 100 $2,000.00
2% 200 $4,000.00
What are some tips and best practices for the traffic WebTrafficGeeks provides?

The traffic that WebTrafficGeeks will send you, is traffic that is looking for something similar to your website, if you select the niche related to your website during the order process.

Therefore, traffic is targeted. However, we urge you to offer a low-entry point. We recommend you only ask for the e-mail address, and carry on from there. Asking users to fill out forms is no a practice we recommend. However, it could work for you. The best way to see what works and what doesn’t, is by simply testing the traffic source, just as with all other traffic sources that are available online.

What are the average click through rates on search engines?

Brief methodology

I built a database of 14,507 queries, their CTRs, and average positions. Data was gathered from Google Webmaster Tools from different types of websites (including e-commerce, institution website, company website and classifieds websites). The collected database includes various queries, which gives some broader perspective.

Each query was analyzed and marked as brand if it contained the domain name. Queries were checked and marked as “Product queries” if they contained product names. If the query was neither brand nor product, it was marked as “General.”

You can find expanded methodology at the bottom of the post.

Click Through Rates

As you can see on the graph above, top1 is most popular (52%) for all the queries (nothing new). More importantly, the total of average CTRs for top 10 queries amounts to 208%. This means that users click more than twice on the first result page. It is obvious that top 5 queries bring huge traffic to the website, but users often go deeper in Google results, and visibility of a website on further positions might also be profitable.

Long tail queries

Below you can see the average CTRs for long tail queries, containing 3, 4, and 5 words.

CTR positions

During my analysis, I also gathered the average CTR data for further result pages (positions 11-20, 21-30 and 31-40). We must remember that Google Webmaster Tools provide data for further positions, but denominator used for the CTR calculation is different for result page number 1, 2, 3, and so on. This occurs because it is based on the number of page views, not the number of searches. CTR on further result pages might be also distorted by the universal search, leading me to believe that data for further result pages might be less accurate than for the first one.

Is there a smaller package available?

Yes, we have a new package in which users can buy a 1k Visitors Package for $10 USD.

How To Use A WebTrafficGeeks Voucher?

If you have a WebTrafficGeeks voucher redeeming it so that you pay less for your web traffic is very easy. Vouchers for the WebTrafficGeeks.com can only be found on our website. So before you pay for a traffic plan, check our site to see if there is a voucher you can use to get a discount.

A Web Traffic Geeks voucher can get you up to 50% off your traffic order price.

To cash a voucher first, go through selecting the amount of web traffic you want to be delivered to your website on our traffic order page.

Once you’re done with that click next, and you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be required to choose your payment method. On this page, you’ll also be asked to input your WebTrafficGeeks voucher if you have one.

If you do, paste the voucher code into the box provided and click apply to see how much you’ll save on your traffic order.

You can also redeem the WebTrafficGeeks voucher during checkout, where you’ll be given the option to enter a discount voucher.

Paste your voucher here, click applies, and the discounted price you’ll pay for your web traffic will be displayed in seconds.

After that, proceed to pay for your web traffic, then sit back and wait for us to deliver thousands of new visitors to your website!


We are Traffic Geeks

We are Web Traffic Geeks, a team of hard working specialists with one goal:

To deliver quality web traffic to your website.

Learn more about us here


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Customer support

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