Why Website Owners Use Babylon Traffic Instead of Real Traffic

Are you using babylon traffic? Chances are you might get banned

There has been an increase in competition in the online marketing industry; bloggers, content creators, businesses selling their products and services online. People are desperate to have lots of traffic on their sites without considering the dire consequences of fake traffic. The majority of website owners using Babylon traffic have had their sites flagged as counterfeit to the extent of being blocked permanently. You risk losing your online business and a massive lowering of rank if Google suspects your site’s traffic. Nobody wants to see their business or hard-earned online audience crumble down. It is heart-breaking.

Just like any other traffic generators, Babylon Traffic is also a software which automatically generates traffic for your website.

A Babylon traffic review shows that many businesses reported that they had to pay handsomely for traffic, only to get many visits but zero product sales. Working with a reputable website will help you generate real web traffic; real people with needs and desires.

Why do you need real web traffic?

Reasons for web traffic.

More traffic = more revenue; it is as simple as that. But, having a lot of website traffic does not always result in more money. A lot of savvy online marketers will talk about traffic and conversions. Conversions are the visitors on your site who turn into buyers of your product or service. So, would you choose 1000 visits to your site with only ten conversions or 200 stops with 30 conversions? I am guessing you chose the latter. And that is why you need targeted traffic; real people with needs. We shall look at the benefits of real website traffic:

● You will make more money

You want the kind of audience that will purchase your stuff, right? I know you do. With insatiable content, your audience will love your product, come back for more, and even share with others. Real people interact; they will comment, like and share your content. They will give you feedback on what they want from you. More visitors= more revenue, but we are now changing that to more real visitors means more money.

● Consistent real traffic means success

In 2004, a very popular joke was doing rounds, ‘3 things that would make an online business successful: traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Your business needs visitors who will appreciate your content and share it out to help your business succeed. Babylon traffic does not guarantee the success of your enterprise. The fake traffic will overload your servers and disrupt traffic from real and genuine visitors.

● Conversions

A typical misconception about web traffic is that any traffic is relevant traffic. You will usher in more money with more traffic but, the traffic needs to be an audience interested in your product- a targeted audience. With a rich targeted audience, you are likely to rake in cash because of purchases, referrals, sharing, and exposure.

Why do people prefer Babylon Traffic over Real Traffic?

The obvious reason is money. Some of the classic tactics used to generate cash from Babylon traffic are click-baiting, misleading visitors, confusing navigation, encouraging fraudulent clicks, etc. All these tactics violate policies and lure people into clicking sites or ads they did not intend to. As a result, the owner of the website makes some money.

Shortcomings of Babylon Traffic

Shortcomings of Babylon Traffic.

Many people have used Babylon traffic, a rich web traffic generator and here is an overview of what they did not like about the website.

● Expensive

Babylon Traffic offers services for as low as $9.99 to $99.99 a month, depending on the features or tools. That can be a lot of money for a newbie blogger who wants traffic to their site or if you need millions of visitors to your site.

● Lack of a free version

The site does not offer a free version to help users understand how to use it to get more traffic. They have to pay first for them to get services from the site.

● Too obvious that the traffic was unnatural

Babylon Traffic uses 100% static IP addresses, which can expose anyone using fake traffic. You may be at risk of lowering your rank or losing your website, and nobody wants that.

● There is no option to set your custom URLs

You cannot set your custom URLs when using Babylon Traffic.

● Fewer conversions

A lot of fake traffic does not always guarantee more conversions. You need a real audience that will click on your ads, subscribe to your newsletters, share your content, give you feedback, etc.

Besides putting your website at risk for going against Google policy for using Babylon Traffic, you might also end up spending your bucks on traffic that will never make you reasonable revenue. Not to mention, an overload on your servers that will prevent real traffic; people who can buy your products and services.

Real traffic VS Fake traffic
Comparison of real traffic vs fake traffic.

To make profits, you need niche-specific traffic to your site. An audience with intent to purchase your product, click on your ads, read your content, and subscribe. So, what happens if you have lots of fake traffic that are not converting?

A real audience is more likely to buy your products because you fulfill a need or desire they have. Say, you have a blog about relationships, an audience interested in knowing about relationships is likely to spend time on your site clicking on more blogs. That audience is specifically looking for information about relationships. Fake traffic may sometimes not convert because the visitors are not engaging.

You also get to make more money when the real audience clicks on your ads, buys your products and services or subscribes to your magazines and newsletters. More conversions mean more money. And only a targeted audience will help you earn more money because they are interested in what you offer. If it is adult content, then an adult audience should be your target.

Using fake traffic exposes you to being flagged as a cheat. Nothing is as bad as losing your business or having your website pulled down because of fake traffic. WebtrafficGeeks will help you attract more real traffic. Traffic that doesn’t look unnatural because they are real people.

Is buying web traffic unethical?
Ethics of buying traffic.

Should you be buying web traffic? A lot of people will say ‘NO,’ that it is unethical. The chances of losing your money or your site are higher than being at the top. However, many organizations and individuals have made a lot of cash from buying fake traffic.

While some may claim that buying traffic is unethical or cheating, there are many positives about purchasing web traffic; the more thumbs up or clicks, the more people will see it. And as your exposure grows, a lot of people will see your content, and your following will grow.


The other reason is money. You have to spend money to make money. As your web traffic increases, and you can use companies like Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates to earn money.

Ultimately, it would be best if you were careful about the web traffic providers you buy website traffic from since traffic has become a business; some will try to take advantage of your ignorance. Research and choose a website that has good reviews. You won’t make money from untargeted traffic because you need people who will stick around if you are selling a product.

Some sites will throw out your website to the wolves without caring about your site. You will see the numbers increase, but they won’t move past your homepage. You will be wasting money on an untargeted audience and might even be overcharged for the web traffic; another reason to be cautious about where you buy web traffic.

While Babylon is okay as a traffic bot, we strongly recommend using a legitimate traffic source which can help you generate real sales and clicks. Try our service today and discover how legitimate traffic sources are better than any traffic bot.