Why Is Web Traffic Important To Your Business?

Growing your web traffic (the number of visitors to your website) is something you must do if your online business is to succeed. Regardless of every other business activities, you take, if you donโ€™t increase the website traffic flowing into your domain, youโ€™ll fail. 

Itโ€™s time to get web traffic savvy and learn why web traffic is essential for your success and how to get more of it.

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There Is So Much Going On Online 

The internet now connects billions of people and businesses across the globe, enabling significant growth in international commerce. That makes web traffic one of the most critical factors for any forward-looking enterprise in the digital age.

Here are some eyebrow-raising statistics that show web traffic will continue to increase in the coming years. This increase in internet users can give you massive business growth if you grab the opportunity.

Africa is experiencing a mobile growth spurt

Almost 90% of Africans now own a mobile phone. Experts predict more than 725 million smartphone users in Africa by 2020.

Cash-in on e-commerce expansion

International e-commerce is flourishing. Web-users across the world spent a staggering US$2.8 trillion buying products online in 2018. More than 1.77 billion people now regularly shop online for goods, which include, food, electronics, and toys.

Fashion products were the largest single category, according to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook.

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Almost 1 million people begin using social media each day

The number of people using social media for the first time in 2018 increased at a rate of 11 new users a second, totaling almost 1 million unique users daily.

The demographics of social media knows no bounds with people of all ages and nationalities, contributing to the rapid growth in social media uptake.

Facebook still has a stronghold as the top social media platform. The number of Facebook users aged 65 and above increased by almost 20% in 2018. The number of teenagers using Facebook also increased, but the number of users aged 13 to 17 only grew by 5% in 2018.


This continent continues to have the fastest growth in social media uptake. In Central Asia, over 90% of the population uses social media.

Mobile web traffic overtakes desktop traffic

Mobile phones will be the largest source of web traffic in the future. Why do I say this? More than two-thirds of the worldโ€™s population now have a mobile device, with most of them using a smartphone. 

The massive growth in mobile phone web traffic is mainly due to the increasing use of smartphones to connect to the internet. The fact that these devices are now affordable has also contributed to the rise in mobile traffic.

So make sure youโ€™re targeting mobile users with your website design and content.

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How Can You Get A Piece of The Web Traffic Action?

Enough with the statistics, I am sure you are asking how you can get more traffic to your website and how more traffic will help you? I will answer your questions next.

Despite the massive increase in web traffic worldwide over the last couple of years, getting the attention of online shoppers, social media users, etc. is tough.

For your website to attract these internet users, you need to have high-quality content and products that will catch and hold their attention. It goes without saying if you have horrible content, youโ€™re unlikely to drive traffic to your website. And, visitors who find themselves on your site will leave immediately they get there because you donโ€™t give them what they are looking for.

Why Website Traffic is Important

Having 1 million visitors coming to your website is excellent. But other than giving you the chance to brag about the massive web traffic you receive, many visitors to your websites give you more leads. 

If you can convert the generated leads into paying customers, you should be able to increase revenues for your business and grow it at the same time.

Should You Buy Web Traffic?

The best way to generate traffic for your website is organically. Organic traffic comes from search engines. For you to have good organic traffic, you must have good content that will help you to rank well on search engines like Google.

Doing your own SEO is time-consuming, and outsourcing the task can be costly. However, buying web traffic is a quick and efficient way to capture your target audience. This way, you can have more time to focus on converting your visitors into customers.  

If you decide to buy web traffic, make sure you buy traffic that comprises visitors in your target market โ€“ your niche โ€“ whoโ€™ll respond well to your content. In other words, make sure they are human visitors.

From the statistics we shared with you above, thereโ€™s a vast range of demographic markets ripe for the picking.

WebTrafficGeeks provides simple solutions to buy managed web traffic that is guaranteed to be 100% human. Our traffic targets niches of your choice, as well as the countries you want your web traffic to originate from.

You can choose from 5 different web traffic plans that provide between 10,000 and 270,000+ visitors a month, depending on your budget.

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