Where to Buy Web Traffic

Where Should I Buy Web Traffic?

As far as online marketing topics go, buying web traffic has always been a hot issue. Although organic traffic gets visitors into your website, I admit it takes time to get traction. With online advertising opening plenty of opportunities to businesses, purchasing traffic is in demand in the virtual market space.

Where should I get web traffic? If you wish to start a business or tap into online advertising, then the best way to start your campaign is through these paid traffic sources:

  • Search engines
  • Social networks
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Traffic service providers

There’s near infinite options if you want to purchase traffic to improve your site’s online visibility and attract your targeted audience. I’ve gathered some of the best traffic sources on the web. Let me walk you through a list of where to find web traffic.

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Where Is the Best Place for Me to Buy Leads/Web Traffic Online?

There are lots of traffic providers online, but not all of them deliver. Choosing the right traffic source can avoid the disappointment of pouring money down the drain. I would recommend you to pick your web traffic generator from this list of trusted sources:

1. Google Ads

A survey from Smart Insights revealed that in 2017, 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet and by 2021 this figure is projected to grow to 53.7%. The number of daily searches on Google is 3.5 billion, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

This data shows how influential AdWords can be to your marketing campaign.


The internet has an near unlimited resource catering to millions of search inquiries leading consumers to different places.

Nearly every online experience starts with a web search. When people search for companies and services like yours, you need to make sure they find your website first, and not your competitors’.

But how can you do that?

The AdWords system works through keywords. First, you choose keywords that visitors are searching online. Then you create an advert. Finally, you pay for Google to show your add in searches and link them back to your business. The more relevant your keywords are the more chances of your business getting recognition versus your competitors.

Here we can see the difference between paid ads and organic links. The red box is Google’s sponsored ad (you can notice that little box with the word “Ad” to the left of the green URL). Sponsored ads get the top spots in SERP. Organic results are those that appear below these ads or on the bottom parts of the pages. In this example, it is enclosed in the green box.


Google also offers Display Ads. They can be through text, image, banners, or videos that can be targeted differently on the Display Network. With AdSense, you can place your ads in selected areas on a website like this:

2. Bing/Yahoo

Yes, Google is the reigning champion in search engines, but Bing is an exceptional runner up.

Bing Ads share similar concepts with AdWords. It is its own pay per click (PPC) advertising platform that boosts web traffic and increases your revenue.

Bing vs Google

It’s time to stop promoting the Bing/Google showdown. The real question we should all be interested in is this: What golden opportunities can I capitalize on from Bing Ads that I’m missing with Google Ads?

Google’s hype continues to overshadow what Bing is truly capable of. It has attractive elements that can give you a surprisingly large competitive edge. Bing does more work for you that Google Ads. Bing can automate the working parts of your AdWords campaign and spreading it into new territories like AOL and Yahoo, as well as their various partner sites. This showcases your business to a new audience and maximizes your opportunities for growth.

If you utilize both platforms, you can fill any gaps in your campaign. An area of struggle in AdWords may be Bing Ads’ gold mine!

3. Facebook

Facebook is still the #1 social media site with its massive user base:

It has over 1 billion daily visits and over 2 billion monthly active users.

Besides being a popular choice for friends to connect and share online, this social media machine has grown to become the perfect avenue for businesses to market their brand.

It’s the easiest way to connect with your ideal consumers, get engagements, and promote your business.

According to a study from Social Media Examiner, Facebook is the most important social media platform for marketers.

Massive User Base

With its billions of active users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach your targeted audience, expand your community, and get more people to take interest in your product or service.

Targeting Capabilities

You can also use a more advanced tool to let you find users similar to the people who are engaging with your business. Lookalike Audience helps you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers.

Tailored Ads

They also provide tailored ads to match your specific marketing goals. Whether you wish to drive traffic into your website, get engagement on a post, or find new leads for your brand, Facebook’s flexible ad choices can help you achieve any of these goals and more.

Scalable Advertisements

Facebook advertisements are scalable. You can show your ads across other social media sites, like Messenger and Instagram.  This means a wider scope of audience. You can reach people whether they’re on Facebook or on a different platform.

4. Twitter

When it comes to buying web traffic, you can find multiple trends on several sources. Those first three platforms on this list get lots of buzz within the marketing circle, but there’s hardly anything about Twitter.

Twitter vs Facebook

Like the Bing/Google showdown, the Twitter/Facebook face-off is another controversial issue on the internet.

There’s no major difference between Facebook and Twitter’s ad systems. Both work similarly. You set a budget, place a bid, and run your advertisements.

Both are two of the most famous social media apps. But when it comes to providing web traffic, I’d say there are quite a few advantages that make Facebook win by a landslide. It’s also the most cost-effective choice among the two.

Audience Reach

Facebook is dominating the social media landscape with its 2 billion monthly active users. Twitter, however, has a neat number of 326 million.

A major factor of advertising is getting your brand across a mass audience – Facebook does this better.

If you can reach so many more people with Facebook, why is Twitter popular among marketers?

It’s simple: People enjoy Twitter’s no-frills, straight-forward socializing platform.

And with Twitter’s 240 character limit per tweet, marketers can address a common issue: The short attention span of consumers.

Using micro-messages, they can easily catch the reader’s attention and convey their message within five seconds or less.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A high CTR means users find your ads helpful and relevant. CTR is an important benchmark in PPC marketing. It can significantly improve your ad rank.

Even with its large audience, Facebook seems inadequate in terms of CTR.

So why does Twitter have a higher click-through rate than Facebook?

For starters, Twitter is a favorite avenue for users to engage in conversations and popular topics. It is easier for advertisers to make engagements and streamline their campaigns to Twitter’s trending topics.

More so, ad posts are uncommon on Twitter, compared with Facebook’s interface that’s packed with a marketing pitch. This makes Twitter users more likely to click on an ad when they can stumble upon the platform.

Therefore, Twitter may not be the best platform that generates and converts leads, but it can help you with blanket coverage on your campaign.

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5. YouTube

A survey revealed that 18-49 year olds spent 4% less time watching TV, while time on YouTube went up 74%.


YouTube is a highly engaged platform on the internet. In fact, a 2018 YouTube update said that 1.9 billion logged-in users are coming to YouTube each month and watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day.  

Ad Inventory

YouTube also has a lot of ad space available. Marketers have plenty of opportunities to get ad placements on the platform.

Target Audience

Many online users use YouTube as a search engine, especially with videos like how-to tips, reviews and informational contents. When users seek help via YouTube and land on your content, this gives you the opportunity to reach and engage with your targeted audience. It makes an excellent brand experience.

YouTube allows you to be more original and creative with your campaign strategy. Relevant content is still king, but what could be better than doing it through videos?

6. Instagram

Instagram has been a popular tool for e-commerce businesses. It provides easy access to a visual-focused and enthusiastic audience of 1 billion people every month.

Instagram has a high engagement rate too. Its large and diverse audience is happy to engage in brands. The stats have demonstrated this advantage clearly:

More than half of Instagram’s user population interact for business reasons. That’s why, compared with its competition, this platform can easily translate into leads and sales.

Let’s consider this data from Yotpo:

  • 75% of surveyed businesses have an Instagram account: Learning how to sell on Instagram is not optional anymore. Utilizing Instagram is an e-commerce standard!
  • 30% of Instagram users have bought something they first spotted on Instagram.
  • Visitors from Instagram stay on a site for an average of 192 seconds – that’s longer than visitors from every other channel, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, meaning traffic from Instagram is the most engaged.

From boosting your web traffic to increasing your sales, Instagram proves to be a game-changer in every level of your business.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s power is its ability to grow your brand, connect with engaged users, and drive business results in a B2B environment.

At its core, LinkedIn is a professional social network. This platform focuses on career-driven individuals who wish to seek professional associations, industry discussions, and other business-related activities.

Unlike its competition, marketers have direct access to consumers through LinkedIn. It’s the #1 social media platform that helps businesses achieve their objective.

They can increase their brand awareness and reach their target audience with status updates, images, and other relevant posts.

Let’s dig deeper on LinkedIn’s strategic, objective-based marketing approach:

Target Audience

It is a good platform if you wish to build networks and connections within your niche. With over 610 million professionals on LinkedIn, you can tap into members who are interested in your business, brand, and job opportunities.

And with its complex targeting parameters, you can refine your scope and polish your marketing approach.

Context and Relevance

LinkedIn is the #1 social network for lead generation. Econsultancy revealed that 64% of all social media traffic to corporate sites comes from LinkedIn. It is also the leading platform for B2B marketers.

Part of the reason is that users on other social media apps skip on professional content as they scroll through their personal feed. With LinkedIn, everyone logs in to see these professional contents.

It is a superior platform to reach engaged executives and consumers. It is the perfect destination to introduce or sell your products and services directly across its whopping 63 million decision-makers.


Scanning content feeds and surveying insights are easy with LinkedIn. This informative data can help you understand your people and develop a better marketing strategy.

LinkedIn offers several options to market your brand: Sponsored posts in users’ feeds, display ads, or InMail ads. The downside, however, is its hefty price rate per click starting at $2.

8. Amazon

If you are selling a product that buyers can buy online, then advertising on Amazon is a good choice.

According to the last report from Statista, Amazon had 310 million active customers. It is one of the leading online retail platforms worldwide. It offers users not only a global shopping experience but many value-added services.

In fact, more users search for products on Amazon than on Google.

This platform will draw more eyes from interested buyers to your product. Since Amazon users are likely surfing the site looking for an item to purchase, this gives you a better chance to generate leads and sales.

The Amazon ads work on a system like your average PPC method. You pay every time a user clicks on your ad.

You can increase the rank of your ads and products with Amazon’s promotional offerings, like discounts and coupons.

With an optimized Amazon marketing campaign, your product will rank higher on the first page. This lets shoppers access your product more easily. This improves your sales velocity.

Since Amazon offers cheaper advertisement rate than Google, you can enjoy a bigger return on investment (ROI) even with a small marketing capital.

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9. Reddit

Reddit is a powerhouse of the most trending and popular ideas and content on the internet.

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs ignore Reddit.

The many misconceptions clouding over this platform intimidates marketers.

After all, it takes hard work to stay afloat in Reddit’s community.

Users submit contents and other users can comment and vote on these submissions. Similar to other search engines, Reddit uses this data to sort and arrange these posts according to relevance.

Your goal is to rank higher in placements and show up on the first page.

Now you need to begin with submitting useful and relevant contents. It is the only way to boost traffic into your website and generate leads.

You need to identify popular topics on the platform and produce submissions that generate exposure and upvotes.

Your karma points on Reddit may not directly impact your ranking, but it helps establish you as a trusted source in the community. Hence, users will more likely engage with your future posts.

But where does paid traffic come in?

Paid Content

If you need an expert to brainstorm and manage engaging posts, then paying for talent is an indirect way to pay for traffic.

Sponsored Posts

Another way is by buying traffic directly to the company. Sponsored posts are the most common campaign strategy on the site.

Your post will get pinned on the top part of the results page, similar to the example enclosed in the red box.

Sponsored posts are paid per mile/impression. You will pay $0.75 per 1000 impressions and Reddit only asks for a minimum budget of $5.

Display Ads

It works similarly with Facebook and other platforms. Ads are placed strategically on the page to get the reader’s attention.

See the display ad on this page sample as indicated by the red box:

Sponsored Q&A

You will set a schedule to answer questions from the community. This will help promote your brand, establish you as a trusted source, and understand the concerns and issues from your target audience.

10. Web Traffic Geeks

There are tons of paid traffic sources out there, with the main ones being pay per click (PPC) advertising and ad traffic. Both traffic sources generate leads. There’s no doubt in that. However, both are also prone to internet fraud.

Let’s discuss the pitfalls of each source.

Paid Ads

As discussed earlier, you pay for traffic every time it gets an impression through a visitor’s click. These visitors will then be directed to your website, hence boosting your visitor count.

However, web robots or internet bots are rampant out there. You may be wasting your impressions on these bots who are viewing the ads instead of real online users.

If your ad network improves its fraud detectors, you can prevent these petty crimes online. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. So this leaves you with two options:

  1. Continue trying your luck on these campaigns and hoping for a click from real online users
  2. Investing in a different kind of traffic provider

Pay Per Click (PPC)

The case with paid ads is similar to PPC’s downside. You might get repeated clicks from the same visitor or competitor. You’ll lose money from click spam.

The good news is that you can block specific users from your campaign, especially those who are clicking your ads repeatedly and leave with no engagement.

The bad news, however, is that this won’t be easy. Adding IP exclusions can be tricky, complicated, and time-consuming.

Noticing that most of the traffic sources listed above pose significant drawbacks, I looked into other options to get paid traffic without the fuss.

Luckily, there is a way we can skip on these frauds and get genuine, targeted traffic from real users.

Sources like WebTrafficGeeks gives you quality, targeted visitors in 24 hours. No spam. No bots.

Besides search engines and social media platforms, we can get high-quality web traffic that converts through Web Traffic Geeks (WTG).

What can your business accomplish with WTG?

Whether you want to market toward a new audience, improve brand awareness, or establish good levels of web traffic, WTG can connect your brand to more than 30 marketable countries across the globe.

Let’s see how much we can save with WTG’s flexible traffic package.

Paying $70 for 10,000 visitors from 3 niches and countries is more budget-friendly and convenient than the money I could spend on ads, research, and development. I would consider this a hassle-free experience to get traction within 24 hours of campaign activation.

It’s the ultimate web traffic bang for your buck!

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Buying web traffic is an investment. You’ll pay a small sum upfront. But this investment has the potential to 10X itself in no time at all. Having good traffic is the first step in helping your money to make more money.

But if you haven’t been investing in online advertising to market your brand, don’t worry. Remember this popular Chinese proverb that says:

Increase your visitor count and start making profits through sources like Web Traffic Geeks, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads.

What Next?

What is the best way to measure my traffic? You can use either Cpanel or, even better, use a lnk.direct link. By putting a ‘+s’ behind the link, you will see the exact amount of visitors received.

Can I pause my campaign with Web Traffic Geeks (WTG)? If you’re already satisfied with your traffic or you’re working on a new strategy, you can pause your purchased campaign with WTG. Kindly send an e-mail to support@webtrafficgeeks.org.

How soon can I get traffic? Web Traffic Geek’s standard time frame for delivering traffic is 30 days. This means that you’ll receive all your traffic by the end of the 30 days following the activation of your campaign.