Where Do Web Traffic Sources Get Their Traffic From?

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If youโ€™re paying for web traffic you need to ensure you get the targeted and relevant traffic needed to grow your business. You can only ensure this by questioning where a web traffic company sources the traffic they sell to you.

Your web traffic numbers are terrible.

To attract more visitors to your website youโ€™re thinking of buying web traffic. But your not sure about it.

Youโ€™ve read on different public forums how numerous businesses spent lots of money to get more eyeballs to their website and got nothing in return. You donโ€™t want this to happen to you and I understand that.

So, Iโ€™ll be straight with you. There are many different sources of paid web traffic which is a good thing. It gives you choice. However, you need to be careful who you pay for web traffic. To put it bluntly, some paid web traffic sources suck.

A web traffic generator has assured you that youโ€™ll be delivered real human traffic who can be converted to paying customers. But you later realize the traffic you receive is actually bots.  Bot traffic is a non-human visitor programmed to generate clicks on your home page or ads. They have no interest in what you offer and definitely cannot become paying customers.

To help you make the right decision on paid web traffic I will answer one of your key concerns:

Where do web traffic sources get the traffic they sell you from?

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Where Can I Buy Authentic Web Traffic?

โ€œPaid web traffic sources help to increase your website’s visibility on the vast internet.โ€

These are some of the most common paid web traffic sources:

Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing can help you attract more customers to your online business. The web traffic they offer is the billions of real people who use their search engines every day to get information.

โ€œThe number of people using internet search engines is increasing year on year and is almost unfathomable. Internet live stats show the number of daily searches on Google  at 3.5 billion, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.โ€


But how does this work?

First, you come up with some keywords associated with your business. When an internet user searches for a product or service using those keywords your ad will be prominently displayed in the search results. Note the search results will display both organic results (those that are SEO based) and paid results.

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The internet user may then proceed to click on your websiteโ€™s link if your ad captured their attention. To advertise on search engines you need to create an account, for example, a Google Adwords account and pay for your advertisement.

When you use Google Ads or Bing Ads youโ€™re ensure your website is getting human traffic. The traffic is also the type of visitors you want because the two search engines donโ€™t place your ads randomly. Ads are placed in front of people who are already interested in buying your product or service, as theyโ€™re searching for it.

When you use search engines you will pay per click. That means when someone clicks on ads you place, and is directed to your website, you pay Google or Bing.

There are 3 major ways you can pay:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC). For every person who clicks on your link you pay. An example you set $.25 per click. That will be the maximum you will pay for each click. Your cost per click is usually determined by the keywords you choose.
  2. Cost Per Mille (CPM). You decide to pay $2 for every 1000 views you get. If your ad is shown 20,000, you pay $40.
  3. Flat Rate. Here you will pay a set amount which is not based on clicks or views. This can be paid daily, weekly or monthly.

Your budget for this form of paid web traffic can be as low as $10 dollars and go as high as you want. If you donโ€™t get the desired results or want to change your keywords you can stop paying for search engine paid web traffic at any time.

For example, if you intended to spend $200 a week on a campaign but lost $50 at the start and are no longer confident, you can pause the campaign.

Social Media

social media

โ€œSocial Media offers you an opportunity to target the right traffic for your website. Highly targeted social media campaigns done well lead to high conversion rates.โ€

Everybody is on social media these days. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram or LinkedIn these platforms have a large number of users. Facebook, for example, has 2.32 billion monthly active users according to the 2018 Facebook official investor relations information.

These social media companies are not letting these massive user numbers go to waste. Theyโ€™re using these users to generate more revenue for themselves by selling you the traffic you need.

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On social media platforms, you can target a particular gender, age, location, and occupation by placing ads. If you choose to buy traffic from Facebook your ads will be placed directly in front of users who have liked your page or products. Those of who have bought your products will also see your ads. Facebook goes further and by using a website pixel they learn your buyer’s behaviors and use this information to get you that audience.

I believe you can be sure youโ€™re are getting authentic traffic you can convert from social media because you know it is the billions of people who use these platforms daily.

Web Traffic Companies

web traffic websites

Google and Facebook are considered credible and top sources of web traffic. Not solely because of the larger user numbers they attract. But also because of their great ability to help you target your desired audience.

There are other traffic sources that can help you boost your web traffic. These are websites which sell traffic, in most cases, at a cheaper cost. However, you need to be careful.

The web is full of individuals whose only intention is to scam you.

They have websites which they create with fake positive testimonials and do their own reviews on social platforms on how good they are at delivering traffic. When you contact them at first they are nice. But later they are pushy and will try to make you pay for their expensive traffic packages.

That should be a warning sign. Once you pay them they disappear and never respond to any messages you send them. They will do that to other web traffic buyers until the negative reviews are too much. At this stage, they create a new website and repeat the same process. That is why you need to do enough research on the vendor before you pull out your credit card.

Such companies will not be able to tell you where their traffic comes from and that should be the cue to walk away.

Genuine traffic sources like Web Traffic Geeks have lots of expired domains that still generate traffic. This traffic is what they sell to you. These are real people looking for products and service. For example, you have an online store selling laptops and want to give it some traction. Web Traffic Geeks will redirect traffic from their expired laptops domains to your store.

Credible web traffic sources usually have domains for many different niches. So as a laptop seller they would never send you traffic generated by an expired holiday domain. The traffic they sell is relevant and targeted.

โ€œThe visitors we serve you come from our advertising network. We have thousands of domains with almost 1 million hits per day. These hits are sold to you. If orders can’t be fully filled with traffic from these domains (due to niche and geo-targeting), a secondary (PPC) traffic source is being used, which also provides the quality we stand for. We provide traffic from websites who are relevant to your niche, never (not even when buying bulk traffic) will your traffic originate from adult websites or website about illegal activities. We are a genuine supplier of quality trafficโ€

Web Traffic Geeks

Getting a web traffic provider with such an assurance will help you worry less when paying for web traffic.

Youโ€™re certain you will get eyeballs and the right ones too.

With their geo-targeted and niched target capabilities you can choose the counties and niche you want to reach. Web Traffic Geeks gives you a choice of three niches and 3 countries.

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How Can You Find Out Where Paid Traffic is Coming From?

Traffic Question

Simply ask the source where the visitors they will send your way are from. Doing this ascertains you are reaching your target audience

โ€œWhat kind of audience does ESPN have? Probably men that are into sports. Do you think advertising womenโ€™s shoes would be effective? Nah. Understand the kind of audience your traffic source has.โ€


Legit web traffic companies should be able to give you a report on countries from where they get the most traffic. Some may be able to go further and give you details on professions, gender, age, and other demographics.

Sources with more targeting options should be the ones you shortlist.

The information they provide will come in handy. For example, if youโ€™re entering a new market like Japan, working with a traffic source with large Japanese traffic would make sense right?

Why I Prefer Paid Traffic to Other Sources of Traffic

There are other ways to get more visitors to your website like SEO or content marketing. But I would choose paid traffic any day and hereโ€™s why.

Instant Results

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You can pay a web traffic source today and get results in hours. With SEO it could take months before you determine if it’s profitable.

So with paid traffic, if you’re able to convert visitors you can make money faster than with SEO.

To ensure you reap the full benefits of paid traffic consider these tips:

  • Only select traffic closet to your niche.
  • Pay for traffic from the correct location. Choosing to receive traffic from your country is often the best option.
  • Cheap can be expensive. Paying too little will get you poor traffic. On the other hand, expensive packages point to a greedy seller. Compare traffic sellers to see if the price offered makes sense.
  • Ensure the traffic you buy is targeted. Buying random traffic may not generate enough leads.
  • I advise that you spread traffic over a period of time. Doing it over several days or months and not one day has shown better results.
  • Once you pay a traffic source you will be expecting a high number of visitors to your site. Ensure your server can handle that increase in numbers or it will crash and you will lose out on potential customers.
  • Check your content and confirm it is appealing and free of grammatical errors. The site should also be easy to navigate.
  • Make sure you get a money back guarantee. This will protect you in case the company doesnโ€™t deliver as agreed.

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โ€œIf your traffic source isnโ€™t delivering the right traffic you have hundreds of other options.โ€

You donโ€™t have to fear paying for web traffic because of the negative stories youโ€™ve read online.

Most of those who suffered losses when they paid for web traffic probably didnโ€™t do enough due diligence before doing so. You now know where web traffic providers source their traffic from. If anyone selling you web traffic canโ€™t explain their source of traffic I suggest you not work with them.

Pick your web traffic source careful and one that fits your budget and you shouldnโ€™t have a problem. Also, donโ€™t settle on one source of paid web traffic. You can mix things up social media, SEO and website providers to get you in front of your targeted audience.