What is Web Traffic?

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In this article, Iโ€™ll show you what web traffic is and why itโ€™s vitally important to your business’ success.

Web traffic is basically the volume of visitors to a website and the pages and images that they view. It has evolved on the Internet over the past 20 years to become an essential element of digital marketing campaigns.

If not managed effectively, web traffic can become a wild and costly beast of burden. But, when properly trained, it can be a loyal and faithful companion.

Web Traffic is man's best friend.

Since the mid-1990s, organic traffic has been the dominant type of traffic on the Internet, compared to other classes of Internet traffic such as email traffic, for example. These days, web traffic includes elements such as โ€˜likesโ€™, comments and shares on social media as well as ad clicks.

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A sudden surge in the popularity of a website can cause a massive flood of web traffic. This is termed the Slashdot effect or a Flash crowd, which has pros and cons. Viruses and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks can also cause sudden increases in web traffic. These viruses clog things up and sometimes forc websites to shut down.

Monitoring Web Traffic

Website web traffic visitor statistics

Web hosting servers can track web traffic to provide very detailed statistics. these stats give useful insights into trends among particular demographics and geographic locations. There are basically three types of web traffic: search traffic, referral traffic, and traffic from direct links.

Web Traffic Types

Search Traffic

Organic traffic from people that have found your website using keywords through search engines such as Google or Bing.

Referral Traffic

Visitors coming to your site from links posted on other websites. These include emails, ads, and posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

Direct Navigation

Visitors who typed your web address into their browser or came directly from a bookmark.

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What Does Web Traffic Mean to Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Knowing who website visitors are, where they come from, and their interests is highly desired information. It helps website owners adapt to their specific target market.

Quantity Vs Quality

Quality over quantity

Itโ€™s essential that quality visitors are attracted to a website. Real people will spend time exploring with interest in the content. Conversely, an artificial intelligence program will click on an ad or a homepage and then quickly disappear. This artificially increases the volume of traffic but is commonly considered low-quality traffic that can be detrimental to a websiteโ€™s ranking.

Web Traffic That Works โ€“ Turning Visits Into Revenue

Attracting a large number of human visitors to a commercial website from a specific target market segment is what developers and owners of those websites really need to generate financial gains and returns.

How Can Web Traffic Agencies Help?

Reliable web traffic agencies specialize in dramatically increasing the volume of quality visitors in a short period of time. They usually offer a variety of options to suit marketing budgets large and small โ€“ aiming for a specific number of visitors during a designated period. This is a more refined and specialist approach, yet relatively inexpensive, compared to often costly search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) campaigns that take more time and effort to produce similar volumes of visitors.

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