What is Web Traffic Really Worth?

Ever wanted to know just how much web traffic is really worth? How about how much value any given amount of web traffic holds? If these questions are tickling the tip of your tongue, you’ve come to the write article.  

Ever Heard of the Million Dollar Homepage?

Web traffic that ended up being worth a million dollars in just a few months was an innovative idea to sell tiny clickable ads on a single web page called the milliondollarhomepage.

The milliondollarhomepage was the brainchild of a 21-year-old student who wanted to raise $1 million in ad revenue to fund a three-year business management university course. He reached his target in just under 6 months.

Within weeks of its launch, the milliondollarhomepage ranked Number 3 on Alexa Internet’s list of “Movers and Shakers”. An incredible 25,000 unique visitors flocked to the website every hour as the bidding for pixel space on the page reached fever pitch.

Source: milliondollarhomepage

What’s a Model For Web Traffic Success?

In the case of the milliondollarhomepage, the website was a gimmick that sparked public interest. Also, it did what it was designed to do at the time – raise funds for the owner’s education. It was successful for its novelty as a unique concept that ran its course.

Web traffic gurus usually advise creating specific content and display ads that appeal to a particular demographic group. But the ads on the milliondollarhomepage are a diverse mish-mash, ranging from casinos and dating sites to colouring books for kids and pet advice sites.

One takeaway formula from this example is the simplicity and clarity of the concept that made it easy for advertisers to buy-in and strike while the iron was hot; knowing that the website was creating a buzz and generating a steady flow of web traffic with value.

How Do I Find Out What Web Traffic is Worth?

You can find out the value of any website by typing in the url at one of the websites in the example below. You’ll get an estimated total value of the website as well as estimated monthly ad revenue.

Typing in milliondollarhomepage.com to the website evaluation tools below returned the following results:

As you can see from the results above, the estimated value of the website varies greatly, so consider it only as a rough guide.

So What’s My Web Traffic Really Worth?

The real value (profit) of the web traffic going to your website on a monthly basis can be answered by asking these three questions:

1: How much do you pay for web traffic?
If you pay for web traffic such as with a pay-per-click plan, add up the total amount you pay for those clicks over a month.

2: How much revenue do you earn each month from sales or conversions through your website?
If you’re selling products or earn revenue from affiliate programs and third-party advertising, add up your total earnings over a month.

3: What’s the difference between your total costs and the total revenue?
Subtract the total amount you pay for web traffic from the total earnings over a month.

There are many other factors to consider before you arrive at a realistic figure of what your web traffic is actually worth. These factors can include conversion rates, net costs of any products you’re selling, plus the time and resources you dedicate to getting web traffic to your site.

Real Web Traffic Value is in your Conversion Rates

A conversion is when a visitor clicks an ad or buys one of your products. The more web traffic that converts into a click or a sale, the higher your conversion rate giving your web traffic more value.

Your web traffic conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that perform a desired action (convert) after arriving on your homepage. These actions or conversions can include: making a payment, downloading a file, watching a video, using the contact form and more.

You can have a high or low number of visitors but the percentage of those visitors that convert is the most important factor.

A high conversion rate means your web traffic has real value. It’s a measurable return on investment that you can calculate by comparing what you spend to bring web traffic to your website against the revenue those visitors generate for you.

If you get only a few visitors but they all buy something then you’re getting an excellent conversion rate. If however you’re getting 100,000 visitors but only a few are converting then you have a low conversion rate.

Compare Your Web Traffic Costs to Evaluate its Real Value

There are tangible and intangible costs with increasing web traffic, whether they are financial outlays or time spent cultivating an audience.


It’s important to have a website that’s optimized for search engines with appropriate keywords in your content. This ensures search engines recognize your website’s intention and directs the right visitors to it

However, unless you have an interesting gimik like the milliondollarhomepage, or you’re exploiting a highly unique niche, you’ll struggle to attract visitors organically.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paying for every visitor that clicks an ad that leads to your website could leave you with little profit left, even if a high percentage of those clicks convert. If your conversion rate is low, you’ll end up paying more for your web traffic than you make from sales.

Managed Web Traffic

Buying managed web traffic for a fixed cost brings a desired number of visitors to your website over a specific period. With web traffic plans such as those offered by Web Traffic Geeks, you can select the number of visitors you want depending on your budget.

You can also choose the niche and country you want to target. Whether those visitors convert then largely depends on your website’s content but you’ll benefit greatly from thousands of visitors that are already interested in what you’ve got to sell. Then all you have to do is add value to your web traffic. Here are some simple ways to do that:

Three Ways To Add Value To Your Web Traffic

1: Exploit Your Niche
Whatever your product, there is a niche market for it. Narrow down your keywords and content so they target people that need your product. Give your visitors the value they expect from your marketing campaigns and sales pitches.

2: Keep it Short & Sweet
Today’s web shoppers have short attention spans. Make your content concise so visitors quickly see what they’ll get. Throw in a special offer or promotion to sweeten the deal.

3: Convert With an Easy Call to Action
Make it easy for visitors to buy your products or achieve the goal you set on your website in as few simple steps as possible.

How Can Web Traffic Geeks Help You?

Web Traffic Geeks guarantees to send thousands of human visitors to your website for a fixed fee each month – a much more economical option than paying for each click.

You can use Web Traffic Geeks’ managed web traffic plans in conjunction with other programs, but for the best results, keep your web traffic flowing on a regular basis to increase web traffic volume over time.

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