What are Web Traffic Calculators and Why Do I Need One?

Web traffic calculators give you an estimate of what your website is worth based on the quality and quantity of your web traffic. If youโ€™re planning to sell your domain, or just want to know how much your websiteโ€™s worth after all the work youโ€™ve put into it, then youโ€™ll need a web traffic calculator. In this article weโ€™ll look at:

  • How web traffic calculators work
  • How to improve your web traffic value
  • Some free web traffic calculators to try

4 Reasons for Using a Web Traffic Calculator

  1. Puts a monetary value on your website if you want to sell your domain.
  2. Tells you which keywords are working well for you and attracting the majority of your web traffic.
  3. Helps you review and adjust your marketing strategy.
  4. Find out how much your competitors are worth and why.

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How Do Web Traffic Calculators Work?

Web traffic calculators use a variety of algorithms to estimate the value of your website and the web traffic that visits it. Each web traffic calculator uses its own combination of algorithms so no two calculators will give you the exact same results. Here are some of the factors web traffic calculators take into consideration when evaluating your website:

Calculating Website Value from Public Ranking

Web traffic calculators can glean information such as the number of visitors and page views if your website is publicly listed with Google or Alexa and other similar public listing services.

Calculating Website Value from Revenue

Your website is an asset that can generate revenue in a variety of ways. Below are some of the most common ways you can make money from your website (monetize) and add value to it. Web traffic calculators can harvest this information and give you an overall view of income, which you can compare with your costs to see whether youโ€™re actually making or losing money.


Advertisements (Google AdSense, affiliates, Infolinks, etc)

Once you have a website full of content, you can join an affiliate program to have ads displayed on your website alongside or as part of the content. You will then get paid for people clicking on the ads displayed on your website (pay-per-click).


Selling Merchandise

Generate income by selling physical products through your website as an online store.


Digital Downloads

Ebooks, music and instruction videos are examples of digital products which can be made available for visitors to pay for and download.



Websites in a unique niche publishing regular informative content can make that content exclusively available to subscribers, who can pay for monthly or annual subscriptions to access that content.


Maturity Adds Value

Just like antiques and collector items, the older a website is, the more value it has. If the website operator has been actively procuring visitors with strategic SEO, the number of visitors and inbound links to the website will have matured over time and be more valuable.


Calculating the Value of Links

Inbound links to your website can have value, depending on where those links are located and the amount of web traffic they bring to your website. The older a link, the more value it will have. Its value is multiplied by the number of years itโ€™s been active.


Domain Name

Those who saw the potential of the internet in its early days made fortunes by cybersquatting โ€“ snapping up big-brand domain names on the cheap before the brand itself stakes its claim โ€“ then holding the company at ransom to buy the domain name from them. These days there are measures to prevent cybersquatting but a domain name that you own could still be worth a lot of money if an entrepreneur sees potential. A good example is the domain sex.com, which was bought for a few dollars and eventually sold for $14 million dollars!

As a rule of thumb, the shorter your domain name and the more relevance it has to your content, the higher its potential value.

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How Accurate are Web Traffic Calculators?

No calculator can give you a specific or the official value of your website and web traffic. However, by using a variety of web traffic calculators or choosing one that digs deep into your back end to give you solid statistics, youโ€™ll have enough information to make a realistic evaluation.

Ultimately though, the value of a website and its URL comes down to its perceived value by the owner and any potential buyers.

If youโ€™ve worked hard to procure a dedicated audience of real people that are hooked on your content, you will have added value to your website and its web traffic.

Does a Large Volume of Web Traffic Automatically Have Value?

Large volumes of web traffic comprising millions of visitors might appear to be a sign of success, but that doesnโ€™t automatically add massive value to your website. The web traffic itself has to have value, which is based on the type of web traffic and the source of that web traffic.

Web traffic has real value when those visitors are unique human visitors that visit your website because they are genuinely interested in your content.
For this you need to consider the value of the different types of web traffic. These are:


Direct Web Traffic

This is web traffic comprising visitors that come directly to your website because they know your websiteโ€™s URL, or the URL is a bookmark in their web browser.


Referral Web Traffic

This is web traffic that comes from links posted on other websites and social media.


Organic Web Traffic

This is one of the most valuable types of web traffic because these visitors are those who found your website by using keywords in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Social Web Traffic

This web traffic comes from posts and recommendations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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What are Recommended Web Calculators?

There are many website calculators online that will give you an assessment of your websiteโ€™s worth. Many are free with limitations but youโ€™ll usually have to pay for a more in-depth analysis. Here are some free web traffic calculators to get you going:


Has a variety of tools for buying and selling websites, including a website value calculator.


Estimates the value of your website based on market price, not business price.


Uses a collection of APIs to evaluate the worth of websites. Alexa, Google, W3C, Semrush and Moz.


The Similarweb calculator is just part of the package offered by this website and accompanying apps that allow users to compare the value of their own website with others – especially useful if you want to find out what your competitors are doing to add value.

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