Top 10 Traffic Providers

Is Buying Website Traffic From The Top 10 Traffic Providers Worth It?

Top Website Traffic Reviews Per Provider

Provider Plans Support Features Rating
Alientraffic logo Starts at $40
  • Online form only
  • Visitors delivered through interstitial and pop under ads
  • Keyword targeting
  • Set a daily cap limit
Best Web Traffic logo Starts at $14.99
  • Online support form
  • Choose from a list of over 150 countries
  • Multiple keywords to enable a better-targeted audience
  • Campaign goes live within 30 - 60 minutes of approval
BuyWebTrafficExperts logo Starts at $25
  • email:
  • telephone: 0031 917 7958180
  • Online contact form
  • Self Serve Platform
  • Traffic starts immediately
Growtraffic logo Starts at $28
  • Phone (billing only): 001 805 765 1717
  • Online contact form
  • Offer cheap rates
SerpClix logo Starter at $197/mo.
  • Phone: +1 818 583 0286
  • Online form
  • Unlimited URLs, keywords, and orders per plan
  • Starts within seconds
  • Select geo-locations
Simple Traffic logo Starts at $15/mo.
  • Phone: +353 1 437 0336
  • Live chat
  • Facebook Messenger link
  • Free trial
  • Visitors start arriving from day 1
  • Cancel any time
SparkTraffic logo Starts at $5.99
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +37065690864
  • USA: +12133256703 (with lots of other lines per country)
  • Online chat
  • Free demo
  • Human-like bot traffic
  • Geo-targeting
  • and many more
Traffic Masters logo Starts at $4.74
  • Select visitor numbers
  • Demographics
  • Mix of locations
TrafficBox logo Starts at $90/mo.
  • Email:
  • Phone: +972 050 8824178
  • Range of marketing services
Web Traffic Geeks logo Starts at $74
  • Email: or
  • Phone: 18053092570
  • Select up to 3 interest niches
  • More likely to overdeliver visitor
  • 100% human traffic
  • and many more

Website Traffic Review - Let’s Check Out Our Competition!

Knowing your competition helps you to improve your service. And at Web Traffic Geeks, we want to provide the best website traffic we can.

We’ve had a look at some of the top website traffic providers of 2021 and compared them with our own services.

We still think we’re the best ;-). But there are a few places out there worth checking out for different reasons. We’ve included other high volume traffic generation options like SerpClix and Spark Traffic so you get all the information you’d find in a really good website traffic review. Either have a quick look at the overview or scroll down to the detailed web traffic reviews further down.

When you review website traffic services you often have to dig deep and read between the lines. We hope we’ve put together a realistic set of insights into some of the top web traffic for sale providers (and a couple of the not so top paid traffic services) out there.

Detailed Review: Website Traffic Services

If you buy website traffic regularly, you’ll have done a lot of research. You might even have come across a scam site. When you find a service that does what it says on the tin, you breathe a sigh of relief and stick with them.

But the world of paid traffic is changing all the time. New businesses arrive on the scene, older ones get a facelift or expand their services. So our detailed website traffic review looks at a number of important elements that can help you choose the best web traffic provider for your business.

Not all of these are top website traffic providers, but our selection looks at a broad variety of paid traffic features that claim or actually do improve SEO results and even conversions. And of course, our research also looks very carefully into how reliable and reputable each listing is.

Alien Traffic above the fold

Who They Are

AlienTraffic really does seem to come from outer space. Not only does it not list any contact address on its website or T&C, it has also blocked public information on WHOIS. We know the domain was first registered in April 2018 from a US address, but exactly where is anyone’s guess. That’s never a good sign. If a service is as good as it looks on the screen, why hide who you are?

Where They Are

Somewhere in the United States.

How To Contact Them

Online form only

Plans & Prices

Plans are based purely on volume and whether you want a one-time or monthly order:

  • 5000 visitors @ $40
  • 10000 visitors @ $45
  • 25000 visitors (plus 1250 bonus) @ $100
  • 50000 visitors (plus 5000 bonus) @ $175
  • 100000 visitors (plus 15000 bonus) @ $300
  • 200000 visitors (plus 40000 bonus) @ $500


Visitors delivered through interstitial and pop under ads. Target categories are split into main categories and subcategories - only one choice per order. However, you do get to add a single keyword.

Geolocations are limited to:

  • United States
  • North America
  • South America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Worldwide

Keyword targeting in addition to geolocations and interest categories. Campaigns start within 24 hours.

Set a daily cap limit - set it to 0 if you want to temporarily pause your campaign. Even with the maximum cap limit, AlienTraffic reserves the right to deliver your ordered volume over the full 30 day term. So no good for very short running campaigns.

Client Protection

There are lots of promises, but if the only way you can contact the company is via an online form, how do you know you’re protected?

Payment Options

Credit cards and PayPal

What Other People Say

Apart from the on-site testimonials, there are a couple of Facebook reviews (positive and negative) … but these date from 2018. All in all, AlienTraffic doesn’t seem to be making much of an impact either in a positive or a negative sense.

And that’s what got us to add the company to this list - because if the company was a scam, there would be a lot of negative feedback out there.

If the cheap website traffic prices here are what you are looking for, maybe it’s worth trying the smallest package first or contacting the company before you make an order.

Best Web Traffic above the fold

Who They Are

Best Web Traffic has been in operation since 2020. They provide very low cost traffic that starts at $0.0022 per visitor. The company provides website visitors and promises targeted human hits with absolutely no bot or junk traffic.

There is very little information available about the Best Web Traffic business itself. We’ve had to find the right information from business directories, the website, trust sites and customer reviews and comments.

Where They Are

We do know that Best Web Traffic operates from Slovakia. But when we contacted them via their Support form asking for business information all we got was a standard reply (within 24 hours) about their plans. No business info. So the truth is, we still don’t know exactly where Best Web Traffic operates.

How To Contact Them

Via the online support form.

Plans & Prices

Plans are listed as Campaigns:

  • Small: 5000 visitors @ $14.99
  • Starter: 10000 visitors @ $26.99
  • Basic: 15000 visitors @ $40
  • Standard: 30000 visitors @ $74.99
  • Medium: 55000 visitors @ $129.99
  • Extra: 100000 visitors @ $224.99
  • Premium: 125000 visitors @ $269.99


Your campaign can run over 7, 15, or 30 days and the easy button-select means there’s no confusion when making an order.

Best Web Traffic’s first targeting option is location. You can choose from a list of over 150 countries.

If you want to target interests, you have two options. Either you rely on the provider’s Automatic Self-Improving Targeting option, or you manually select from a long list of categorised niches. You can select a main category like Fashion or a subcategory, like Baking in the Food and Drinks category.

You only get to select ONE interests option per campaign.What’s unusual is that you can also add multiple keywords to enable a better-targeted audience.

The website tells us a campaign goes live within 30 - 60 minutes of approval, 24/7. On public holidays or busy days, this time is extended to 12 hours. You can pause a campaign on your account dashboard.

As with all traffic providers, you are not permitted to order traffic for sites containing illegal or harmful content.

Client Protection

  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • Refunds for a campaign’s unused days
  • Bot and junk traffic free
  • Adsense safe

Payment Options

Pay via credit card (BlueSnap), PayPal and crypto.

What Other People Say

While fake reviews can be good as well as bad, legit feedback is easy to spot.

A few have agreed that the traffic received is good quality and targeted according to their requests, most mention that customer services aren’t so good. You rarely get a rapid reply.

One review mentioned that he thought the traffic sent was from bots, as every page visit lasted for 23 seconds. If this is true, that certainly seems suspicious.

BuyWebTrafficExperts above the fold

Who They Are

WebTrafficExperts has been in operation since 2016. They provide very competitively priced web traffic. Visitors are 100% human guaranteed, as the company hosts a wide range of own sites and uses its own developed software to categorise each visitor. This means you get targeted traffic according to your choices. WebTrafficExperts is a highly-transparent Netherlands company with awards from Trustpilot and Money Back Guarantee.

Via the WebTrafficExperts OpenTrafficPlatform, you can select Display, Native, Pop, Verified Audience, and Audience traffic for your site.

Where They Are

Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012JN Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How To Contact Them

  • Via email:
  • Via telephone: 0031 917 7958180
  • Via the online Contact form.

Plans & Prices

You choose how much you want to invest in the OpenTraffic Platform on a monthly basis. If you top your investment up during the month, you save $10. Select from:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $150
  • $250 (with $265 in funds)
  • $500 (with $535 in funds)
  • $1500 (with $1620 in funds)

Once payment has been processed - within 24 hours - WebTrafficExperts sets up your Traffic Wizard account.

As a 100% Self Serve Platform, it’s up to you to fill in the details. You can input geolocations as narrow as a city or as broad as a continent. You also get to choose your user engagement level. If it’s just visitor volume you want, select a medium engagement group. If you want conversions, go a step higher.


Your campaign can run over 1 to 30 days. As we’ve already mentioned, you get to input all the necessary variables to ensure your traffic is well targeted to the needs of your business. This is done via the Self Serve Platform.

The minute you access the Platform via your personal Traffic Wizard account, you can get started. As this is a program, you don’t need to wait for processing times. The traffic will start to arrive once you ask it to.

The FAQ and blog give plenty of information and if you have any questions, there are plenty of ways to contact their customer services department.

Client Protection

  • Free trial - just send them a message
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • Bot and junk traffic free
  • Adsense safe (option)

Payment Options

Pay via Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer and Bitcoin.

What Other People Say

Reviews on various sites, including Trustpilot, are on the whole very positive. Great customer service, rapid response time, ease of use, professional service, reliable and affordable are just some of the positive terms associated with the WebTrafficExperts service. Some complaints can be found; these are usually through disappointment with conversion rates.

growtraffic above the fold

Who They Are

Growtraffic has partnered with a large ad network to provide visitors sourced from pop-ups. That way, you know your targets have already shown an interest in your niche.

As any reputable website traffic provider should, Growtraffic does not guarantee 100% Adsense Safe traffic but they do ensure most of their traffic gets past the AdSense wall. This is usually only possible with 100% human web traffic as Adsense only prohibits what it registers as bot-generated clicks.

Where They Are

Growtraffic is based in the United States; the company freely publishes its contact details.

How To Contact Them

  • 675 E Santa Clara Street, Ste 2612, Ventura CA 93001, USA.
  • Phone (billing questions only): 001 805 765 1717
  • Email:
  • Via online contact form

Plans & Prices

Total visitor numbers per campaign starts quite high. And the maximum number per order is relatively impressive. Use their scroll bar to select the numbers you want. We won’t list them all, but you can get a good idea about prices with the following plans which, if you place monthly orders, get a 10% discount:

  • 10000 visitors @ $28
  • 25000 visitors @ $70
  • 70000 visitors @ $196
  • 160000 visitors @ $448
  • 250000 visitors @ $700
  • 500000 visitors @ $1400

Once you’ve selected the numbers, it’s time to select your target niche.Here’s where Growtraffic doesn’t measure up to some providers, as you can only select one option. Great if you have a narrow niche in mind, not so great when you want to test different markets. You’ll have to set up multiple smaller campaigns to do that. As you get to choose from hundreds of subcategories - as should be expected from a good website traffic provider - that could mean a lot of small campaigns.

You then choose one location. Again, many web traffic for sale sites offer up to three locations per order. But as Growtraffic has already said it provides human web traffic at extremely competitive prices, and as premium locations (US, Europe, or Worldwide) are possible, that’s not so much of a problem.

Finally, select your timing and duration by scrolling the selection bar to the number of visitors per day you want. Here is where Growtraffic really shines. You can spread your visitors over a period of between 7 and 90 days.


Approval for new campaigns takes 2 - 3 business days as every ad must be manually reviewed, as well as your website. Once that’s in order, you’ll get an email with your personal dashboard login where you can keep an eye on how your campaign is running. You’ll also get a tracking link.

We like the honest attitude of Growtraffic. They offer cheap rates because, in their own words, “pop-under visitors have a shorter attention span and a higher bounce rate by nature, and … are easier to provide in large numbers’.

As with all traffic providers, you are not permitted to order traffic for sites containing illegal or harmful content. But Growtraffic goes a step further. It also refuses popup sites, cryptocurrency ICOs and cloud mining sites. However, they do say they are willing to accept many types of business that find it hard to get accepted on ad networks.

Client Protection

You won’t get a refund unless Growtraffic fails to deliver the job as per the description of the order you paid for.

You’ll also get a recurring bill every 30 - 31 days unless you cancel the campaign - at any time - by contacting the company via the contact page, via email, or by phone.

Any unused credits after cancellation will be refunded pro-rata.

If one of Growtraffic’s ad partners (Growtraffic is a reseller) is to blame for any problems, Growtraffic are not responsible.

Payment Options

Only by credit card or the Discover Global Network

What Other People Say

For one of the cheapest website traffic providers out there, reviews are very thin on the ground. That’s very surprising. But the reviews that do exist are mixed. It seems that when Growtraffic fails to send the promised amount of traffic, regular contact never ends in an argument … service is reinstated with a few extra visitors by way of an apology. The majority of negative reviews focus on not getting leads. But that’s not really what paid traffic does best. Use it for SEO and boosting other campaigns, and Growtraffic might earn a much higher star rating.

SerpClix above the fold

Who They Are

SerpClix is a world’s first - a crowd-sourced searching platform that has specifically been designed as an SEO booster. With over 100,000 Clickers on their books, all of whom installed a SerpClix browser extension, you can hire large groups to type your selected keywords in the Google search bar. When they scroll down to a red-highlighted URL (yours), they click on it. And upon arriving on your landing page, your paid Clickers stay on the page for about one minute. When you design a specific landing page for SerpClix Clickers, you can even ask them to navigate to another internal page. And - although bounce rates don’t affect your SERP ranking - they’re not allowed to click the back button, only close the page.

Where They Are

Monumental Marketing LLC is the listed company name of at least 7 different companies in the US alone. There are also businesses with the same name in the UK. And as contacting the company isn’t easy, no-one seems to know where they are based.

Well, all they have to do is read the Terms and Conditions! It’s all there. You’ll see their contact info under the How To Contact Them section.

How To Contact Them

Unless you’re logged in, you’re not really supposed to. There is a members contact page according to SerpClix Clickers and some reviewers say customer services respond very quickly, others say they don’t.

  • Monumental Marketing LLC, 1950 W. Corporate Way, #71135 Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Phone: +1 818 583 0286
  • Online form

SerpClix does have a Facebook page (SerpClix SEO) but it isn’t updated very often. Many of their posts republish Trustpilot reviews that give high points for responsive customer services.

Plans & Prices

To get such specific and guaranteed human interaction you’ll have to pay for the privilege. If you’re using a few obscure keywords you won’t have to order as many. Volumes are significantly less that you’d get from a ‘normal’ web traffic provider. If SERP ranking is your priority, SerpClix is definitely worth the investment.

Select from:

  • Starter (with free option) +/- 660 clicks @ $197 per month
  • Bronze: +- 1330 clicks @ $297/month
  • Silver: +- 2800 clicks @ $497/m
  • Gold: +- 6000 clicks @ $997/m
  • Platinum: +-16500 clicks @ $2497/m


  • Unlimited URLs, keywords, and orders per plan together with guaranteed interaction from paid human clickers who must operate according to countless rules and regulations.
  • Starts within seconds after payment processing.
  • You set up ‘Click Orders’ for the Clickers to sign up for.
  • You can target your Clickers, too. Select geo-locations (they’re not allowed to hide behind a VPN) and languages. There’s some scope for basic interests, too.

Not the cheapest option when compared to other sources of paid traffic, but definitely a useful organic SEO strategy. As Clickers are paid to click, it’s highly unlikely you’ll convert them in terms of signups or sales. Other types of paid web traffic may have a higher bounce rate but when you order from the right niches, you always have an opportunity to convert.

Client Protection

There isn’t much. You sign up for recurring monthly payments and no refunds are given. There’s a reason for this. SerpClix pays its Clickers and once they’ve started to click, they’ve done the job they were paid to do. This means no partial or complete refunds once payment has been made.

If you’re too late cancelling your monthly subscription, you’ll lose another months’ fee. Cancellation is done via your account or by contacting SerpClix via email. We just don’t know what that email address is. However, there aren’t any reviews telling us how SerpClix refuse to cancel subscriptions. There is a email address for copyright infringements, but no email is listed for customer services or information.

Payment Options

PayPal, credit cards, Discover.

What Other People Say

Clickers for SerpClix don’t get paid much, but they do get paid. This is a near-unique service (although it won’t take long for other companies to get on board) and can guarantee human clicks that probably won’t convert in terms of sales but will make a huge difference to your SEO - at a price.

As there are so many reasons SerpClix clickers can get banned - by sharing search info and URLs, by having more than one family member sign up (guaranteeing unique IPs), by using clickbots or by hiding behind a VPN, for example - you’re getting exactly what you pay for - human search engine interactions that bring you higher up the SERPs.

Simple Traffic above the fold

Who They Are

Simple Traffic is owned by Victor Frago of Ascend Group OU and was founded in 2019. The company redirects traffic from managed websites and parked domains. It provides cheap web traffic composed of human visitors. There’s a reason prices are cheap - targeting is very limited. You get to choose Worldwide or per single country. You also get to select Devices or Browsers (like Mobile, Firefox, Opera etcetera). That’s it. No ages. No interests.

Where They Are

Simple Traffic is part of the Ascend Group based in Estonia.

How To Contact Them

  • Ascend Group 16090525, Keemia tn. 4, Tallinn 10616, Estonia.
  • Phone: +353 1 437 0336
  • There’s an Intercom chat available on the website where someone is online during office hours
  • Facebook Messenger link

Plans & Prices

  • Huddle Plan: 15000 visitors @ $15 per month
  • Crowd Plan: 30000 visitors @ $28/m
  • Club Plan: 45000 visitors @ $40/m
  • Festival Plan: 60000 visitors @ $50/m
  • Community Plan: 90000 visitors @ $70/m
  • Metropolitan Plan: 150000 visitors @ $110/m
  • Global Plan: 225000 visitors @ $160/m
  • Cosmos Plan: 300000 visitors @ $200/m
  • Universe Plan: 600000 visitors @ $400/m


  • Free trial - 2500 free visitors spread over a 5 day period (500 free visitors a day).
  • Your visitors start arriving from day 1 as there’s no need to wait for payment processing with the free visitors.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time.

Client Protection

30-day Money Back Guarantee - your most recent payment qualifies. You get a full refund “if you are unhappy with our service”. They’re very open to questions and complaints. Bear in mind you won’t be permitted to sign up again if you don’t have a service complaint when cancelling a subscription.

You’ll receive 5 free days of visitors before your card is charged.

Easy to cancel … just stop your pre-approved PayPal payments.

Payment Options

Only PayPal.

What Other People Say

There are lots of reviews out there, even though has only been in operation for a couple of years. And the majority are very positive indeed. On Trustpilot, 76% give excellent scores and 17% great scores. And with 162 current reviews, that’s not bad going. The fact that there’s no way to target interests has been commented on. (bot)

SparkTraffic above the fold

Who They Are

Spark Traffic is a Spanish company that provides software for automated - that’s bot - website traffic. This traffic is emulated (it looks human but won’t convert) and so can be used to rise in the SERPs.

Spark Traffic software can be tweaked by its developers to make adjustments to your bounce and return rates, session times, visit times, and ‘source’ (social media or other IPs). According to them, all bot traffic is Adsense Safe and looks perfectly natural. You won’t be able to use it on video sites, though.

Where They Are

Spark Traffic is based in Barcelona, Spain.

How To Contact Them

  • Vocato SL, Valencia 352 bajos 2, 08009, Barcelona, Spain
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +37065690864
  • USA: +12133256703 (with lots of other lines per country)
  • Online chat

Plans & Prices

  • You can select 1, 3 (-10%), 6 (-20%) and 12 month (-40%) plans.
  • Economy: 60000 ($5.99) to 10,000000 ($699.99) page views
  • Professional: 60000 ($11.98) to 10,000000 ($1399.98) page views


You can get a free demo of their bot traffic that sends 2000 free page views in 2 hours within 24 hours. This can’t be requested for third level domains, affiliate links or shorteners.

Alexa Rank boost for Alexa Rank Certified sites.

The Professional includes unique residential IPs, local Alexa rank, minimal CPU load, random session times, shorteners and UTM campaigns.
Both plans give you the following:

  • Human-like bot traffic
  • Global Alexa rank
  • Up to 5 minutes visit per page
  • Day/night and day of week traffic volume changes
  • RSS or Sitemap connect
  • Geo-targeting (countries, states and cities)
  • Bounce rate and session duration control
  • Language selection
  • Navigation funnels
  • Adsense and Analytics safe
  • 24/7 email/chat/phone customer support

Client Protection

Refunds can be requested by contacting the support email address. You can apply for a full or partial refund, but within 7 days of the date of the original purchase.

Payment Options

There are too many payment options to list! From all the regular payment options to lesser-known ones like Bancontact, PagSeguro, gana, UniPin and Dollar General.

What Other People Say

When expectations of bot traffic are realistic, reviews should be positive. But they’re not. There are a lot of fake reviews on Trustpilot that hike up the stars, but fish out the genuine-looking ones and there are a lot of complaints. The main one is the rudeness of the customer services department and the difficulties in getting refunds for traffic that hasn’t been sent. It all looks very good on paper (or screen) but if you’re going to try a bot traffic generator, there are others out there with better reviews. However, the options are impressive. Perhaps start with a low volume, as certainly not all of SparkTraffic’s customers are complaining. Just lots of them.

Traffic Masters above the fold

Who They Are

Founded in 2008 by owner Mary Clark, this US based website traffic for sale site provides pop under traffic and social traffic via a publisher network, as well as a website traffic generator that lets you send visitors via push notifications.

Where They Are

Virginia in the United States.

How To Contact Them

  • 12801 Worldgate Dr, #495, Herndon, Virginia 20170, United States
  • Help widget

Plans & Prices

There are quite a few plans to choose from:

  • Adult traffic: 2500 ($8.08) to 500000 ($1,615) visitors
  • Alexa traffic: 2500 ($11.88) to 200000 ($950)
  • Mobile traffic: 2,l500 ($9.50) to 500000 ($1,140)
  • Social traffic: 2500 ($11.88) to 500000 ($2,375)
  • Web traffic: 2500 ($11.88) to 2,000000 ($9,500)
  • Push traffic: 500 ($4.74) to 200000 ($474.05)


You get to select visitor numbers, demographics (lots of them), and a good mix of locations. Simply select your choices and the time you want your campaign to run, then fill in your URL and pay.

Traffic-Masters’ Terms and Conditions say the company holds the right to show at least 1 banner ad on your site. What banner ad they’ll use doesn’t seem to be up to you.

Client Protection

Terms and Conditions cover Traffic-Masters for lots of different situations. They cannot be held responsible if your campaign doesn’t start on a specific date or within the timespan you specify. They do explain why - this timing problem usually only applies to social media traffic which is harder to control.

No refunds are offered except on unused products. Any traffic plan that has been created can get a partial refund. In other words, you have to cancel before your plan starts if you want all your money back.

Payment Options

PayPal, Stripe, Sepa and Bitcoin.

What Other People Say

Reviews are extremely mixed. Some really love Traffic-Masters, some really don’t. While the support can be a bit slow to get back to you, they do seem to be helpful. If you don’t mind pop unders, this might be a worthwhile option.

TrafficBox above the fold

Who They Are

TrafficBox is the brainchild of an online marketing and graphic design expert and offers a whole range of SEO and SEM services. One of their many visitor generation packages is paid web traffic.

What is notable is the price difference - TrafficBox is one of the more expensive options on this web traffic review list.

Where They Are

Tel Aviv in Israel, although you’ll have to go to their local website ( to find that information. You’ll also need Hebrew-reading skills to navigate the site!

How To Contact Them

  • Sderot Yerushalayim 69, Tel Aviv-Yafo; Israel
  • Email:
  • Phone: +972 050 8824178 during office hours (10:00 - 18:00)

Plans & Prices

There are only 3 plans - small, medium and large. Even though all of them provide geolocations and target categories, it’s easy to see the prices are much higher than the cheap website traffic providers offer.

  • Small: 10000 visitors @ $90/month
  • Medium: 50000 visitors (plus 2,500 bonus) @ $400/month
  • Large: 100000 visitors (plus 7,500 bonus) @ $800/month

Why are the prices so high compared to other providers? You enter custom metrics rather than pick options from a list. That means you manually fill in your chosen visitor demographic. We understand this means the process isn’t automated - someone at TrafficBox actually looks for the traffic you need for your website.


As your order is dealt with on a more personal basis, you might be able to purchase website traffic for sites that aren’t accepted by other providers. In addition, you get to use any of a range of marketing services such as website design, logo design, conversion optimisation, content writing, link building and SEO. So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop, maybe the TrafficBox prices won’t put you off. You should contact them for a personalised plan.

TrafficBox has 6 different types of paid traffic:

  • Targeted traffic: desktop and mobile device visitors via pop under advertising
  • Social traffic: FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit visitors directly via influencers
  • Mobile traffic: iOS and Android cell networks
  • Alexa traffic: visitors from Alexa-friendly desktops and mobile devices
  • Adult traffic: traffic from over-18 sites
  • US state traffic: probably the narrowest geolocation available for paid web traffic

You can also make use of the free SEO Audit tool that analyses your traffic using over 70 different parameters. With the results on the report, you can either tweak your own strategies or get TrafficBox to do the work for you.

The company generates over 20 million daily unique visitors through 10,000 websites and apps. Just like any website traffic provider, they don’t guarantee conversions. They do promise to send your traffic “within a matter of hours”.

Client Protection

While TrafficBox advertises a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed badge, there’s no T&C on the site. They promise to fix any problems with your ordered product - whatever it is - within 30 days of receiving an order but there’s no mention of a refund.

Payment Options

PayPal and Bitcoin

What Other People Say

The few English reviews are very positive but none of these are solely linked to paid traffic. All are happy with the overall marketing support services Dima - TrafficBox’s owner - provides. Very unusually for any traffic provider, there are no negative reviews to be found.

Web Traffic Geeks above the fold

Who They Are

Well, we’re us! It would be crazy not to advertise our own services on our list of top website traffic for sale providers, right?!

We’re Web Traffic Geeks, a bunch of marketing geeks who send your web pages lots of traffic!

Where We Are

We’re based in the United Arab Emirates and partnered with a famous team of marketing geeks from the Netherlands.

How To Contact Us

Office 10, Level 1
Sharjah Media City
Sharjah UAE

Or email us on:

Or call us on: 18053092570

Plans & Prices

Except for the smallest plan, you always get free bonus visitors:

  • 10000 visitors @ $74
  • 25000 visitors (plus 10% bonus) @ $129.50
  • 50000 visitors (plus 10% bonus) @ $250
  • 100000 visitors (plus 10% bonus @ $460
  • 200000 visitors (plus 10% bonus) @ $860
  • 270000 visitors (plus 11% bonus) @ $1200

Order the same plan on a monthly basis and you save 5% of the one-off order price, too.

Via our partner service, we also offer a PPC click plan. Just ask us for more information.

And naturally, we’ll set you up a custom plan if you’re after even higher traffic volumes or want to achieve specific goals.


Select up to 3 interest niches and 3 geo-locations per order, the number of days that you want your visitors to land on your site, and when you want them to start arriving.

We are much more likely to overdeliver visitor numbers than underdeliver. If we underdeliver (hardly ever happens), you’ll get a partial refund or we’ll send you what we own (and more).

Contact us to pause your campaign whenever you want. We’ll restart it when you want, too.

If your website includes movies or music, you can still order our traffic. As long as there’s no autoplay (and no forbidden content), our 100% human visitors will land on your selected page.

We guarantee 100% human traffic that (usually) lands safely on AdSense sites (the only way to ensure 100% AdSense free traffic is to turn it off during your paid traffic campaign).

We have written down a long list of shifty services we refuse to supply our 100% human web traffic to.

Client Protection

It’s important to us to offer all of our customers a money back guarantee for unspent credit, unfulfilled traffic volumes and traffic that arrives from niches not listed in the order.

Our Terms and Conditions are written in easy to understand English. You won’t get bogged down in the details. We suggest you read them for peace of mind - peace of mind that we’re on your side. We’re received awards for transparency, excellent customer service, and making good on our promises. Because all of these are company priorities.

Payment Options

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayTabs

What Other People Say About Us

Most of our customer base comes from India, Australia and the United States and even though we haven’t been around for years and years, we’ve already delivered traffic for around 2000 clients.

As very few of them have used review sites to complain about us, we take it that most of them are pleased (or at worst neutral) about our services. In the digital world, no news usually means satisfied customers.

We’re pleased many of them comment on our honesty and transparency, because that’s what we want to do - turn paid website traffic into a legitimate, useful and predictable marketing strategy. And most of our reviewers say they get exactly what they order, too.


Pick Web Traffic Geeks!!!

But seriously, finding the right supplier for extra traffic isn’t so easy.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there and it’s important to do your research.

If you’re concerned about not getting what you pay for but like what one of the web traffic services on our list has to offer, start with the lowest priced plan. Use Google Analytics and the company’s own tracker (if they offer one) to compare results (bearing in mind GA will probably not register 2 to 10% of visitor redirects).

Keep an eye on your credit card payments to make sure recurring payments aren’t being made for your one-off test order.

And VERY important - please leave a legitimate review about how that service does! Let others know if they supply the traffic you ordered (human or bot or targeted or numbers or timescales).

Make your review as detailed as possible. But please don’t blame the traffic supplier for not upping your conversion rate - that’s completely up to you!