5 Ways To Use Alexa To Grow Your Website

After checking your website’s Google analytics, the next metric you should be concerned about is your Alexa rank!

Alexa.com is widely recognized as the go-to online marketing toolbox used to evaluate web traffic. With Alexa, don’t confuse it with the Alexa device, you get to know how popular your website is, and how to improve it if your Alexa ranking isn’t good.

The Alexa Traffic Rank, or Alexa Rank, is an estimate of a website’s popularity based on the volume of web traffic it receives.

Alexa updates its rankings daily based on data collated from the behaviour of Internet users. This data is reported as โ€˜globalโ€™ and โ€˜localโ€™ ranks that are listed on Alexaโ€™s website by country and category.

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1. Global Rank

This tells you the position of your website when ranked against all the sites on the Internet. A low Alexa ranking is good because it shows your website is very popular.

2. Local Rank

A more definitive rank for your site compared to other similar websites in a specified country.

Alexa publicly lists its top 50 websites based on web traffic volume. To see more information requires signing up and paying for membership.

However, one free takeaway from the top 50 list is that Chinese-language websites and portals are clearly dominant on the web. So, adapting your website’s content for the Chinese market is worthy of consideration when carrying out internet marketing campaigns.

Why is Alexa an Authority on Web Traffic Analytics?

Alexa is an old-timer born soon after the Internet became accessible to the general public. It’s one of the original searchable databases.

The company was founded in April 1996, about a year after the Internet had become fully commercialized in the US. At the time they were only 100,000 websites in existence. Today there are million of websites.

Amazon.com acquired Alexa in 1999, paying about US$250 million in Amazon stock, and then in early 2002, Alexa began a partnership with Google, which currently enjoys a permanent first position in Alexa’s rankings.

Alexa.com claims to now be visited by more than 3 million people every month, who are looking for web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on about 30 million websites.

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How Are Alexa Rankings Calculated?

On its website, Alexa.com states that its browser extension on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers collects data on Internet browsing behavior by the user and transmits the data to the Alexa website, where the information is stored and analyzed. This is the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting, including the Alexa Rank.

The Alexa rankings are predominantly based on analysing the volume of web traffic over a rolling three-month period based on a combined measure of unique visitors and pageviews.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews

Unique visitors are individual Alexa users that visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of URL requests or page visits by Alexa users.

To protect against artificially fudging visitor statistics, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the one user are counted as a single pageview.

The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews gets the No.1 Alexa rank for the day.

How to Use Alexa to Rank Your Website

After signing up for Alexa membership, youโ€™ll get access to an Alexa Certify Code, which you should paste into all the pages on your website. Alexa will then begin directly measuring and reporting on your web traffic.

Does Alexa Provide Transparent Web Traffic Data?

Alexa promises to provide you with “invaluable insights” into your website’s performance by ensuring that all of your web traffic is counted.

They do this by reviewing your website every month and alerting you if pages of your site are missing the Certify Code. By putting the certify code on all your website’s pages, you ensure all of your web traffic is included in your certified metrics.

What if You’re Buying Web Traffic?

If you pay for web traffic, your seller must guarantee 100% human traffic that is genuinely interested in your content.

Artificially generated traffic doesn’t help you in any way. You can’t profit from artificial web traffic, and it doesn’t boost your search engine rankings because search engines recognize bots and don’t count them as traffic.

So does Alexa, which assures its customers that they get transparent statistics about only real visitors to their websites.

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What are the Benefits of Using Alexa?

Investing in Alexa membership is costly. For example, its most popular plan costs $149 per month. However, if you’re running an Internet-based business, analysing web traffic metrics is key to your success.

So, here are five ways of using Alexa to your benefit:

1. Count 100% of Your Real Traffic

There is so much bot traffic on the Internet these days. Therefore, you regularly need to check what type of visitors are coming to your site.

Alexa only counts human traffic by filtering out web crawlers and other elements known to inflate web traffic metrics. This is done by only counting web traffic when your website’s URL appears in the browser address bar.

This provides you a clear picture of your human traffic metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions based on these numbers.

2. Compare Yourself to Competitors

Want to know how other websites in your niche are doing? A quick search on Alexa will tell you the ranking of a competitor’s website and their traffic numbers.

With such information, you can know where you stand in your market.

3. Get Better Analytics Reports

Alexa Certified Site Metrics are displayed on a user interface (dashboard) that allows you to identify meaningful changes to your site’s traffic quickly.

The dashboard displays your metrics in context and overlays the current period with a previous period. At a glance, you’ll be able to monitor and find significant traffic spikes and drill down further to learn why.

For example, the dashboard will tell you if a traffic drop is caused by your website being down or due to other technical issues.

4. Publish Your Metrics to Boost Revenue

Making public your traffic and audience stats on Alexa.com can help you attract new business partners, investors, and advertisers.

If you have a high Alexa ranking, you can charge more for advertising on your site. Also, with a highly ranked website, you’re like to receive offers from high-quality guest writers who want to use your website to market themselves or their products.

There are many other ways you can capitalize on a high Alexa ranking.

5. Find Business Partners

With Alexa, you can easily find out if a business or individual you’re looking to work with will deliver. For example, if a potential influencer tells you their website receives a million visitors a month, a quick and free check on Alexa can verify if what they say is fact or fiction.

If the person is lying, verifying their details will have saved you time and money.

How to Compare Web Traffic Rankings With Alexa

You can use the bulk Alexa rank checker to compare up to 10 websites by pasting the URLs of those websites in the input box. Click the submit button, and the rank checker will display the global and local ranks of each domain.

What Web Traffic Tools Come With Alexa?

The Alexa toolbox comprises the following SEO tools and competitive analysis tools:

SEO Tools

  • Keyword difficulty tool
  • Competitor keyword matrix
  • Competitor backlink checker
  • On-page SEO checker
  • SEO audit tool

Competitive Analysis Tools

  • Audience overlap
  • Site comparisons
  • Website Traffic Statistics
  • Find Similar Sites
  • Top Site

If your website gets millions of visitors each month, you can pay a monthly fee to receive Certified Alexa Ranking.

Can You Buy Web Traffic to Boost Your Alexa Rank?

To make it clear again, because your Alexa Rank is based on real human web traffic, if you decide to buy web traffic, make sure you purchase web traffic guaranteed to comprise only human visitors.

Alexa focuses on keyword-based web traffic and content type. So, buying web traffic related to your website’s niche should also help improve your Alexa Rank.

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