Top Tips to Make Your Web Traffic Google AdSense Safe

Monetizing your website with ads from Google AdSense is quite easy to set up and use in conjunction with paid web traffic plans, but there are some rules to follow to keep your website AdSense safe. 

Once you register and add an AdSense code to your website, money doesnโ€™t suddenly start pouring in just because you have AdSense ads. 

You still have to invest time and money in bringing visitors to your website before reaping the rewards of Googleโ€™s affiliate marketing program.

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How AdSense Works

Adsense is a pay-per-click monetization method. If you host AdSense ads, you get paid increments of dollars for every thousand views or clicks, so you need a substantial returning audience before the cash begins piling up in your AdSense account.

AdSense pays out after you have accumulated a minimum of US$100. Once you have reached the minimum payout threshold, payments rollover monthly, as long as you reach the threshold target each month. 

Increasing web traffic organically is very time-consuming. It can take several years of hard slog at the keyboard. You have to publish volumes of content such as regular blog posts, and use online marketing channels. 

Paid web traffic is a quick and cost-effective alternative to paying for likes and subs on social media. Buying web traffic from traffic sources like Web Traffic Geeks brings thousands of visitors directly to your website within hours. Itโ€™s good for you, and itโ€™s good for AdSense, as long as you play by the rules to keep your web traffic AdSense safe.

What is AdSense Safe Web Traffic?

Google is always out to ensure that those that advertise with them get the type of traffic they pay for, so you must maintain certain standards.

Failing to follow the AdSense rules could get you banned, but you are allowed to buy web traffic. It isnโ€™t cheating as long as the visitors are from a reliable source and classed as โ€˜good qualityโ€™ web traffic. 

Good Quality Web Traffic

When you buy web traffic, make sure you get human web traffic to stay AdSense safe. 

Real people with interest in your web content is what Google AdSense wants. Web traffic bots and other underhanded methods used to artificially inflate visitor numbers is not allowed.

Good Quality Content

AdSense also has rules concerning the nature or quality of your websiteโ€™s content. You need a viable website that offers something substantial to your audience. Google thrives on information, so the more words and pictures you regularly feed the behemoth with, the more amicable the relationship becomes. 

The nature of the content on your website is a significant factor in staying AdSense safe. You need to ensure that the subject matter is in line with Google Publisher Policies, which are fairly straightforward for mainstream content. Donโ€™t be offensive or break any laws.

Overall, the AdSense policies forbid your content from being sexually explicit or promoting illegal activities and anything that infringes intellectual property rights.

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Basic Rules When Running AdSense 

Once your websiteโ€™s content passes AdSense content standards, and you have the AdSense code installed on your website, there are a few rules you need to follow to keep Google happy and foster a long-term relationship. Hereโ€™s a general overview of those rules. 

No Invalid Clicks & Impressions

Valid clicks and impressions can only be gotten from real people visiting your website and seeing the AdSense ads (impressions). A visitor clicking on an ad is worth more than them just seeing the advertisement displayed. 

A visit counts as an impression, but you need thousands of visits for the impressions to be worth any real money, which is why some website operators may resort to purchasing bot web traffic. 

However, bot web traffic creates invalid clicks and impressions. Googleโ€™s analytical intelligence knows the difference between real human visitors and clicks created by traffic bots or bot farms. 

No Encouraging Ad Clicks 

Google doesnโ€™t grant or verify any rewards, so youโ€™re not allowed to use any deceptive methods to persuade visitors to click the ads. This includes offering payments, promising rewards, or guiding behavior by placing certain directing images next to individual ads.

No Abusive Experiences

Webpages publishing Adsense ads must not be โ€˜abusive experiences,โ€™ which is the terminology used for the invasion of privacy or content intended to intentionally mislead visitors. That means no automatic redirects and no phishing

Authorized Inventory (ads.txt)

If you are selling products on your website, you may be using or have heard of the ads.txt file, which is uploaded to servers to prevent unauthorized inventory sales.

The ads.txt file was launched by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a conglomerate of 650 leading media companies, brands, and technology firms involved in selling and optimizing digital ad marketing campaigns.

So if you use AdSense and have the ads.txt file on your domain, you must be an authorized seller for your inventory.

Ad Placement

You can play around with the way ads are placed, Google encourages you to experiment with formats and placement of ads. However, inappropriate placement in the form of pop-ups, emails, or software is not allowed. 

Site Navigation

When you publish Google Ads, your website must be easy to navigate without anything that interferes with the visitor experience, which means no pop-ups or pop-unders, and no redirecting visitors to other websites containing malware. 

For a full list of technical requirements, check AdSense Program policies.

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5 Ways to Stay AdSense Safe When You Buy Web Traffic

1. Get Good Quality (human) Web Traffic

As we discussed earlier, make sure the web traffic you buy is guaranteed to be 100% human visitors. Itโ€™s worth paying a little more to ensure you get quality web traffic. 

2. Gradually Increase Visitors

You can usually buy web traffic in bundles of several thousand at a time. 

3. Target Your Niche Audience

With a web traffic plan, you can choose which niche or niches you wish to target. To stay AdSense safe, ensure the web traffic you buy is in line with your website’s niche.   

4. Donโ€™t Splurge 

When you buy a web traffic plan from WebTrafficGeeks, you can choose to have all the web traffic delivered for a period between 1 and 30 days. A sudden spike in visitor numbers over a very short period doesnโ€™t really have a lasting benefit. Itโ€™s better to have the visitors spread out over a few weeks at a time.  

5. Have a Long Term Web Traffic Plan

Having a continuous and steady flow of web traffic gives the best results for your websiteโ€™s search engine ranking. Repeatedly buying small web traffic plans spaced over several months helps grow your websiteโ€™s popularity organically for better long-term benefits rather than a flash in the pan.

Alternative Affiliate Programs

AdSense isnโ€™t the only affiliate marketing program out there. Itโ€™s worth looking into the wide variety of options to monetize your website with affiliate advertising, especially if your niche is not mainstream. 

Many affiliate marketing programs specialize in specific types of products or services and may be more flexible and profitable. 

Hereโ€™s a list of alternative affiliate marketing programs in alphabetical order to get you started: Adbuff; Adsterra; Amazon Advertising; BidVertiser; BuySellAds; Chitika; Kontera; Infolinks;; PropellerAds; RevenueHits; ShareASale; VigLink.

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