40 ways to monetise your web site and web traffic

Top 40 Ways To Monetize Your Web Traffic

40 ways to monetise your web site and web traffic

You’ve finally done it! You’ve started your own website. The URL is bought, hosting is ready, WordPress is set up, and you’ve created a bucket full of valuable content that readers will love.

The Traffic is flowing in.

But there’s a problem…

The money isn’t.

How are you going to monetise your website and your traffic?

In this article, I’ll show how by looking at the following:

  • The realities of the level of commitment a site needs
  • The fundamental steps you need to take before you can monetize your website
  • 40 actionable website monetization methods
  • Links to more in-depth articles that cover nearly every web traffic monetization method on this list
  • What actions you can take after you finish reading this article

Let’s get started by looking at what you need to do before you can effectively monetize your website…

Making Money From a Website: The Truth

Ok, I’m going to start by putting my “Honesty Hat” on and tell you an important truth: Monetizing your web traffic is rarely instantly profitable.

You’ll have to invest time, effort and likely some money in order to increase your web traffic before you start making life-changing levels of money.

I know, it’s probably not what you want to hear. You probably had visions of pressing the magic monetise button and cash flooding into your account.

Unfortunately, the reality is rather different…

You’ll need to work hard, harder than you ever have, to turn your ‘just another web commerce wannabe’ site into a fully-fledged online business.

You need to be committed. And I mean 3 years of effort, college degree levels of commitment, if you are to realise your dream.

If you can’t commit, stop reading now, head to a job website, and start looking for a better job. It’ll be a lot less work.

But if you’re like me, a dreamer who lies awake into the early hours seeing a future of abundance for you, your family, friends and loved ones, then you’re in the right place.

3 Simple Steps to Monetizing Web Traffic

Monetizing your web traffic is rarely instantly profitable. You’ll have to invest time, effort and likely some money in order to increase your web traffic and start making money by monetizing it.

Step 1

Determine your website’s niche and target market

Step 2

Persuade your visitors to take action (convert)

Step 3

Increase your web traffic

First let’s look at those three fundamental steps in more detail for the most effective way to set up a website to monetize your web traffic. Then we’ll highlight the Top 40 Ways to Monetize Your Web Traffic.

Step 1: Determine your website’s niche and target market

Determine your website’s niche

Are you a poet, a traveller, a tattooist, a geeky gamer, a musician or just an average individual with something to say? 

Whatever your website is about, your content and the way you present it is your niche and there is an audience out there that’ll appreciate what you have to say or sell.

To effectively reach your target market you must clearly define your niche or area of expertise. 

Your product, service, advice or experience can have huge value to others, even if your content is considered ‘mainstream’. 

Begin by categorizing your content and then narrow it down to your specific niche so that you can exploit it to its fullest potential. 

Your niche could be anything from a hobby, travel experiences, poetry, gossip, your hometown or just about anything that some people, somewhere at some time might want to know about.

Remember! Web Content is King

Web Content is King

If you’re not selling a tangible product to make money then you can profit from the written content on your website or blog.

In fact, if you already have a website, it’s probably because you’ve got something to say and have been adding your musings for a while – growing your content and audience over time.

Search engines such as Google thrive on content and so the more authoritative the information you publish, the higher your Google search rankings will be.Have confidence that whatever your website is about, there is a way to monetize it – as long as you can offer your visitors something valuable and interesting.

Evergreen Markets

Website Evergreen Markets

On the other hand, if you’re in the fortunate position of having time and money to invest in a website but don’t yet have a unique niche of your own, consider investing in an evergreen market.

Evergreen markets are markets that are in continual demand because they provide a product or service that people always want or need on a regular basis.

They can be broadly classified in Health, Wealth and Lifestyle categories, each with dozens of sub categories and niches.

Here are just a few examples of evergreen markets for web traffic monetization:

Fitness, diet, supplements, ageing, alternative therapies

Property investment, financial services, crypto currencies, budgeting  

Dating, sports, hobbies, cooking, parenting

See a comprehensive list of 129 evergreen markets and niches on Warriorforum

Step 2: Persuade your visitors to take action (convert)

Website Traffic Conversion

Once you’ve defined your niche and target market by publishing market-specific content, you want to encourage your visitors to take action (convert). The percentage of your web traffic that takes action after arriving on one of your landing pages is your ‘conversion rate’.

The higher your conversion rate, the greater your chance of making money from this quality web traffic.

Web Traffic Conversion Examples 

Visitors taking action that could lead to monetization is anything other than the visitor immediately leaving. You’ve captured your visitor’s interest and persuaded him or her to hang around. If they click through your pages or follow a link, that’s a conversion.

If your website visitors convert by buying a product, for example, mission accomplished! You have successfully monetized and profited from your web traffic. 

Here are some other examples of conversion which can ultimately result in monetization:

  • Sharing a link
  • Watching a video
  • Downloading a brochure, an app, eBook etc
  • Signing up for a subscription
  • Calling or contacting your business
  • Upgrading their service
  • Clicking on an ad

Read more about conversion rates and how to improve them here.

Step 3: Increase Your Web Traffic to Earn Money

Increase Your Web Traffic to Earn Money

So now that you’ve defined your niche and prepped your website to convert your web traffic to earn you money it’s time to start bringing in those visitors that will convert into some kind of action or transaction.

There are several ways you can increase web traffic. Some are quick. Others are slow. Some are expensive. Some are cheap.

For the best results use a combination of methods. The best thing not to do though, is to cheat!

Here are ways you can increase web traffic:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the slow but sure ways to increase ‘qualified’ web traffic. You should do it with any website regardless, and do it alongside other methods.

Half the job is already done in Step 1 above – simply by clearly defining your niche. 

Then all you need to do for SEO is to include appropriate keywords in your website’s written content and make sure your titles and descriptions clearly define the content. By doing so, your website will pop up in search results and your web traffic will increase over time.

Read more about SEO techniques to attract qualified web traffic here.

Should you buy web traffic?

Should You Buy Web Traffic?

Unless you pull off a spectacular publicity stunt or happen to publish a video that goes viral such as “Charlie Bit My Finger Again”, which earned the family more than £1 million from over 850 million hits on YouTube, the only surefire way to quickly get a high volume of web traffic is to buy it. 

This home video made a huge amount of money for the family from more than 850 million hits.

Buying quality web traffic isn’t cheating

Buying web traffic isn’t cheating as long as you’re targeting qualified web traffic, meaning web traffic that comprises visitors with a genuine interest in your website’s content rather than bots sent to simply visit your landing page. 

There are many ways to buy web traffic. Just be sure the source of the web traffic is bonafide, otherwise you face a loss of reputation and any future potential to increase your web traffic organically. 

Click here to read 10 valid ways to get paid web traffic to your website.

Attracting real people with a genuine interest in your website’s content is the most important aspect to keep in mind when buying web traffic. 

Paying for junk web traffic in the form of visitors that have no interest in your website’s content is pointless and costly with little chance of monetary reward.

Real People Vs Web Traffic Bots

Web Traffic Bots
Are you attracting more bots that humans to your website?

There are essentially two types of web traffic: automated web traffic in the form of bots and real people in front of monitors clicking on a link to your website.

Friendly web traffic bots and malicious web traffic bots

About one third of the Internet’s web traffic comprises bots, many of which are essential in giving you a user-friendly experience. These friendly web traffic bots zip about at lightning speed collecting public information about websites to feed search engines.

The rest of the bots are not so friendly. If they are from an unscrupulous pay-per-click source or a phishing bot they do much more harm than good by negatively impacting your search engine ranking or clogging up your website and preventing qualified web traffic getting through.

Qualified web traffic clicking through your content

Qualified web traffic means real people with a genuine interest in your content. These visitors should be your only focus when it comes to buying web traffic.

They qualify because they spend time reading your content and going through your pages, possibly converting into sales or memberships, or returning at a later date, becoming repeat visitors.

Read more about qualified web traffic here.

Do I have to sell things to monetize my web traffic?

Selling products online is an obvious way to profit from visitors buying merchandise but there are many other ways to monetize your web traffic.

Read on to learn about 40 ways to monetize web traffic, one of which might be the perfect solution for you.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Once you have established your niche, a popular way of monetizing your web traffic is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an easy and obvious web traffic monetization option if your website is content based rather than selling tangible products directly to customers.

Instead, you help market products related to your website content and the interest your web traffic has in your particular subject area.

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.

Bo Bennet – Entrepreneur

Example: The Outdoor Enthusiast

Let’s say you’re an outdoor enthusiast and you write a blog about your travel experiences such as camping and hiking around the world. 

With your travel experience you’re an influencer in a unique position to give advice from your experience and compare or endorse certain products which you use or know your audience will find useful.

Your web traffic is monetized by you earning commission when visitors click on your affiliate links and buy the products you recommend. 

Affiliate deals can be quite lucrative, earning you anywhere between 30 to 70% commission.

Click here for a list of 67 affiliate marketing programs from Forex Referral.

2. Sell Ad Space

You can monetize your web traffic simply by selling ad space on your website. You can get paid for visitors clicking on the ads displayed on your pages.

The ads can be placed anywhere on your web pages. If you’re a hard-hitting influencer with a lot of web traffic then the space on your web pages can be divided up like plots of real estate with the premium ads prominently displayed at the top of your page. 

Like affiliate marketing, the ads you display should be related to your website’s content. The difference here is that you don’t have to write any recommendations or endorse the products marketed by the ads.

Leave America and you’ll find that the consumers in many other countries enjoy watching advertising. Not because the products are better, but because the ads are produced to be entertaining. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are dramatic. Sometimes they are just beautiful.

Simon Sinek – Author

The commission rates are a lot less than affiliate marketing rates with your payments based on the number of clicks visitors make on the ads or how frequently the ads were displayed. To make money this way you need a higher volume of web traffic.

Do some maths to determine any profit margins you can gain from purchasing a high volume of web traffic against the monetization from display ads.

You’ve probably heard of AdSense as a platform for hosting ads on your website but there are many equally lucraticve alternatives. Here’s a list of the 22 Best AdSense Alternatives recommended by Kinsta

Here are the prices and volumes of web traffic from WebTrafficGeeks

3. Use Alexa as a Website Marketing Tool 

The Alexa Traffic Rank, or Alexa Rank, is an estimate of a website’s popularity based on the volume of web traffic it receives. Alexa updates its rankings daily based on data collated from the behaviour of Internet users. This data is reported as ‘global’ and ‘local’ ranks that are listed on Alexa’s website by country and category.

You can use the information provided by Alexa about your website’s ranking to see what you’re doing that works and what doesn’t work. Importantly you can compare those statistics for your web traffic to that of your competitors. 

Find out more about using Alexa as a marketing tool here

4. Buy and Sell Web Traffic

You can treat web traffic like stocks and shares that you buy on the stock market and then sell on for a higher price. As the middleman, your job is to add value to the web traffic that you buy or find a buyer that values your web traffic. 

If you have a buyer waiting on the sidelines then you can make a quick turnaround and monetize your web traffic simply by  

Learn more about where to buy and sell web traffic here.

5. Target Web Traffic by Category 

If you monetize web traffic by buying and selling web traffic you can target different different categories. As we mentioned earlier there are evergreen categories that are always guaranteed to pique interest from qualified web traffic.

Here’s a list of the top web content categories in the world according to Alexa: 

  • Adult
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Health
  • Home
  • Kids and Teens
  • News
  • Recreation
  • Reference
  • Regional
  • Science
  • Shopping
  • Society
  • Sports
  • World

6. Target Country-Specific Web Traffic

Country-Specific Web Traffic

If you have a website already it’s probably directed at a local audience and likely getting web traffic from a handful of specific locations or countries.

Targeting different countries is a smart and effective way to boost your web traffic from across the earth to your website, no matter where you are based.

While almost all of us living in developed nations are connected to the web, Internet access in Africa and Asia for example is still growing exponentially, opening up new markets all the time.

These burgeoning country-specific markets are ripe for monetizing web traffic. 

See which countries are worth targeting based on internet usage with this article.

7. Boost Web Traffic Conversion Rates

Do you know how many of your visitors convert into monetized web traffic?

Your web traffic conversion rate is the percentage of your visitors that make a desired action (convert) after arriving at your site. The conversion action can be one or more of the following:

  • Purchasing a product.
  • Sharing a link.
  • Watching a video.
  • Downloading a brochure, an app, eBook etc.
  • Signing up for a subscription.
  • Calling or contacting your business.
  • Upgrading their service

Each of the actions above is a way to monetize your web traffic. Click here to learn ways to boost your web traffic conversion rates. 

8. Find Out What Your Web Traffic is Worth

When you’re buying and selling web traffic you need to know the value of your web traffic in the first place. Determining the worth of your web is an arbitrary affair and the true value of your web traffic ultimately depends on how much it’s worth to the buyer.

However, there are several ways you can arrive at a solid estimate of your web traffic’s value as a starting point for negotiations.

Click here to learn about ways to calculate the value of your web traffic

9. Accept Advertorials

Do the same with your website as magazine editors do to make money by accepting sponsored articles (advertorials) to fill your pages. Advertorials are sponsored articles that can make money for you while giving your readers value, too, with something more interesting than an ad to read.  

10. Generate ‘Leads’ For Other Companies

In a similar way to affiliate marketing, you can act as a middleman dishing out advice on products and services in your website’s particular area of interest. As an influencer, all you need to do is introduce your readers to the companies associated with your website’s niche. Here are some marketing channels that you can use to generate leads:


GlobalWide Media


11. Build a Base of Loyal Subscribers

Carving out your niche is never a quick and easy process. Work is involved and it takes time to build trust and loyalty among your followers. However, those repeat visitors are your most valuable so it’s worth putting in the time and effort to nurture those relationships. 

To ensure repeat visitors and continually grow your web traffic you need to continually add new content to your website. This gives visitors a reason to return, and to make sure they do return, encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter or blog updates by collecting their email addresses.   

Here’s an excellent article for beginners on how to build an email list and make money from it: List Building 101

12. Offer a Service

Regardless of your education, you probably have a unique skill or knowledge that you can capitalize on by offering your know-how as a paid service. 

Use Your Website To Offer a Service

13. Teach a Language

Don’t assume that you have to be a qualified teacher to teach a language. Your native language is an intrinsic skill that took you years to learn but didn’t cost you a penny. Yet a non-native speaker with a need to learn your language might be prepared to pay you handsomely for imparting nuggets of your native knowledge. 

Promote your services on your website and use any of the free communication tools available to you such as Skype or Facebook messenger to conduct online language classes. 

14. Become a Life Coach

As with teaching a language, your experience in other areas of life can be equally valuable to someone seeking to learn from another with more experience. Perhaps you just have a way with words or for simplifying complex issues. 

15. Be a Consultant

Knowledge is power and if you’ve spent years building a career  you’ve gained knowledge and experience that people on a similar path will be willing to pay for. It’s a career move could bring you in a lot of extra income for your retirement.

16. Create a Training Course

Another way to exploit your career experience is to create training courses that people sign up and pay for. The courses can comprise text documents, video and audio. Monetize your web traffic by offering entire courses or modules for a fee.

17. Sell Premium Content

If you’re a prolific poster of content and have a loyal fanbase eagerly anticipating your next post you can set aside some of your posts as special reserve that your subscribers must pay for to access. 

18. Rent Space on Your Website

While this might sound weird, keep in mind that your website is just like real estate. Pages on your site could be worth something to someone else wanting to have space on the web without the hassle of putting together or looking after their own website.   

19. Host Guest Writers on Your Website

With a popular website you can attract guest writers that may be more than happy to have an outlet for their particular content without you having to employ them. By doing so you’ll bulk up your website’s content and attract more web traffic at the same time, which you can monetize in turn.

20. Become a News Portal

News sells! And it generates a lot of web traffic.

Is your local area lacking a news outlet or are you privy to gossip in a particular genre?

Capitalize on your insider info by blogging away and hosting ads or affiliate content on your blog.

21. Run Classified Ads

Classified ads used to be the bread and butter for print media because publishers could sell many small spaces on a single page for a higher price than a full-page ad.

These days though people with stuff to sell can use social media platforms such as Facebook to post classified ads for free. However, Facebook is very strict about preventing people posting content that others might find offensive, leaving plenty of niches for off-the-wall classified content that you could host instead.  

22. Promote Local Businesses

Live in a small town?
If so you might be the only tech-savvy person in town with a website and a way for local businesses to reach a wider audience on the web. This is especially poignant these days with artificial intelligence used in social media applications homing in on information about users location to provide decentralized, location-based content.

23. Create a Business Directory

Host business listings on your website and become a hub for web traffic searching for info about local or niche-specific businesses. This way you can accept payments for business listings and you can monetize your web traffic. 

Create a Business Directory

24. Sell Digital Downloads

The beauty of digital products is that you can sell an infinite number of copies of a single product that doesn’t require materials, assembly or delivery. 

Your product made available for download could be an ebook, music, video, images or software. 

25. Sell Music

Are you a musician? These days you don’t need a record deal. You don’t need to sign contracts with anyone. You can be the singer/songwriter, the producer and the agent all in one.

Record your music and create Mp3 files to make available for download. Then go and find a free app to embed in your website that accepts PayPal payments to download your Mp3 files.

26. Become a Podcaster

Make your own regular recordings and you’ll soon have a flock of followers eagerly anticipating your next podcast.

You can monetize the web traffic generated from your podcasts either by offering exclusive subscriptions

The term Podcast was originally used to talk about audio files for iPods but has evolved to include audio files made available online as a series.

Make your own radio show / podcast with regular installments for subscribers and you’ll soon have an avid audience eagerly awaiting notification of your next upload.

Podcasts can be easily embedded in websites and you can make some or all of them exclusively available to paid-up subscribers.

To get started with your own podcasts, have a look at the best podcast hosting platforms here.

27. Sell Smartphone Apps

Sell Smartphone Apps On Your Website

Ever wanted to do something with your smartphone and thought to yourself, ‘there should be an app for that’? If you did then you can rest assured that hundreds of thousands of other people have thought the same and would willing pay for it. 

You don’t have to be a computer programmer or coder to create your own app. You just need a good idea to get started. The digital tools you need are readily available at little or no cost, and very user friendly without any need to know code.

Here you can create Android and iOS apps for free

28. Become a YouTuber

Getting started on YouTube is easy these days. You can upload live or edited videos from a mobile phone or you can turn a broom cupboard or your garden shed into a YouTube studio.

Put links to your website in your YouTube videos and descriptions as an extra way for people to find your website. Likewise, your web traffic can be directed to your YouTube channel.

As Google now owns YouTube, you can monetize your channel or certain videos if you have a few thousand subscribers and earn money from Adsense ads played on your uploads.

29. Freelance

Maybe you have no inclination for any of the above but you want to work online from home. Sign up with a handful of the international online freelance employment agencies and put your portfolio on a website.

When you have a few good references and recommendations under your belt, you can start charging customers directly for your work.

Freelance work can be anything from mundane data entry to being a virtual personal assistant for a jet-setting CEO.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Freelance Websites in the World in 2019

30. Accept Donations

As a last resort you can simply accept donations. This might sound like a cop out but if you’re providing some kind of service that others appreciate, they might be quite happy to give you financial support so that they can continue benefiting from whatever it is you do.

You can embed Paypal links in your website or source crowdfunding from platforms such as Patreon

31. Pay Per Click Ads

Another great way to make money on your site is to use Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts throughout your site.

You make money from PPC ads either when somebody looks at the ad, or when somebody clicks on the ad.

Generally, you’ll make a lot more money when somebody actually clicks on the ad.

Google AdSense is the best known PPC provider but you should shop around to compare revenue opportunities for your specific needs. Adsense makes it easy for you by automatically placing content-relative ads on your website but other providers might better target favourable sources of web traffic.

See what Google’s AdSense Site has to offer and compare that to alternative PPC providers here

32. Sell ebooks

Your hobby, profession or world view could earn you money if you write it down in an ebook. The major benefit of creating a digital product for download is repeat sales from a single product.

‘How-to’ ebooks are popular. Yes, online courses are abound, and YouTube has saturated the world with how-to videos, but nothing compares to a book’s ability to educate.

And ebooks they are surprisingly easy to create.

They don’t have to be very long. An informational book can be as short as 10,000 words. What matters is the value the book offers, not its length

Check out this article from Hubspot on how to write and publish your first ebook.

33. Sell Membership

You can monetize areas of your website by creating a membership section that gives users access to premium websites features.

All dating websites, for example, monetize web traffic by selling premium memberships.

Subscribers with a free dating site subscription usually get only a narrow selection of basic features. Premium features are only made available for paid-up subscribers.

In this evergreen market you can collect monthly or yearly subscription fees from premium subscribers.

You can apply this innovative way of earning money from your web traffic by offering premium content for your readers.

34. Create an E-commerce Site

Create your own brand and set up shop online.

An e-commerce site is an online shop that sells any kind of physical product.

You can sell any kind of product you like, but, if you have a well-established site, it would make sense to sell products that are in keeping with your theme.

A great way to start in the e-com business is by selling private-label goods that have your brand emblazoned on them.

For example, if you run a business website, you may sell notebooks with your logo on the front.

Take a look at this article from Sellers Choice to learn more about setting up a private-label e-commece business.

35. Create Software as a Service (SAAS)

Software as a service (SAAS) is any software that requires a monthly paid subscription for access.

The software is usually cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It seems like the web, particularly software as a service, provides ample opportunities for you to flourish economically.

Matt Mullenweg – Creator or WordPress

Many big names businesses have started using the SAAS model to increase revenues.

For example, Adobe, the maker of Photoshop, once sold Photoshop for a one-time fee. Now you must pay a monthly subscription to Adobe to have access.

Take a look at this in-depth article by Neil Patel on how to build and launch an SAAS product.

36. Private Slack/Forum Channels

By using a private Slack channel or forum, you can charge people money for the chance to get exclusive knowledge and insights from you.

People are often willing to pay thousands of dollars for a chance to interact with their hero’s on a daily basis.

And setting up a slack channels and monetizing it is easy.

Just create the Slack channel, then charge people on your site to access the channel. Then, once somebody has paid for access, email them the Slack channel name. It’s really that simple.

37. Create a Conference

A conference is usually consideried a group of like-minded individuals meeting to discuss topics of interest. For example, an SEO Conference.

Creating a conference is a great way to monetize your traffic in a non-digital way, and to get yourself out there in the physical world to help you grow your authority and trust.

Making money from a conference is easy: all you have to do is sell tickets to your loyal website fan base. They’ll be falling over themselves to buy a ticket to meet you in person.

38. Coupons

A great way to earn extra cash from you website traffic is to offer your readers discount coupons.

Everybody loves to save a little cash. So take advantage of this by offering a coupon. Give your readers the chance to save money on one of their favorite products, and when they buy, you’ll take a cut from the deal.

39. Sell Your Website

Selling your website is a way to make a lump of cash in one go.

If you’ve already built up a high volume of web traffic but don’t want the long-term commitment of growing your niche you can monetize it simply by selling on your site with its existing web traffic.

Monetizing your website this way is called ‘flipping’. Take a look at Flippa.com to get an idea for how much you could sell your website for.

40. Discover and Copy New Monetization Techniques.

The internet is an extremely fast paced and innovative environment.

As a result, new ways of making money from web traffic are developed on almost a weekly basis. New ideas come and many go but some stick around and end up turning into multi-billion dollar industries. Just like affiliate marketing did.

You should make it your goal to read up on monetization at least once a month so you can stay on top of what’s working and what’s not working in the world of online business.

Watch how bigger companies are making money from their web traffic and see if you can adapt the methods with your own unique spin.

Make Sure Your Web Traffic is Real

Ultimately, whichever way you choose to monetize your web traffic, getting high volumes of quality web traffic to your website is the foundation upon which all your future earnings depend.

All of the above web traffic monetization suggestions need effort or investment before monetizing your web traffic for an income so when you buy web traffic make sure it’s qualified web traffic that can assure you a tangible return.

And That’s a Wrap…

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I truly hope it acts as a clear signpost that’ll help you move toward your dreams.

To help you out, here’s just a quick recap of what we’ve talked about:

  • You’ll need to commit at least 3 years to an online business if you want to see real returns
  • There’s a 3 step process to creating a website and there are no short cuts
  • There are 40 ways to make money from a website, but many more lay undiscovered. Seek them out
  • Don’t go over board, try using one method at a time and test it
  • You need traffic. If you don’t have traffic, get it

What Next?

I’d like to use some of the techniques listed, but I don’t have the web traffic coming in yet. How do I get more?
You can get more web traffic in many ways. Take a look at this fantastic guide from My Theme Shop.

I’d don’t want to wait 12 months before traffic comes to my site. How can I get web traffic now?
There are many ways to get instant web traffic but most involve paying for it. Take a look at our comprehensive article on how to buy web traffic here.

I like some of the ideas in this article. What should I do next?

Go back to the ideas you like in this article, then click on the links. These links will take you to articles that explain in more detail how to action each monetization technique.