How to Quick-Drive Real Human Traffic to Your Website

Driving real human traffic to your website can be challenging, and youโ€™re always in stiff competition with other website owners who may know more about web traffic sources than you. 

Successful website managers know that a mix of old and new web traffic generating strategies drive more visitors than a single method, no matter how cutting-edge.

So, when you want to increase visitors to your website, you need to integrate the entire web traffic package. 

Weโ€™re talking about SEO, social media presence, paid advertising, email marketing, and every other detail – major or minor. The problem with many of these strategies is that they need time to build a pool of online users and converts.  

For a lot of new websites, the slow way – although a great tried-and-tested way – isnโ€™t enough.

Even for long-running businesses with their own organic traffic, bumping up the numbers as a rapid response to a marketing campaign is a sure way to increase conversions.

If you want a rapid influx of human website traffic, the quickest way is via non-organic or paid website traffic.

Human Web Traffic โ€“ Is It For Real?

Web traffic refers to human beings who go online and visit websites. These are real people searching for information, products, or services. They respond to businesses with an active presence on the world wide web.

There is another type of website traffic – bot traffic. This traffic usually checks pieces of code to improve or lower your ranking on SERPs, but can also add unwanted malware to your site.

Bot traffic wonโ€™t convert. So when you choose the quick way to drive web traffic by paying for it, you need to make sure you only buy 100% human visitors.

While all businesses count on human web traffic to boost their website performance and online presence, you should be very aware that some web traffic providers are not what they seem. 

Less reputable, and usually very short-term providers and websites lure traffic using fraudulent means. 

Always look for paid traffic sources that provide genuine and high-quality human web traffic. Think twice when you come across online ads that guarantee conversions or donโ€™t specify that their traffic is 100% human.

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How Does Paid Human Web Traffic Work?

You now know that the fastest way to drive traffic to your website is through purchasing human website traffic from trustworthy sources.

While you can opt for cheap undifferentiated website traffic in order to spread the word, for businesses looking for higher chances of conversion, targeted traffic is the best option. 

A bit more expensive than non-targeted web traffic, niche groups are people that have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. There is a higher chance of sales or signups.

Buying targeted traffic involves selecting pre-researched variables like niche, industry, country, and age of audience or users. Once you have determined your required traffic parameters, you can make your order. 

Most web traffic providers offer a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of visitors. You can spread them over time to avoid overwhelming your landing page – usually 24 hours to 30 days.

The Importance Of Human Web Traffic To Your Website

The most significant benefit of driving human traffic to your website is to improve visibility. The second is the immediate opportunity to increase conversions. 

While your conversion rate percentage might not improve, sheer numbers mean that even a low conversion rate of 0.5% could generate 500 conversions from 100,000 paid visitors. Furthermore, this is a very cost-effective method. 

When you buy human web traffic, you should never expect the same conversion rates as you would with carefully-structured online marketing campaigns. However, there is no point in investing in campaigns that may or may not have higher conversion rates if there is no traffic coming to the site, to begin with. This is why paid traffic is best used in combination with other strategies.

Web traffic gives your business new opportunities to add new customers, make an impression, build a relationship with your audience, and grow and share your brand. Driving human web traffic to your site is a surefire way of expanding your business, especially when cumulative to other marketing strategies.

Some of the benefits your business will get from real human website traffic are:

  • High SERP Ranking

With more massive amounts of high-quality traffic, youโ€™ll rank higher in search engines. This means that people searching for the product or service you offer are much more likely to find your website on the first search results page.

  • Long-Term Revenue

With more real and targeted web traffic coming to your website, your brand will definitely grow, and a larger number of your visitors are likely to remember you. 

If they buy your products or services and are satisfied, they may buy again or leave positive feedback that brings more conversions. They might not buy the first time around but purchase in the future. 

So paid traffic is quick but can have longer-term effects, too.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

The immediate effect of paid website traffic is increased brand awareness. With so many more people visiting your website, you are multiplying the exposure of your brand. 

From startups to family businesses going back generations, and for companies who have merged or changed their logo, paid traffic can make a huge difference regarding who knows about your business, products, or services. 

  • Long-Term Marketing Plans

If you have high-quality web traffic (human targeted paid traffic), you will probably notice that these users spend a fair amount of time on your site. The more they browse, the greater your opportunity to collect data on their behavior. 

This data will contribute to all of your future business marketing decisions. And donโ€™t forget that more extended visits mean better SERP ranking, too. 

  • Other Revenue Channels

Advertisers prefer websites with substantial human web traffic. This is primarily because they want their ads to reach as many people as possible. Your website can receive requests to host direct advertisers and sponsored posts if you have good traffic numbers. This will give you more revenue.

  • Testing and Analytics Opportunities

Website analysis should be continuous. Your audiences change, as do your products and services. 

What better way to test different niches than to order a few thousand visitors from several niches and test their behavior? Only the largest companies are able to get the numbers that the right website traffic provider can supply.  

But with paid traffic, even the smallest companies and startups can benefit from knowing how thousands of real people respond to their new or adapted websites.

Targeted Website Traffic

The importance of inviting human web traffic to your website has now been established. However, it is just as important to know what kind of web traffic works best for your site.

Itโ€™s not enough that your website enjoys an increase in traffic. What you are after is web traffic with engagement. If your website records an increase in traffic that does not produce any conversions whatsoever, you probably havenโ€™t ordered the right traffic.

Some argue that any traffic is good traffic. This is definitely the case if your goal is to improve online visibility. If, on the other hand, you want tangible sales, you need to do your research. This research will tell you which targeted real human website traffic to order. Targeted groups are more likely to convert. 

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Beware! Fake Web Traffic

Make no mistake, even the most successful businesses and popular brands had fallen foul to fake web traffic providers.   

In a 2018 study by Adobe, reported by WSJ, it was reported that around 28% of web traffic was composed of โ€œnon-human signals.โ€ This helped to confirm the existence of bot farms.

Fake web traffic has caused a lot of trouble and wasted investments for countless marketers and advertisers. Donโ€™t be one of them! It is critical that you carefully select who you buy traffic from. You need to be 100% sure they have nothing to do with bot farming. 

If a website traffic provider guarantees 100% human traffic, they are legally obliged to provide this. 

Check to see how long these providers have been operating. If itโ€™s less than a month or two, there is a chance they will promise the world to get your money before disappearing (perhaps re-emerging in a new disguise and with a new domain to fool the next batch). 

Other Ways to Drive Human Traffic to Your Website

Businesses with high SERP ranking will have employed a plethora of web traffic generating strategies to get there. All organic strategies require time to get the desired results. Three common strategies are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The most famous method for getting organic traffic is SEO. This involves optimizing your web content, so search engines show it as a top search result.

With optimized web content, people looking for your product or services will see you early on in search engine results.

  • Social Media Marketing

Another proven way to drive lots of targeted traffic to your site is via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media marketing is an effective way of building your brand and, ultimately, increasing conversions.

What this entails is offering high-quality and engaging content on your social media accounts. Human followers are likely to visit your site if your content piques their interest.

Social media marketing requires extensive research and investment in each campaign to make you stand out in a very large crowd.

  • Content Marketing 

This marketing strategy focuses on creating and sharing relevant and valuable content that attracts your targeted audience. If the information you share is relevant to what your audience is looking for, you will be well on your way to building a loyal, long-term customer base.

Thereโ€™s just one snag. The above strategies take time.

If you are a startup, you could lose your edge to a competitor.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to buy paid web traffic. Thereโ€™s no better way to expand your online visibility quickly.

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Itโ€™s hard to find a reliable and trustworthy web traffic provider. Type in โ€œbest website traffic for saleโ€ in Google, and youโ€™ll get over 2 million results.

But remember, you are not after just any kind of web traffic. You want targeted real website traffic that finds your business relevant. So, โ€œtargeted real human website trafficโ€ in the Google search bar? 510.000.000 results.

It would take a full marketing team weeks to sift through these results. You need to take a hard look at each providerโ€™s transparency, packages, prices, and guarantees.

Then you will need to check out what other people say about them on review sites.

Only then can you make an informed decision.

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