The Best 30 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic for Free

Save $$$ with these free DIY internet marketing tips and tools to bring more traffic to your website. Here weโ€™ll look at 10 different social media networks and their usersโ€™ demographics, 10 free SEO tools and 10 free email marketing packages.

Use Social Media for Free Web Traffic

Signing up with social media networks gives you the potential to reach billions of people across the earth, absolutely free. One good post can go viral and save you a fortune in paid internet marketing campaigns.

The beauty of social media is that the platforms and the people using them do the work for you, absolutely free. Keep up appearances on social media platforms, build a network of people in your niche and they will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances in their networks.

Maintaining social media profiles is time consuming so focus on the networks with demographics that fit your target audience.

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10 Buzzing Social Media Networks for Business

Here are the Top-10 social media networks for business marketing in 2018 recommended by LYFE Marketing.

Use Free SEO Tools to Boost Web Traffic

DIY search engine optimization is free and one of the best ways to bring organic web traffic to your website. SEO isnโ€™t rocket science and you can quickly become an expert so that you donโ€™t have to pay through the nose for it.

4 SEO Tips

  1. Determine the most suitable keywords or keyword clusters for your web pages.
  2. Publish original content related to those keywords.
  3. Be unique and relevant to your niche.
  4. Include relevant keywords in your pageโ€™s meta tags (page title, description).

10 Free SEO Tools

Here are some free online SEO tools to help you find out the hottest keywords related to your websiteโ€™s niche and make your own fixes to optimize your content for search engines:

1. Google Analytics

Gives you insight into various aspects of your web traffic and visitor behavior, especially your keywords, so you can adapt your keywords and content to get better search engine rankings

2. Medium

A free online publishing and social networking platform with interesting articles in a wide range of categories. Ideal for republishing blog posts about your project or business with fresh updates and edits. Medium also gives you feedback on the reach of your posts.  

3. Moz Link explorer

Building links to your website is an essential aspect of SEO that brings web traffic to your site. However, unproductive or dead links are detrimental to your SEO health. Use Moz Link Explorer to retrieve all the links to your site and clean up any non-performing links. Also compare your link metrics to your competitors.

4. SEO Web Page Analyser

Put the URL of any website into the box on this webpage and it will spit out an analysis of the websiteโ€™s meta title and description, header information and popular keywords. The analysis highlights tag areas that need fixing so you can make changes to make your site more easily accessible by search engines to increase your ranking.

5. SERP Robot

Use this online tool to enter any website URL and find out its Google search ranking position in real time for up to five keywords. SERP Robot also allows you to narrow down the enquiries to regional results.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a plugin that works with content management systems such as WordPress. The interface allows you to analyse your websiteโ€™s main keywords and make suggestions on how to tweak your siteโ€™s content to optimize it for search engines.

7. Copyscape

โ€˜Duplicate contentโ€™, or text on your web pages found on other websites, can be detrimental to your search engine rankings. Put a websiteโ€™s URL into the box on Copyscapeโ€™s homepage and itโ€™ll compile a list of other pages and links to your site with the same or similar text. The free version limits the results to 10 comparisons.

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8. SERP Simulator

If you want to know what your websiteโ€™s listing looks like in search engine results, use the SERP Simulator web page to see how your title link and description appears in search engine listings. Simply enter any URL to see how it looks.

9. Can I Rank

See which keywords in your niche currently get a high Google ranking and compare them with the keywords your competitors are using with Rank Fasterโ€™s customizable keyword research tool. Use this information and other data provided by the analytical software to make improvements to your site.

10. Browseseo

Put the URL of any website into the bar of this online tool and see how the site looks in the eyes of a search engine with a detailed list of meta tag titles, descriptions as well as an analysis of your keywords.

Email Marketing

Email marketing generates a specific stream of web traffic from people that are ready to learn more about your products and services. The ratio of actual respondents compared to the number of emails you send out may be low but those that do click on the link in the email you send them have high potential to convert into paying customers.

10 Free Email Marketing Tools

1. Mailchimp

Create customized email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is free to send up to 12,000 emails a month to 2,000 subscribers and integrates with most content management systems.

There are some restrictions on auto responders in free version.

2. Tinyletter

Send out newsletters with this simple tool to send a signup form to members of your network. The template offers limited customization to add a link to your landing page, embed the form on your site, or invite readers to subscribe on Twitter.

3. Mailjet

A drag-and-drop editor to create up to 10 different email templates and personalize the emails you send out to your community members.

4. Email Octopus

If you have an Amazon SES account you can use Email Octopus to send thousands of email newsletters. Use it free for a month to manage your email lists, design your messages and track stats.

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5. Benchmark

Create email templates in up to six languages and send up to 7 emails a month to 2,000 people with the free version of this with a WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. This one allows you to send emails to China as it is allowed through the Great Firewall.

6. Mailerlite

Send an unlimited number of emails with sign-up links each month to up to 1,000 people with an easy-to-use interface to create drag-and-drop email templates that can include a countdown clock to the launch of a product.

7. Sendicate

Allows you to send up to 2 emails a month to 500 people for free with a variety of customizable options with a choice of themed templates that encourage recipients to visit your website or blog.

8. Campayn

Import contacts from your Gmail or Yahoo! Email accounts. Design emails with a drag-and-drop editor or custom design your own newsletters and send up to 25 emails a month to 500 people with the free plan.

9. VerticalResponse

Design and schedule your marketing emails to be sent out via email as well as posting them at the same time on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. Also comes with a customizable landing page.

10. Sendinblue

Compose multiple email newsletters at once and build dynamic contact lists with an unlimited number of contacts. Sendinblue allows you to categorize your contacts so you can send them targeted newsletters related to their interests.

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Should I Buy Web Traffic?

Once you have streamlined your web pages to make them more search-engine friendly with the SEO tools listed above, your website will be ready to receive a higher volume of web traffic.

Building backlinks and undertaking email marketing campaigns will gradually build organic web traffic but the process is time consuming.

Buying legitimate web traffic will bring much quicker results, so if youโ€™re pressed for time, then yes, purchasing a web traffic plan is something you should consider.
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