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I've been ordering Adult Traffic from webtrafficgeeks for about 5 months now, but must say that I have been satisfied with the quality of traffic sent so far. Like many I've been buying traffic from so many different places and was able to find 2 descant traffic sites. But in time the traffic became poor. So I was happy when I found out about webtrafficgeeks because the results where almost immediate. I hope to have more servers bandwidth etc so that I can buy bigger packages. So far so good.

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When I started my travel blog , I was convinced that paid traffic will bring the needed results. I was passionate and ordered a lot from different companies .. At the end of the day results were very poor - low bounce rates, no readings of the posts , no clicks, no adsense conversions and impressions:( If you do not have interested visitors, who explore in detail your blog, then what is your all your effort about. Suddenly a friend told me about Everything changed in 24 hours. Targeted visitors, adsense revenue and low bounce rates. Thanks guys, Michal and Justyna for the lovely job and perfect manner, you are doing your daily routine. I have already recommended your site to many friends of mine :)


I have searched a long time for the appropriate company, who can give and bring real, human visits to my side. Firstly, I relied on a SEO company, who just took my money and brought no real results as whole.I found Webtrafficgeeks by accident, while I was searching for companies, that give real traffic. I was decided to order once I real all the testimonials. The first real visitors came after 24 hours, from my order. Thanks a lot, Michal - for the support , devotion and passion you are doing your job with. These guys are more than awesome, they are Gods of web traffic. All your side is needing - Webtrafficgeeks professional help. They are aware of every details in their daily routine, that is why I will order more and more, because the satisfaction is much more as value as the words could ever describe. They brought back the smile to my face and I am now concentrated on getting bigger conversions, ROI and writing my favorite articles about sports. I propose you, guys if you make another site, just give it the name : geniustrafffic !!

Ned Penchev

Very reliable and high quality traffic provider. I have now over 12 orders for this month totally loving the service exactly same as mentioned. I am also recommended to my friends and they are very happy with the service. Thanks Webtrafficgeeks

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WebtrafficGeeks provides a great service with a efficient and precise support. They do their best to provide you the traffic you need, their traffic is totally safe and real. Really impressive, it is skyrocketing my business!.




“Webtrafficgeeks is a honest supplier with genuine, quality traffic! After my first satisfied order with them, I’ve tried on other cheaper suppliers but none of them can deliver quality traffic that Webtrafficgeeks do and so I decided to come back and stick with them. Keep up! Webtrafficgeeks”

"Traffic delivered аs stated аnd I'm оn mу 8th order, gоing fоr 9th vеry soon. Most important іѕ I'm ahead profit wise usіng thіѕ traffic.

Out of all the traffic suppliers that I've partnered with in my 3 years of online marketing, WebTrafficGeeks has been the best of them all. Kudos to your services!"



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"It is quite a struggle to find honest people with a real business when it comes to traffic providers. turned out to be outstanding in this area of business. Real people with obviously a passion for what they are doing. Beside that they run a professional business. Customer support is above industry standard from our experience. Last but not least the quality of the traffic matches that picture. Real visitors who are exploring your sites, low bounce rates and a solid conversion rate in our cases speak for themselves.
We already recommanded and people never regret that."

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"I ordered traffic from WebTrafficGeeks for my blog and i got the traffic and genuine visitors as promised.
I also get good support from michal, if I say best line for the team then it will be 'Best service provider who can deliver real traffic within in given timeframe'.
Great team 5 star for you."



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"Honestly, changed my view point on bulk traffic providers. I am astonished at the results. I make money as a publisher, and I wanted to increase my Adsense revenue. Besides giving me well over a 250% percent ROI on my adsense.(Upping my plan IMMEDIATELY btw) The traffic also converted in Amazon and Clickbank increasing my ROI to well over 300%. Great job geeks, and great customer support Michal, thank you!"

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"Ok, I was looking for quality traffic for quite a while and stumbled upon this thread.I tested out the traffic and found his service to be excellent. Got more visitors than I asked and 100% of those visitors coming from the targeted country. Another interesting thing to note is that visitors were engaged with the website. Frankly, I don't know what to make of it in terms of conversions I was looking for atleast 1 sign up but I believe testing for a larger time period is better way to gauge the traffic for those reasons. Overall I'm quiet satisfied with the service."


DigitalPoint forum


DigitalPoint forum

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"Great service provider, received targeted visitors on time :)"

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"Ordered traffic and paid via Bitcoin, great customer service, swift replies. The traffic seems good so far, 32 clicks to my lead form and 1 lead after 2 days, not bad :)"


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"We ordered traffic with webtrafficgeeks and we were absolutely satisfied. Not only the lightning fast deliveration, but also the fast and very handsome customer support gave us an experience, we never had before with an advertising/traffic company. For the German market it seems to me that there is absolutely no competitor. If you want good quality traffic at a blink of an eye, go for them!"

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"This is absolutely top-notch service. I have used this for a while and support especially is very responsive. Michal explained every aspect of the traffic and how their system works as I was fascinated with the bounce rate (avg less than 40%). The users spend hell of a lot of time on the site and on an avg on my site they visited between 3-6 pages. You may also get some decent clicks or sales as my click tracker and heatmaps showed varied activity across the site. Good Luck OP!"


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BHW forum

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"Received a review copy of 425 visitors. Out of those, i had 21 conversions so you can make the calculations. Am definitely buying this service."

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"Great service and particularly responsive when issues arise. Highly recommended and you can see why they are amongst the industry leaders."


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BHW forum

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"Tested the traffic on brand new site and i can say that's quality, real-human traffic as you can see from the screenshot below.Definitely will try again."

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"Hi BHW members,I was lucky enough to get the review copy for this service. NLhead38 offered 100 views review copy but my site was flooded with the traffic. In one moment I got 500 people on my site. Beside huge amount of traffic I found out that those people are real cause I got more than 100 clicks on my links. AVG session duration around 2.35 minutes This is the best traffic offer so far and thank you NLhead38 I will order immediately and I am your customer as long as your traffic is like the one you provided. in your review copy."

Giant Steps

BHW forum



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"ToasterNET is an international software development company with its headquarters in Bubenreuth (metropolitan area of Nuremberg/Germany). ToasterNET plans and has already realized online marketing campaigns together with the professional team of Webtrafficgeeks. Jan-Joost working in the customer service department has always been very helpful to us. His vast experience contributes to the great success of the campaigns he carefully plans and implements. The team of Webtrafficgeeks made it possible to generate a great deal of website traffic. They are a very professional and unconventional team with hot, inspiring and interesting ideas. They are a great inhencement to our business. We are more than satisfied with their work. Try them and you will also be convinced."

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"Just to say a big thank you to Web Traffic Geeks, the service is fantastic as all their leads/clicks performed. I had a good click through rate on my site, and made some good sales too. They even over delivered on the amount of traffic. I highly recommend using this traffic service and trust me I have used many other traffic companies and nothing has worked so well. Thank you again for your great, fast and efficient service."

Scott, Ace Casino Listings

Boris C. Kovalenko

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"I ordered traffic and asked for a custom delivery which was processed in precise fashion. The customer service is great and the traffic was exactly like expected. Webtrafficgeeks is probably the best traffic provider I've found online!"


"I ordered traffic from WebTrafficGeeks for my company and am really satisfied. I received the extra traffic as promised, WebTrafficGeeks delivers! Don't know anymore why we wasted that much time and money on SEO. We currently receive our visitors in a much more efficient way, without having to spend hundreds of hours on it. I'll be back for more orders soon!"

Lacey Smith

Madison, Wisconsin (USA)

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Clickbank Product - California

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"I found about a month ago and have to say that it's exactly what I was looking for. I think it's high quality traffic and great customer support."