Simple Tips on How to Buy USA Traffic Safely

Did you know thereโ€™s an easy way to get highly targeted traffic from the US? A method that doesnโ€™t involve months of work or hours slaving away at your computer screen?

Itโ€™s high time you found out how to buy USA website traffic…safely. 

Buying website traffic from any country is often looked at with suspicion. Reviews on website traffic for sale providers tend to be mixed for a number of reasons.

In order to get safe targeted US traffic flooding to your site, you need to follow certain rules.

When you donโ€™t, thereโ€™s a good chance youโ€™ll be flushing your hard-earned money down the drain.

What Goal Do You Want to Achieve Buying USA Web Traffic?

Before you sign on the dotted line for hundreds of thousands of targeted US visitors, take time to mull it over. You need to know your goals and have the right expectations when you buy US website traffic.

Your website’s preparedness to receive thousands of visitors should also be looked at if youโ€™re to achieve your goals.  Specifically:

You canโ€™t just buy USA traffic and expect a massive rise in sales. If you only want to up your conversion rate, youโ€™re looking at this cost-effective strategy the wrong way.

Buy USA Traffic Now

US traffic for sale has the most significant effect when visitors are sent to view products they are interested in. The visitors should land on rapid-loading, user-friendly, well-designed landing pages; otherwise, they will leave your site soon after arriving. 

Bought traffic can also be used to significantly boost brand awareness, especially in combination with other marketing campaigns.

But as a stand-alone strategy, you should know it wonโ€™t have as much of an effect.

When Should You Buy US Targeted Traffic?

Itโ€™s time to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you a startup looking for more brand visibility? Do you operate in, or ship to the US? Is your website in English? Then buying US differentiated traffic is a smart move. 

Are your current marketing strategies not working? If not, why not? If your organic traffic isnโ€™t converting, how will paid traffic make a difference? 

  • How much traffic do you need?

How many visitors can your landing page cope with? The best website traffic sources allow you to spread thousands of visitors over a monthโ€™s duration. Even so, your Internet presence should have been tweaked to make their time on your pages as interesting and painless as possible.

  • Once you get the traffic, what will you do with it?

A landing page or website page for bought website traffic doesnโ€™t differ too much from the pages other traffic sources land on, but there are a few things you can do to pique the interest of visitors who are paid to visit your site. 

Most of them only stay for 5 to 15 seconds – you have this time to get them interested in your product or service. Redirected visitors are more likely to press that cross on the top right straight away. Make sure thereโ€™s something to make them look twice. 

Buy USA Traffic Now

  • Is your website secure and safe?

Itโ€™s one thing when you are looking for safe US website traffic to buy, but how safe are your visitors? A reputable website traffic provider wonโ€™t accept pages with malware or other dodgy bits of code.

  • What simultaneous campaigns get the best out of your bought US traffic?

Never implement website traffic for sale as a sole strategy. Let it coincide with a special offer, a freebie, or some kind of reward. 

Also, there isnโ€™t much point in ordering 100,000 targeted US visitors for December 25th if you sell Halloween costumes, so time your order correctly.

Asking yourself these questions before you buy USA web traffic will ensure you get the maximum return on your traffic investment.

But thatโ€™s not all.

You still have to figure out what type of traffic you need, and you need to be very careful about where you are buying your US traffic from.

What Kind of Traffic Should You Get?

The next tip is to figure out which traffic you need (and get). If you type buy web traffic USA on Google, results wonโ€™t necessarily reflect your needs. If youโ€™re not careful, you could sink part of your marketing budget into traffic that wonโ€™t benefit you at all.

To avoid this, letโ€™s look at the main types of paid website traffic:

  • Targeted traffic. This is the most desired traffic for e-commerce. Targeted traffic is composed of shoppers, clients, and subscribers. These are the visitors (and customers) who have expressed an interest in your product or niche type. If your website is an online store or running a subscription service, you want this type of traffic. 
  • Interactive traffic. This type of traffic is perfect for clicking links and reducing bounce rates. Interactive type of traffic also has a social media component. It is great for affiliate marketers, promoters and influencers, bloggers, and reviewers.
  • Geo-specific traffic is traffic from specific locations. Obviously, if you want to buy US traffic, you select the United States as your geo-specific audience. You can get traffic from specific continents, countries, regions, and even cities.

If this is the kind of traffic you want, you need to choose your provider very carefully. Some specialize in geo-specific traffic, and others are a little more shady about where their traffic comes from.

  • Adult traffic. Although the online adult industry is not lacking in interested visitors, it can be a bit difficult to get the ones you actually want for your site. If you run a premium adult website, you want adult traffic that is prepared to pay for access.
  • Gambling traffic. This traffic is composed of people over 18 years, and caters specifically to online casinos.
  • Bots. Yes, web traffic sellers also sell bot traffic. Bots have their uses, depending on the circumstances. A good web traffic source will tell you precisely what you are buying. They will say they offer bot traffic. Not real people. Bots.

In contrast, less reputable sellers claim to offer human traffic but will send you whatever they have – bots, humans, itโ€™s all the same to them. Avoid these providers at all costs. 

High-Quality Means Real People

In your quest to buy USA website traffic, you might come across the term โ€œhigh-quality traffic.โ€ 

What is that? Basically, if traffic is made up of real people, it is high-quality.

Thatโ€™s it.

High-quality traffic doesnโ€™t mean better conversion rates or people who cry in delight and get out their credit card when they discover your product or service. All it means is that your traffic lives and breathes…and can use a computer or mobile device.

Real people buy products. Real people subscribe. Real people read your content and pass it on. Real people click links for your affiliate marketing enterprises. Real people have email  addresses and contact information. Real people come back to something good.

If the traffic you purchase cannot do this, itโ€™s not high-quality. 

There is a time and place for bot traffic. But for the majority, machine-generated traffic is not the way to go. Your selected US traffic provider must guarantee 100% human traffic.



Stay Safe

If you are going to buy USA web traffic, you need to do your research. This includes pricing, provider reliability, range of traffic selection options, and of course, security. 

If you opt to buy US website traffic that seems way too cheap or much too expensive, somethingโ€™s not right.

Make sure your provider delivers consistent traffic to your site over the prearranged period. Interruptions or delays can cause havoc with your carefully-timed marketing campaigns.

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Most importantly, choose providers like Web Traffic Geeks who have gained a good reputation through prioritizing consumer safety. The traffic they offer should not bring malicious code or malware to your site. 

A reputable traffic seller will also refuse to send traffic to your site if it knowingly infects user devices. If your provider is dedicated to protecting its traffic, it will also take pains to protect you.