Should You Buy Web Traffic From Web Traffic Geeks?

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Thousands of websites are looking into buying web traffic. If you’re a business owner who’s thinking of paying to get more visitors to their website you should pay for a traffic plan from Web Traffic Geeks. Web Traffic Geeks are a market leader when it comes to providing web traffic.

Based in the Netherlands, Web Traffic Geeks is made up of a Dutch team of hard-working web traffic specialists focused on providing quality web traffic to your website. When you pay for any of their traffic plans, you can choose from 130+ niches and 40+ countries. By doing so, you’re certain you will get the right traffic to your website. Currently, the company boasts of 13,122 satisfied customers and close to 28,0000 processed traffic orders.

In this article, I’ll walk you through an honest review of Web Traffic Geeks. I’ll discuss its promising services, brand legitimacy, costs, and testimonials from reliable sources. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what Web Traffic Geeks can do for your online business and you should be able to decide whether or not it’s worth buying traffic from them.

What Do You Need To Know About Web traffic Geeks?


Web Traffic Geeks is a web traffic seller based in Holland. Their name reflects the team behind this distinguished company. They’re “real geeks” when it comes to web traffic.

Web Traffic Geeks processes revolve around these three pillars: Convenience, satisfaction, and success.


With Web Traffic Geeks, ordering traffic is an easy 3-step process. First, pick a niche and country, then select the amount of traffic you want to drive to your website and finally submit your order. After that, your paid for visitors will be sent to your website within 24 hours.

Web Traffic Geeks’ simplified traffic purchase methods bring comfort to the untrained, non-tech professionals. Anybody can buy web traffic from Web Traffic Geeks within minutes of getting to their website. Although they are based in the Netherlands, clients outside of their hometown can purchase traffic from Web Traffic Geeks. 


Web Traffic Geeks has several ways to keep their clients happy and satisfied. Besides the speedy processing and delivery of traffic, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Their traffic is AdSense safe, but the team cannot guarantee the absolute safety of Google AdSense traffic. They have had instances where websites were penalized for receiving bulk traffic to their Google AdSense Ads.

Don’t fret though. The traffic geeks found a solution to this problem. Clients with AdSense-enabled websites can receive, enjoy, and benefit from high traffic volumes without getting penalized by Google by following these recommendations from the Web Traffic Geeks: 

  • Use Google AdSense in moderation
  • Use it in conjunction with other traffic sources
  • Continuously buy traffic in order to maintain a constant flow

This is a good sign. Many of the fake web traffic providers lie to you that their traffic is AdSense safe. Web Traffic Geeks is open on what could happen when you buy traffic from them and they discuss with you countermeasures for any potential problems that might arise along the way. This way, you feel at ease working with them. 

And if you are not satisfied with their services, you have the option to get your money back. Your money won’t go down the drain.


Every online business needs traffic if they’re to succeed on the internet. Any of their marketing strategies can only be viable with the right volume of the right audience. 

Since getting traffic is the hard part in any marketing venture, many businesses opt to get paid traffic for a solid head start. Paid traffic gives them a bulk number of visitors within their niche. It is the most convenient and fastest option.

But you have to be careful, though. The rise of these traffic demands encourages many illegitimate sources to sell fake traffic. There are many businesses losing a lot of money to these illegitimate traffic providers.

Web Traffic Geeks shares the same vision with you: The success of your brand or business. That’s why their traffic is 100% real, targeted, and legitimate. No bots, no PPC traffic, and no incentivized traffic included.
Don’t take my word for it. I checked their testimonials page to know how true these claims are. And the reviews by satisfied customers proved they deliver on their promises. Here are some examples:


Their clients’ positive feedback is a good measure of their quality, reliability and shows Web Traffic Geeks is indeed a genuine source for traffic.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Traffic From Web Traffic Geeks?

Web Traffic Geeks offers affordable traffic plans that start at $70 for 10,000 visitors, in up to three niches and countries. This goes up to $750 for 200,000 visitors from three niches and countries. Plus, they offer a bonus to clients ordering bulk traffic.

Well-Targeted Traffic

Well-Targeted Traffic

130+ Niches 

Web Traffic Geeks offers one of the largest variety of niches available for targeting. This goes to show that Web Traffic Geeks can provide well-targeted traffic solutions to any client. They can connect the right audience with your brand or business. 

Their list of niches includes beauty, entertainment, politics, casino, free games, and religion. If you’re looking to buy traffic for adult videos, pictures, etc, Web Traffic Geeks’ adult niches can accommodate your needs. 

40+ Countries

It is possible to get an audience from across the globe. If you’re from Europe and you wish to get traffic from the USA, Web Traffic Geeks can help you do that. They can find you the right audience at your desired location using their massive traffic network in over 40 countries.

Since you’re paying for traffic that is both niche and country-specific, you’re are certain to get the right audience that is convertible into sales.

Does Web Traffic Geeks Offer Flexible Traffic Plans?

Another good thing going for Web Traffic Geeks is their flexible traffic plans. You can spread out the traffic you buy. You can choose to have it delivered within a day or in 30 days.

This is a very desirable option. If your site gets 5,000 hits daily, you would not want a purchase of 50,000 to be delivered all at once. Such an increase can be detrimental to your business. It is better to spread out your traffic.

How Does Web Traffic Geeks Compare To Other Web Traffic Providers?

Overall, I would say buying traffic from Web Traffic Geeks is cheaper compared to other costly traffic investments, such as paid ads. 

Paid ads’ may have bots and scams which dent your pockets. It would also take time to generate the right amount of visitors that are willing to pay for your product or service.

Although there are other promising traffic investments priced at $5, these are often fictitious and misleading. Can you expect quality from low-priced products? Oftentimes, no.When you choose lowly priced traffic plans you usually end up paying more later. Remember cheap can be expensive.

What Payment Options Does Web Traffic Geeks Give You?

When you’re ready to make a purchase, Web Traffic Geeks has different payment options for your convenience. They accept payment using credit and debit cards, bitcoin, PayPal, and bank transfers. 

What Do Other Parties Say About Web Traffic Geeks?

WTG Testimonials

Web Traffic Geeks has earned lots of positive feedback from their previous clients. The good reviews can be seen on their website where they have a page dedicated to these testimonials

However, businesses usually manage the testimonials shown on their website to gain new clients. So I was more interested in the reviews from third-party sources, where Web Traffic Geeks has no control over what is said.

Black Hat World offers great reviews about web traffic providers like Web Traffic Geeks. They have a community that digs deep into a particular site or tech provider. Some Black Hat World user reviews for Web Traffic Geeks include the following:

  • “I tried them out about a month or two ago, set up about 5 campaigns with the 10K traffic thingy but nothing so far. Not sure if they have real traffic or not but didn’t seem too good to me. Anyway, it ain’t all bad, if you have a good idea give it a try.”
  • “I buy adult traffic from webtrafficgeeks the visitors are real.”
  • “I ordered from trafficgeek 10k visitors and everyday I get a good CTR on my website that is also running AdSense.”

(For the full forum, you can check it here.)

Web Traffic Geeks has both good and bad reviews from the Black Hat World users. That is to be expected because whatever service they sell you’ll always find people having experiences from both ends of the spectrum.And in most circumstances there’s no way to know if they are sharing honest reviews.

To have an even better scope on Web Traffic Geeks’ quality of service, I explored more online reviews and stumbled upon BuyWebsiteTrafficReviews. This website is dedicated to the testimonials and reviews on the many traffic providers. Many entrepreneurs looking for paid traffic say they determined who to buy traffic from after going through reviews on this site.

On BuyWebsiteTrafffic you’ll find that Web Traffic Geeks is hailed as the best-rated website traffic seller of 2019. Have a look at some of its reviews:

  • “Their support team was quite excellent, very fast on giving customer assistance!”
  • “As how the logic goes. When quality is high, the price follows. If you’re looking for authentic traffic, I suggest to check this out.”
  • “I choose this one, and no need to rush for everything. Sit, relax, and let it work for you in an excellent way. Been proved it for a while on my website. Whoever read this now then it’s your time to try without hesitation.”
  • “webtrafficgeeks is giving me daily good vibes. A stress-free traffic. All are good on my website and it is progressive. ?”
  • “I really feel comfortable on using webtrafficgeeks. I feel safe, and it’s like that all of my money is being used wisely and no waste at all.”

From the reviews on their website and third party sources you can decide if Web Traffic Geeks is worth giving a try. 


Web Traffic Geeks delivers promising, flexible traffic solutions. Their reviews are good and clients have positive feedback on their experiences with the company. Although there is some negative feedback about them, these are not enough to overturn the rest of the evidence pointing at their reliability, legitimacy, and quality.

When it comes to buying quality traffic of real and targeted users, Web Traffic Geeks is a top choice. I would recommend this to anyone working to give their website some traction. Discover more about the company by visiting their website here. Get your desired traffic from this reliable team and tell us how that goes!

Related Questions

How does Web Traffic Geeks work?

Getting paid traffic from Web Traffic Geeks is very fast and convenient. Sign up, order your desired traffic plan, pay, and watch your visitor count grow within 24 hours. Check this 1-minute video about how Web Traffic Geeks works here.

What’s the catch with Web Traffic Geeks’ 100% money back guarantee?

There is no catch, but they do have some rules to prevent abuse of their 100% money back guarantee. For more details, kindly read it here.

How does Web Traffic Geeks drive traffic to your websites?

Web Traffic Geeks has a large inventory of inactive websites. The visitors to this dormant websites are diverted to your website if they’re in your niche. The traffic you will receive is 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, Pop-ups, and Pop-unders.