Should You Boost Visitors With A Web Traffic Generator?

In this article Iโ€™ll take a look at the shadowy world of Web traffic generators. Should you use them? Or will they destroy your website along with all your hard work? Read on to find out.

When looking for ways to boost your web traffic quickly and cheaply, youโ€™ll find a plethora of promises to bring you thousands of visitors almost overnight from a wide range of web traffic generator providers.

Some charge monthly fees or a price per click. Others even offer you the service for free, but itโ€™s a buyer-beware market in which you should definitely weigh up the risks of signing up for a quick-fix.

Nothing in this game is ever completely free. If it is, then there are surely strings attached, and cutting corners could become costly and detrimental to your websiteโ€™s reputation in the long run.

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Beware The Bots โ€“ They Could Kill Your Website!

killer bot

Web traffic generator plugins for websites and marketing campaigns come with promises to boost the volume of visitors with pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPI) options. However, itโ€™s a risk that many of those clicks could be automatically generated by bots rather than organically by real people, which could do more harm than good and ultimately destroy your websiteโ€™s reputation with major search engines.

Bots arenโ€™t interested in your content. Their job is to visit your home page to create a click or impression that you will have to pay for but wonโ€™t give you any real value in return. Only authentic visitors with a genuine interest in your products or services are worth bringing to your door with real potential for a return on your investment.

Traffic exchange networks may claim to bring you real visitors if you join their network but then you have to spend valuable time visiting other websites in the network or making referrals to bring in those visitors. So while you might get more actual people visiting your site, they only make a quick visit to your site for their own benefit. Besides, your website could be negatively impacted by a high bounce rate. [link to โ€œWhat Does Web Traffic Mean – Bounce Rateโ€] from those visitors only visiting your homepage or landing page before leaving again.

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Achieve Rapid Organic Growth With a Reliable Web Traffic Plan

Organic Growth

Building a large audience and bringing in a consistently high volume of traffic to your website has conventionally been a long, hard slog of precious time and money spent on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques as well as giving your visitors a pleasant experience when they arrive at your site. If the content relevant and your website is easy to navigate then your web traffic should continually grow organically.

SEO pays dividends in the long run but when time and resources are short, paying for organic web traffic is a viable option to reach many more people in your niche market.

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Target Your Niche With WebTrafficGeeks


Our web traffic plans offer a safe and cost-effective way to bring you rapid organic growth in the volume of visitors to your website with a much higher chance of those visitors becoming paying customers โ€“ no bots, just real people โ€“ and a money-back guarantee, too.

Another unique feature of WebTrafficGeeks plans is allowing you to target visitors from 140 niches in more than 40 countries, helping ensure a higher percentage of your web traffic comprises potential customers than web traffic generators and traffic exchange networks.

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Real People With Real Knowledge

The WebTrafficGeeks team of dedicated professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the webโ€™s ever-changing landscape to breathe real life into your web traffic that will help you turn more visitors into profitable leads and returns.

You can use WebTrafficGeeks plans in tandem with other web traffic generating methods you may already be using such as Google AdSense but it is strongly recommend that you avoid the risk of polluting that traffic with artificial visitors such as bots that could be detrimental to your search engine rankings.