Should I Buy Web Traffic from Fiverr?

When it comes to paid web traffic, Fiverr has been a controversial topic on the internet. Many people are arguing whether or not using Fiverr for web traffic gains makes for a good investment. This got me curious. So, I explored more about it in hopes to shed light in this much-debated topic.

Should I buy web traffic from Fiverr? No. There are many indicators that Fiverr’s web traffic gigs are fraudulent: Reviews and stories are largely negative. Sellers are often reported delivering fake traffic and bots to buyers.

Rushing your investment is a common mistake among entrepreneurs. Once you’re desperate to market successfully, it is easy to be tempted to cut corners when building traffic. If you have plans to launch, relaunch, or boost your web traffic for your marketing campaign using Fiverr, this article will help you consider if it’s a good investment.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services starting at $5 per job, hence its name. Here you can get everything from graphics to translation services. It is a good platform to utilize freelancers for any of your projects.

As we try to understand the world of Fiverr, it’s helpful to understand some of their terms beforehand:

  • Gig: It means the small service the freelancer provides. An example gig would be, “I will design a modern logo for targeted advertising”.
  • Seller: This is the freelancer. They are the professionals or users registered on Fiverr who will be doing the work, service, or Gig.
  • Buyer: This refers to the employer. They are the person hiring the freelancer. They purchase Gigs.
  • Order: It is the term used whenever a buyer purchases a gig.
  • Post a Request: In Fiverr, the buyer can submit a request for Gigs. They can announce their intended Gig on the platform. An example would be a buyer posting a request for a website content writing service (Gig) by saying, “Write a persuasive SEO content for my website”.

Fiverr is a micro-job platform where you can pay or get paid for services. As of writing, the company has a massive base of 2 million users. Its market covers over 196 countries worldwide.

The company has gone through different changes and now you can enjoy almost any service, big or small. It has over 3 million creative and professional gigs, but here’s a quick recap on their comprehensive services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Music and Audio
  • Video and Animation
  • Writing and Translation
  • Graphics and Design
  • Programming and Technology
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

One of its popular and most controversial gigs is its web traffic. Let’s dig deeper in to it.

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Is there a problem buying web traffic from Fiverr gigs?

As most business owners are diving into online marketing, many web traffic providers on Fiverr are rising to the occasion. This gives us a plethora of options to consider.

But unfortunately, not all of them deliver. There are pitfalls – heck, even issues of frauds – that are rampant within the marketplace.

Fiverr is good for many things, but web traffic isn’t one of them.

Here are a few examples taken from a Fiverr review:

There were many negative reviews about the company’s way of working with sellers.

So Fiverr’s not exactly great for the Sellers.

And it doesn’t get much better for the buyers.

When it comes to buying web traffic, Fiverr yet again disappoints.

There’s lots of anger and resentment coming from previous buyers. There are threads, forums, and discussions about Fiverr’s web traffic gigs being a scam.

When asked if Fiverr is a good place to buy web traffic, answers were mostly negative…and discouraging:

Fiverr’s web traffic gigs have been thought to be a scam for quite some time.

With its record of fraud and mischiefs from sellers, and mass of unsatisfied buyers, the company’s reputation is in tatters. It has earned lots of raised eyebrows online.

So what could be the reason behind all this?

If you bought paid traffic from Fiverr gigs but failed to gain traffic, there are three reasons that could point the cause:

#1 Bots

The seller might have used robot traffic software to boost the numbers on your site. Your analytics might show you’re getting traction and your site rank might have climbed higher in search engines, but no one is buying your products or services.

There is no engagement. No subscribers. No sales. This defeats the purpose of getting paid traffic.

Additionally, bots increase your website’s risk of getting penalized by Google.

#2 Organic Traffic

Your seller may have used organic traffic. This means the use of social media marketing to advertise your brand. He/she may be building a social media following and sending the followers back to your website.

There’s no doubt that organic traffic does wonders for your online visibility.

Growing your audience is not going to happen overnight, but it shouldn’t take you months to get traction that converts.

#3 Bad Advertisement

A good advertising technique attracts potential customers and encourages engagement. This could mean posting irresistible and attention-grabbing contents.

But when a seller lacks the creativity to do that, this could reflect on your advertising results. Users won’t take a second look on your campaign. They won’t be interested to do business with you.

Next time you order a web traffic gig from Fiverr, make sure your seller understands your needs. Be specific with the means and the target results. Check with your analytics to see if your paid traffic gig is working.

You might also consider checking your site cookies to see which pages are getting the highest traffic. Strategize on this data and find ways to improve your content.

With a better and wiser paid traffic gig, the results will come eventually.

Buy Real Traffic Now

Now let’s discuss another sensationalized issue:

Fiverr’s Traffic Gig: 10,000 visitors for $5

It sounds too good to be true: 10,000 visitors for a fiver. That would have any entrepreneur working on a tight budget take the bait.

But this got me thinking: Does it work? Can you really get 10,000 visitors for only $5?

Real web traffic from reliable sources takes $70 or so for the same volume of visitors.

If someone sells you 10,000 web visitors for a very cheap price, it’s either a bot, fake or junk traffic.

It’s true that there’s no single, simple formula to online marketing. But there are many ways you can be efficient with your strategies. And they always begin with careful planning and decision-making.

Is it worth buying web traffic from Fiverr?

If Fiverr has upped their game, addressed all these issues, and launched a better strategy, they might be a viable place to buy web traffic.

But should I buy web traffic from Fiverr? No.

I believe that every company has its own flaws. But when it comes to Fiverr, many of their gigs are unappealing. They are raising doubts and fears.

If I want to invest in something, I have to be sure it’s safe and profitable. With its many pitfalls, web traffic from Fiverr makes me feel uncertain that it’s a good choice.

At the end of the day, we want some peace of mind knowing our bought traffic has done the hard part for us: getting traction and converting sales.

Buy Real Traffic Now

Where can I get reliable paid traffic sources?

Whether Fiverr has crossed your mind for your marketing needs or not, it really is time to look in other directions.

Fiverr is not the answer to your traffic needs.

Here’s a quick web traffic buying guide:

  • Does your website sell something?

You need quality AND quantity. Using tools like SEO and AdWords is a great way to grow your audience to gather leads that convert.

  • Is your website a non-profit?

It’s best to get targeted web traffic. It is easier to reach and access your desired audience this way.

  • Do you want to increase your online visibility?

Any bought traffic can help you do that.

There are many other reputable traffic sources to get started with.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay Per Click advertising, with Google and Facebook, is a popular option you might want to consider.

These two hotshots in online marketing have a large client base and provide results that are reliable and results-driven. In fact, they are the two largest advertisers on the internet.

The pitfall of PPC Ads is that bots or your competition may be clicking on your ads. Hence, you lose your money for every click that does not generate any engagement or profit.

If you’re looking for branding, promotion, conversions, leads, and sales, I would recommend putting your resources into targeting an audience and paying for legitimate web traffic.

Reliable sources like Web Traffic Geeks let you do that.

Web Traffic Geeks (WTG)

What makes Web Traffic Geeks different from other paid traffic sources?

✔ Real Visitors

WTG is designed to provide only the best quality visitors in the world. Whether your target audience is from the USA or Canada, they will give you visitors that are 100% real online users.

Unlike Fiverr’s web traffic gigs that are generally bots, WTG offers genuine traffic.

✔ Visitors that Converts

WTG sends real visitors into your website that converts into sales. If you have an optimized website, chances are you can get some promising results.

✔Real, Targeted-Audience at a Cheap Cost

WTG is a budget-friendly alternative to getting high-quality traffic. Starting from $70, you can get 10,000 web visitors from 3 different niches and countries of your choice.

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Fiverr’s web traffic gigs are discouraging. I would recommend looking into other paid web traffic sources. Even if it means buying at a cost higher than $5.

Before making a purchase, be sure you’ve explored all your web traffic options.

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Why does my website get penalized by Google Adsense? Google Adsense penalizes websites for receiving large bulks of traffic (and clicks) to their ads. This is Google’s way of ensuring users get quality traffic all the time.

What happens when you get penalized? Your campaign will be in bad shape. You lose your website traffic, organic search ranking/visibility, and revenues.