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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

1. Sign up as a new advertiser or login as an existing advertiser

2. Select your traffic package. Choose between monthly plan or one-time payment.

3. Now fill out the form with your desired URL. Remember to add the “http://”

4. Tweak the details here. Select your niche and then select the country. You can choose up to three of each. Spread visitors between 1 to 30 days. Enter the date on when you want the campaign to start (day-month-year)

5. Fill out your full name and then your email (order confirmation will be sent here).

6. This one is optional. You can leave special instructions on this field.

7. Then select your payment method. Review your order. Once you’re happy with all the details it’s time for you to click the button (Checkout)

8. After you’ve paid: Your order is now in the oven. We received you order and will send you a confirmation email after your payment is received. You order status will be changed to “approval”.

9. Next, we review your order and activate it. Status will be changed to “active”. You will receive an e-mail when this happens – your order is now live!

That’s it!

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have any questions or suggestion to improve our service and website. Thank you!

What are the rules for buying traffic? Anything forbidden?

Yes, since we provide real human visitors, we want to serve them only quality. Therefore, the following types of websites cannot use services:

– Url(s) may not contain adult content (unless the appropriate adult category is selected), Hate, Warez

– Url(s) may not use site rotation, extensive redirection, or forwarding

– Url(s) may not load virus or force any downloads

– Url(s) may not disrupt the traffic delivery process


– No Tech Support sites

– No

– No Pharmacy Sites of Drugs of any kind

Do you offer guaranteed visits or clicks?

With help of some private partners we are able to help you with clicks on specific elements, URLs and generate custom time on sites and bounce rates for any URL.

Please specify this during your order. Additional charge may apply if your requirements are difficult to realise.

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