Is Buying Web Traffic Worth The Investment?

Buying web traffic is an investment in online marketing, just like spending money on any other marketing channel. When you pay for web traffic you expect to get a return on the investment, plus some profit. 

Aside from increased revenue from direct sales for an online store, any marketing campaign should also bring the following benefits:

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Increase in brand engagement and interaction
  • More qualified leads
  • More conversions
  • Improved click through rate
  • Overall revenue growth

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Getting a Measurable Return on Investment

Seeing a measurable return for investments in any marketing channel is desirable but often difficult to ascertain with any degree of accuracy.

The return on investment (ROI) for outdoor advertising is especially difficult to measure as thereโ€™s no way of knowing how many people actually see the ads or respond positively to the message. 

Digital advertising is easier to measure because impressions and clicks on ads can be recorded, along with other information about the visitor seeing the ad, such as the time, their location, browser type, entry and exit pages, and so on. 

Yet despite the ability to track web traffic, even professional marketers admit having difficulty measuring the ROI for investments in digital marketing channels. 

According to Marketing Charts, ROI from paid search (PPC) is the most easily measurable marketing channel. Social media investment scored surprisingly low, with only about 20 percent marketers polled saying ROI was easily measurable. The results were equally poor for the ability to measure ROI on webinars.


The top five digital channels with measurable ROI were Paid Search, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO (natural search), and Affiliate Marketing.

Although paid web traffic investment isnโ€™t specifically mentioned in the survey as a marketing channel, each of the digital channels above is a way of paying to increase web traffic with the aim of getting some sort of return on the investment. 

Paid search, lead generation, social media investment, marketing automation, and content marketing should all result in an increase in direct web traffic. Whether those visitors buy into your concept after arriving at your website depends entirely on your ability to engage and convert the potential customers coming through your virtual shopfrontโ€™s doors. 

Buying traffic directly is not that different from the many other ways you can invest in getting more visitors to your website and making it more noticeable. Paid web traffic plans work much like SEO tools and paid keyword packages. You can even get the same results from a web traffic plan as hiring an entire marketing team.

Conversions are Key

The goal is to convert as much of that web traffic as possible into a tangible return, either from direct sales or the less measurable returns, such as increasing brand awareness.

Receiving a return on an investment in a paid web traffic plan is achievable, but first you need to be clear about how you want your visitors to convert. Do you want them to buy a product, download a file, watch a video, or click on an affiliate link? 

As mentioned earlier, a direct purchase is an easily measurable return on investment. Other conversions may not give you a direct monetary gain, but they are highly desirable all the same. 

A high click through rate means your content is engaging visitors and persuading them to click through your pages and content, which a search engine algorithm may also recognize as a point in your favor to boost the websiteโ€™s ranking.

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Why Web Traffic Matters

Increasing web traffic does two things: increases monetization opportunities and boosts your search engine ranking.

More web traffic means more conversions, which could be direct sales, affiliate ad revenue, subscriptions, exposure, or anything else that improves brand awareness.

Human Web Traffic Versus Bot Traffic

The quality of any web traffic you invest in significantly impacts the return you can expect to get. Bots are low quality web traffic. Real people are high quality web traffic.

Human web traffic is safe to use with affiliate marketing campaigns such as Google AdSense, which is very diligent about checking the quality of web traffic to websites hosting AdSense ads, because Google has a reputation to uphold by ensuring it serves good quality content written and read by real people.

If Google believes a website is populated with bot traffic, it will demote or penalize that website in search engine rankings. 

If you run an Adsense campaign on your website, make sure you invest in 100%  human web traffic plans rather than cheap plans offering traffic bots, which could ultimately be detrimental to your rankings.

Getting more real web traffic helps get you more monetized conversions. Traffic bots donโ€™t buy anything, only people do. So if you run an online store, itโ€™s in your best interest to buy high quality web traffic for better assurance of a return.

Even if monetization isnโ€™t your main aim, increasing the number of real visitors to your website with a paid web traffic plan helps grow your audience and subscribers organically too. 

Organic Versus Paid Web Traffic

There are tons of different ways to increase web traffic, but it can be classified into two distinct categories: organic and paid web traffic.

Organic Web Traffic

Organic web traffic is the human visitors you build up over time through various marketing campaigns but mostly due to web management and search engine optimization (SEO).

Regularly producing engaging content that keeps people coming back for more is the most essential component of SEO to organically increase the number of unique visitors over time. 

Your organic web traffic visitor numbers are somewhat at the mercy of changing algorithms, trends, points of interest, market movements, and current events. 

Organic Viral Traffic

Occasionally a post goes viral for any number of reasons. The post could be an emotionally charged narrative or a compelling eyewitness event such as the viral video titled Battle at Kruger, which has received more than 80 million views on YouTube. Sometimes the viral post is just a bit of fun and entertainment, like the hit music video, Gangnam Style, which had one billion views in five months in 2012.

Lacking any viral content, as long as you regularly publish good quality content, you should see the volume of organic web traffic gradually and steadily increase over time.

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Paid Web Traffic

Paid web traffic plans donโ€™t have the same number-packing punch as a viral video, but you can buy bundles of several thousand visitors to be sent directly to your website. Tracking your return on the investment is easier though.

Measurable Results

When you invest in a web traffic plan, the vendor should provide you with a secure dashboard to see the visitor statistics. You should also see an influx of more unique visitors in your websiteโ€™s statistics, which is usually a free service as part of hosting packages. 

Cheap Marketing Channel

Being able to buy thousands of visitors for a few dollars makes buying web traffic one of the cheapest marketing costs that brings measurable results.

Quick & Predictable Results

Paid web traffic gives quick results with thousands of visitors delivered to your site within 24 hours of purchasing a plan. The flow of web traffic can be spread over anything up to 30 days at a time. 

Customizable Plans

When you buy a web traffic plan, you have control over the results with the ability to choose the number of visitors over a specified number of days or weeks. 

Also, you can target your niche and the geographic location for the source of your web traffic.

Without getting too deep into the weeds here, both organic and paid web traffic have their own advantages. A good mix of both types gets the best results.

Ramp up Numbers for a Website Rollout

Buying direct web traffic just after launching a website is the quickest way to give your website an appearance of authority and popularity with thousands of visitors a month. 

Ride out Slumps

Paid traffic can also be used to prevent your siteโ€™s rankings from slumping during times when you expect your organic numbers to slide or if you can predict that theyโ€™ll do so. 

Slumps in organic web traffic numbers can occur for all kinds of reasons due to trends, seasons, and other things such as when Google releases a major new algorithm.

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Wrap Up

Buying web traffic is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to swell visitor numbers. Itโ€™s safe as long as you get good quality traffic in your niche. 

Whether you actually get a return on an investment in direct web traffic depends on the mechanisms you have in place to convert and monetize your visitors. 

Aim to increase your web traffic organically and use a paid web traffic plan to boost your audience numbers. Do so only when your website is properly prepared to give you a good click through rate (CTR). 
Buy web traffic plans strategically to increase visitor numbers in a similar way to organic web traffic growth by starting out with a low number of visitors spread out over a month at a time. Then gradually increase the rate over the months.