How To Turn Profits With Web Traffic Arbitrage

Trading in web traffic is a virtually risk-free way of quickly turning profits with small investments, known in the trade as arbitrage. In this article, weโ€™ll show you how to take advantage of this little known money making tactic.

Investopedia describes Arbitrage in a simple way: โ€œArbitrage is when you buy something with the express purpose of selling it at a higher priceโ€.

In this case, web traffic is the asset traded from one platform (website) to another, but it has to be done in a fairly large volume to realize any significant overall profit.

A single web page visit or ad click has very little value. It may be worth a tiny fraction of a penny in net profit but trading in significant volumes turns all those small seeds of profit into great oaks if the flow of traffic is properly nurtured.

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Virtually Risk-Free Investment

Web traffic arbitrage is similar to the way traders buy and sell equities or shares on different stock markets. However, unlike stocks, traffic arbitrage carries less risk as thereโ€™s very little to lose.

If you plan on playing the web traffic arbitrage game, there are a few simple rules of engagement worth following:

Rules of Engagement to Win the Web Traffic Arbitrage Game

1. Invest in Quality Web Traffic

Buying cheap web traffic and selling it on for a greater profit might appear to be the ideal business plan to quickly make bucket loads of cash, but quality web traffic is essential to ensure healthy and continued profits. So invest in a web traffic plan that brings only human traffic to your website. Not bots.

2. Capitalize on Your Virtual Real Estate Asset

Youโ€™ll have a head start if you can buy a website thatโ€™s been established for a few years, comes with good content, and a pre-existing audience. If you start from scratch, youโ€™ll need to spend monthโ€™s building pages and filling them with original and interesting content to gain recognition from search engines as a bona-fide website.

3. Carve Out Your Niche

Be specific about your websiteโ€™s niche and target audience. This will help you with SEO (search engine ranking) and building a dedicated following.

4. Give It Some Tender Loving Care

Spend time fostering trust with your audience and the search engines will help build your audience organically. Google, for example, will penalize websites in its search engine rankings for artificially inflating visitor statistics.

5. Create Quality Content

Even with thousands of visitors, they will only be of value if they spend time on your site. So give your web traffic original and relevant content that fits with your niche and keeps the visitors clicking through your pages.

6. Target Ads

Clicks on ads on your website is the key to turning profit on your web traffic. So make sure the ads will appeal to your niche of web traffic. Too many ads will put off visitors โ€“ as will large, in-your-face ads that get in the way of your content โ€“ so try to get the balance right.

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So Where Can You Get Ads For Your Website?

Depending on your websiteโ€™s content and how you plan to run it, you can sign up with a provider of pay-per-click (PPC) or cost per mile (CPM) ads, or with an affiliate marketing network.


You get paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad on your website. You may get paid more if that visitor ends up actually spending with the advertiser.



Visitors donโ€™t have to click on these ads for you to get paid. The ads only have to be viewed on a page but those views are counted per thousand visitors rather than a single click. 

There are many PPC and CPM ad networks to choose from. Only you can decide which one best fits your needs and niche. Whichever network you choose, trial and error will eventually give you the right balance of ads that visitors will click on and turn a profit for you, but with little or no up-front investment, youโ€™ve really got nothing to lose!

Hereโ€™s a review of the โ€˜Best PPC Networks 2019โ€™ by PPC Protect

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Better Fit For You?

If thereโ€™s a particular brand that you want to spending time and energy promoting, an affiliate program will be a better option for you. As with any kind of partnership, there is an element of mutual trust involved here, so you have to prove that your website has high potential value with a high number of quality visitors.

Hereโ€™s an A-Z list of affiliate marketing programs with more than 60 advertising networks and plans to choose from: The Balace Small Business

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