How to Make Money With Pop-Up Ads

Pop up ads have a not so good reputation for, well, ‘popping up’ and disrupting your browsing experience. Often annoying and sometimes malicious, pop ups are usually frowned upon. However, they are still a very popular, cost-effective marketing channel that generates massive amounts of web traffic, or ‘pop traffic.’ 

Read on to learn more about pop-up advertising, and how you can use your website to profit from one of the cheapest types of online advertising. 

The Pop Upโ€™s Humble Beginnings

Pop-ups were originally invented to respond to complaints from advertisers about their ads being embedded in adult websites’ pages. Having ads ‘pop up’ in a new browser window allowed the marketing content to be disassociated from porn pages and appear as standalone ads instead. 

Created by Ethan Zuckerman and launched in the 1990s, pop ups use JavaScript to open a web page in a new browser window so that the existing window stays open. The pop up partially or fully obscures the current browser window. 

Only after introducing this workaround for advertisers did pop ups get a bad name. Unscrupulous advertisers began using the function to make misleading ads appear on screen that are difficult to close or send you to another web page when you try to close the ad.

Pop up ads are usually triggered by a click on a specific area of the existing web page. When a pop up is activated, it appears in front of the current browser window. 

The viewer then has a choice, click on any buttons or instructions in the pop up window, or close the pop up to ignore it and carry on where you left off before being interrupted, usually by clicking an X in the top right corner of the pop up.

A variation of the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which opens a new browser window behind the active window. Pop-unders don’t interrupt the user immediately but appear when the user closes the covering window, making it more difficult to determine which website created them.

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Mobile Pop Ads

Pop up and pop under ads behave slightly differently on mobile devices. Instead of opening a new browser window, mobile pop ads open in a new tab in the mobile browser. A pop up might take you directly to that tab. A pop under is less obtrusive and lurks in the background as it does on desktop browsers until you close the current browser.

Are All Pop Ups Bad?

Pop ups get a bad wrap because of how they can be used to deceive web surfers, but they are not all evil. In fact, we experience friendly pop up ads everywhere we go on the web.

The window might link us to a familiar and trusted web page, or it could be a chat box in the corner that we can easily ignore. Closing friendly pop up ads usually takes a quick click of the mouse or tap on the X button in the top right corner.

Friendly Pop Ups 

We see them on YouTube and other video platforms all the time. Sometimes as banners at the bottom of the video screen and others as semi-transparent boxes that don’t interrupt viewing too much but are easy to close if you want to.

Fans of monetized YouTube channels are usually quite happy to support their favorite YouTuber by letting the pop up ads run without closing them. They know the uploader gets more money for ads that are allowed to play out than advertisements that the viewer closes.

Profiting With Web Traffic from YouTubeโ€™s Pop up Platform

Having a YouTube channel is an excellent marketing stream that can funnel web traffic to your website. You can also direct web traffic from your website to your YouTube channel. 

If your YouTube videos are monetized, you can profit from viewers seeing or clicking on the pop up ads displayed over your videos.

Google owns YouTube and manages the pop up and hover ads seen on videos. Channel owners get paid monthly through Google AdSense once the affiliate ads’ commission has accumulated enough to surpass the payout threshold, usually US$100.

How to Get a Return on a Web Traffic Investment

A few thousand views on a series of monetized videos can begin paying out a good commission for ad views. To get those views, you could buy a web traffic plan like the one highlighted above from Web Traffic Geeks and direct 10,000 unique visitors or more to your web page with an embedded YouTube video. 

Once we deliver the traffic, your google analytics would look something similar to the images below.



If your video engages visitors and gets watched all the way through, youโ€™ll earn more for keeping your audience engaged and watching ads.

Malicious Pop Ups & Porn Bombs

Unscrupulous pop up ads predominantly populate adult websites, especially porn sites. Malicious pop up ads are almost impossible to close because they take up the entire screen or have a fake close button. 

Clicking on the X button instead links you to the advertiser’s website or opens a cascade of more pop ups, fondly known as a “pornado,” “porn-storm,” or a “porn bomb.” Clicking on these unwelcome pop ups can sometimes trigger the download of malicious files that infect your computer.

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Ironic, isn’t it? You can catch a virus just by watching porn.

Pop-up Blocking Browsers

Most browsers incorporate pop up ad blocking filters these days. Opera was the first major browser to give users tools to block pop-up ads, followed by Chrome and finally Internet Explorer. 

As a user, itโ€™s up to you to tell the browser which pop ups to allow or block. Itโ€™s a learning process for the browser as you teach it through notifications which friendly pop ups you want to allow.

Hover Pop Up Ads

A hover ad is an in-page pop-up thatโ€™s a combination of a banner ad and a pop-up window. It usually appears as a transparent layer over a web page and displays ads with Flash animation. 

Hover pop ups are often useful and helpful on trusted websites. They can be used to give prompts and guidance when filling out a form, for example, without disrupting the page you have open โ€“ especially useful for retaining the information already given on a form to go back and fill in any missing data before submitting. 

You might have to teach your browser’s pop up ad blocker to allow these types of helpful pop ups. Most do allow them by default, but you can lose the information you entered on a form if the pop up blocker forces the page to reload.

Pop Up Ad Campaigns Still Popular

Despite the bad press given to deceptive pop up ads โ€“ usually tales of woe from someone infected by a virus after watching online porn โ€“ the market for respectable pop up ads is still going strong as a cheap alternative to targeted social media advertising. 

More on Mobile Pop Up Ad Campaigns

Mobile pop up ad campaigns are a cheaper option than advertising on social media as they donโ€™t offer as many socio-demographic targeting options as ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook. 

With a mobile pop up ad campaign, you can’t target your audience’s interests, age, and gender like you can with social media ad campaigns, but you can still target location, website, and device.

Other positive aspects of mobile pop up campaigns for advertisers include fewer conditions and an easier set-up than with Google and Facebook campaigns. You can also target specific carriers with mobile pop up ad campaigns.

The best performing pop up ad campaigns for mobile devices tend to be mobile app downloads such as antivirus software, VPNs, and games. Pin submits, and surveys are also popular.

Pop Up Ad Cost Comparison

The cost of pop up ad campaigns varies with each provider and the customization options that they offer. Weโ€™re not going to promote or recommend any particular service here. Thatโ€™s up to you, but we can compare the average costs of different types of ad campaigns as a helpful guide.

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Pay Per Click Costs

As a very broad benchmark to compare pop up ad costs with other online marketing options, the cost per click for a pay-per-click ad campaign ranges anywhere from $0.50 for display ad providers to more than $2 per click for search ads with Google Ads (AdWords).

Cost Per Action Traffic

Conventionally known in traditional sales and marketing as โ€˜cost per inquiry,โ€™  the advertiser only pays for an online ad when the viewer turns into a sales lead by performing a specific action, hence the term โ€˜cost per actionโ€™ (CPA). 

The action required isnโ€™t necessarily a direct sale. It can simply be a measurable response such as filling in a form with information that gives the sales team a new lead worth following up.

This way, the advertiser doesnโ€™t pay for any bad referrals, and it puts responsibility onto the affiliate to provide quality leads in order to get paid by the advertiser. 

The cost per action is much higher for search ads competing for top keywords in their industry, because it comes with the assurance of good quality ad traffic. Targeting the most popular keywords by industry on a Google advertising search campaign has a CTA of more than $59. Bing Ads cost a little less โ€“ about $50 per click. 

Cost Per Click Traffic on Social Media

The average cost per click on popular social media platforms is a lot less. A pay-per-click ad featured on Facebook costs about $1.70 per click. Ads with CTA agreement can cost more than $18 per click โ€“ a big difference but about a third of the cost of a search ad on a popular network.

The typical cost for ad campaigns on Facebook, where the cost is measured as a cost per mile (CPM), which is the cost per thousand impressions or views, is about $10.

A CPM ad campaign with Instagram is about half that cost; about $5. 

Pretty much at the bottom of the cost ladder come pop up ads, which can cost as little as  $0.0001 per impression or view, meaning advertisers might pay about a dollar for every thousand views.

Pop Up ROI 

Profiting or getting a return on investment from pop up ads is a delicate balancing act to ensure you get quality web traffic, which generates valuable leads to eventually turn a profit. It really depends on the nature of your business and the size of your marketing budget.

Whatโ€™s Pop Traffic & How to Profit from it?

Pop traffic is the web traffic or volume of visitors that see and interact with pop up ads, whether they be impressions, clicks, or other actions.

The source of pop traffic is significant. On one hand, bot traffic, or artificial web traffic from bot farms could be used to generate clicks and views on pop ups, which benefits the platform provider charging for views but is only a cost down the drain for the advertiser paying for fake clicks and views with no chance of a return or real conversion with any value. 

On the other hand, if the web traffic visiting your pop up ads is real web traffic (unique human visitors), then you have a much better chance of some of that pop traffic converting or performing desirable actions.

WTG can provide you with thousands of 100% human pop traffic in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

On our website, go to the order pop up traffic page. Here you can choose how much pop up traffic you want, depending on your budget. 

Step 2

Once you choose your traffic plan, you’ll decide over what period you want the new web visitors delivered. You’ll also be asked to input the URL of your website. Click on next once you give all the information requested.

Step 3

Next, youโ€™ll choose the niches and countries you want traffic from so you can receive highly targeted traffic.

Step 4

The last step to buying pop up traffic is making a payment for your traffic order. Once you do this, your pop up traffic should start streaming into your website within 24 hours. With our pop up traffic, you should be able to really monetize your traffic.

The Adult Web Traffic Niche

Just as ads for luxury products appear next to scantily clad girls in magazines like Playboy, placing ads in adult websites can be a good marketing move, if you know that your target audience is adults likely to be into porn, or even gambling for that matter. A significant sector of society, wouldnโ€™t you agree?  

Pornhub gets about 75 million unique visitors a day. Each visitor spends an average of nine minutes on the site. Mobile web traffic visiting PornHub since its launch in 2007 has grown from a meagre one percent of viewers to more than 75% today. 

Itโ€™s impossible to say with any certainty how much the online porn industry is worth but itโ€™s definitely one of the most lucrative industries from the sheer volume of web traffic coming and going to adult websites. 

One of the most popular online porn networks boasts about 4.4 billion page views per month, which is almost twice as much as Redditโ€™s 2.8 billion monthly views โ€“ commonly hailed as โ€˜The Front Page of The Internetโ€™.

According to surveys by Similarweb, online pornography ranks as the fourth largest category of web traffic from display ads after gambling, gaming and shopping; putting a price tag on the industry somewhere in the region of $100 billion worldwide.

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Clearly any form of advertising, pop up ads included, can get results on adult websites. Yet despite the popularity of adult websites outweighing most other mainstream industries, it is by its very nature under the mainstream radar, and so adult web traffic is in its own category. 
WebTraffic Geeks is a trusted vendor of safe adult web traffic. Itโ€™s 100% free of bots, PTC, Auto Surf, pop-ups and pop-unders. Find out more about how adult web traffic works on the FAQ page.