How to Increase Your Web Traffic

Websites need traffic to grow and thrive on the internet, particularly those running an online business. Lots of web traffic means more conversion opportunities, especially if the visitors you receive are targeted.

So as a website owner, it would help if you always were on the lookout for ways to increase your web traffic.

If your website is new and has yet to see the kind of traffic numbers that you’re hoping for, there are several methods you can use to boost web traffic.

You can increase your visitors through proven SEO tactics, but this option could take up to six months before it bears fruit. A quicker alternative would be for you to buy web traffic. 

This article will discuss in detail some of the best methods to increase your website’s traffic.

Free Ways to Increase Web Traffic

One of the best ways to get web traffic for free would be to earn it the old-fashioned way: Make a website, fill it with great content, and wait for organic traffic to come flooding in. 

However, this is much easier said than done, as it’s a time-consuming process requiring persistence and patience. The long waiting period before you see results using this method is why many new website owners abandon their websites shortly after launching.

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3 Ingredients for Increasing Organic Web Traffic

You can only grow your organic traffic by nurturing a good relationship with your target audience.

The proverbial “Build and they will come” is very accurate. Build a substantial web presence, and you’ll naturally attract a following from those your website is built for.

I am sure you’re asking how you can nurture that relationship with your potential audience?

As long as you employ a few basic marketing tactics to promote and get others to support your online presence, your organic web traffic will gradually increase.

Here are three essential ingredients that all webmasters need for a recipe for success. 

  1. Good website design and functionality 
  2. SEO-friendly content
  3. Consistent brand message 

Good Website Design & Functionality

Your website needs to be quick and easy to navigate on any device.

Content management systems such as WordPress are excellent web building tools that novices and professionals can use to create good looking websites that work across all platforms, from PCs and Macs to mobile devices without hiring a website developer.

SEO Friendly Content

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On the internet, content is king. Therefore, your website’s content must be well written, related to your site’s niche, and useful to your target audience.

Creating search engine optimized content (SEO) isn’t hard if you have the time and resources to regularly pump out good quality content. If you do, your website will get recognized by the search engines, and people interested in your brand or niche will eventually find you.

When creating the content, ensure you use keywords relevant to your niche.

There are several tools you can use to increase your SEO efficiency. If you already use WordPress, you’ll already know about tools like Yoast SEO you can use to optimize your website content.

Consistent Brand Message

Brands enjoy recognition and loyalty when they deliver a clear and consistent message. Of course, the big brands spend large amounts of money on PR and marketing to preserve their brand recognition, but you too should remain consistent without spending much.    

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6 Other Free Ways to Increase Web Traffic Organically

Here are six tips to help you increase web traffic without spending any money. 

  1. Google My Business Listing is a free-to-use online platform where you can register your website so that it’s included in Google listings. Doing so is especially useful for driving web traffic to location-specific businesses.
  2. Getting listed on Google Maps is also a good move for local businesses. By confirming your business listing, which requires you to verify your business address, you add a layer of trust, and your establishment pops up on localized Google searches.
  3. Social Media Marketing is an obvious free tool as you can potentially reach millions of people, but it can be very time-consuming. If you use a content management system such as WordPress, find a social media plugin that automatically posts to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter when you publish a post on your website’s blog. It will save you a tremendous amount of time! 
  4. Build Landing Pages. Landing pages differ from regular homepages in that they are specifically designed to draw in traffic that you can convert. With excellent copy and a fantastic range of products or services to offer, you should see an increase in visitors’ numbers to your site.
  5. Add Long-Tail Keywords to your meta tags. As well as using pairs of keywords (short-tail keywords), which are used to search for your products often.
  6. Guest Posting opportunities are also a good source of additional web traffic. As a contributor to an authoritative blog, you can build your reputation as an influencer and drive lots of traffic to your website.

Cheap Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic

Buying Cheap Web Traffic

To give your organic web traffic a boost, you can buy cheap web traffic. Paying for web traffic is one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive more visitors to your websites. 

But you have to be careful what type of traffic you pay for because there are two types of web traffic sold online. The two types are bot traffic and human traffic. 

Bot traffic is the cheapest type of web traffic, but you don’t want to increase bot traffic if you want to improve your SEO. 

Bot traffic is risky because it can be detrimental to your search engine ranking, and you risk being infected by malicious bots, so it’s worth spending a little bit more for the assurance of human web traffic.

Bot traffic also does not lead to any conversions, which means you get nothing from paying for this traffic type. 

Targeted Human Web Traffic

Human web traffic is like organic web traffic in that it is real people interested in your niche. They are your target market.

When you buy a web traffic plan offering 100% human visitors, you can be confident that you’ll get a Return On Investment (ROI) if you provide something of value to the new visitors. These visitors have the highest chance of purchasing your goods, paying for subscriptions, or sharing your content on social media.

When buying targeted human traffic, you can choose which category or niche you wish to target. Our traffic plans at Web Traffic Geeks allow you to target visitors in up to three different niches from over 400 categories.

You can also GEO target. If you buy web traffic only from the US, you can target a particular state. If you purchase world wide web traffic, you can target different countries.

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How to Buy Cheap Web Traffic

Purchased web traffic can be treated as a commodity where you’re exchanging an essential resource for money.

When buying traffic, there are a few critical points to keep in mind while doing so. First, make sure anyone you plan to pay for traffic will be delivering real traffic and not bots. 

Remember that the best kind of traffic you can get is the human and targeted kind. Unfortunately, many sellers out there only offer bots, but they tell you it is human traffic. This is why you must ascertain the credibility of your traffic seller. 

Legitimate traffic sellers will provide you with real, high-quality human visitors. Ideally, you should also be given the option to narrow down to your target audience by location, gender, age, etc. If the provider is offering you these options, this is a good sign that you are dealing with a good one.

A reliable traffic provider will also have several traffic plans you can select. It would be best if you choose a plan that you can handle.

Getting the most expensive plan with the highest amount of traffic will be a waste of money if you can’t make the most of the users that you get.

For example, if you have a limited supply of a particular product but order thousands of visitors and can’t meet demand if the potential conversion rate is high, it could do more harm than good for your online business.

Your website should also help determine the traffic you order. If your website will crash after receiving a few thousand visitors, pay for a small amount of traffic, and increase the number as you build your website’s capability to receive a more significant amount of visitors. 

If you have already thought about everything I have mentioned, you can now order traffic from Web Traffic Geeks. Once you pay for one of our traffic plans, we will start delivering traffic to your website within 24hours.

Don’t let low web traffic numbers kill your dream of having a successful online business. With the traffic we deliver you should be able to build a thriving website in no time.

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