How to Get Web Traffic from Canada

Targeting different countries is a great way to boost your web traffic from across the earth to your website, no matter where you’re based. Here we’ll look at how to attract web traffic from Canada as a case study of ‘country specific internet marketing’.

Why Should I Care About Canadian Web Traffic?

With the Canadian dollar is strong, shopping online have never been such popular pastime for Canadians. A total of 26 million Canadians made digital purchases in 2018, evenly split between domestic and cross-border virtual shopping trips.

That’s over 70% of the Canadian population!

In fact a higher percentage of Canadian internet users make purchases online than their American neighbours.

More than 78% of internet users surveyed (aged 18-34) in Canada have visited an online retail store. Almost 60% of them have bought a product or service online. By comparison, only 27% of US online store visitors have made purchases.

The average amount spent online by Canadian shoppers is less than C$500. However 17% of them spend up to C$2,000.

So, even if you operate a bricks and mortar business in Canada with walk-in foot traffic, there is great potential to build an online customer base within the borders of the world’s largest producer of maple syrup.

If on the other hand, you’re located outside Canada or your
online business’ location isn’t geo-specific, Canadian customers are still a valuable asset.

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What are the Benefits of Targeting Web Traffic in Canada?

  • Canada boasts some of the world’s fastest average mobile internet speeds.
  • Most Canadians consider online banking a normal activity.
  • Canadians frequently use their mobile device while shopping in-store to learn more about products or to compare prices online.

Should I Buy Web Traffic from Canada or Go Organic?

You can do both, but it’s best to lay the foundations for organic web traffic first, then you’ll be ready to cater to the demands of any paid web traffic plans you use in tandem.

Organic web traffic is free. They are the visitors that come to your website voluntarily as a result of your SEO efforts to get your site listed with search engines. While you don’t pay for organic web traffic, you do have to roll up your sleeves and pound away at the keyboard to drum up organic web traffic growth.

Your success in profiting from your organic web traffic will depend on how well primed your website is to welcome the organic traffic.  You’ll need to make those visitors feel at home on your website so they hang around for a while and/or convert into paying customers.

How Can I Nurture Organic Canadian Web Traffic Locally?

Attracting organic Canadian web traffic is the same as marketing to any other country. You have to get to know them so you can give them what they want.

Here are a few tips on how you can penetrate a country’s market outside your own locale:

Buy a Canadian Domain

Website domains hosted in Canada or for Canadian businesses often use the Canadian suffix .ca instead of .com or .net, which are not country specific.

Internet Business Canada

If you already have a generic domain suffix, for example, you could also buy a .ca version of that domain ( and direct web traffic to your .ca domain instead.

Google will recognize that you’re targeting Canadian web traffic and do some of the work for you in directing Canadians to your .ca domain.

Create Content for Canadians

Whichever country you target, one of the best ways to get web traffic from that country is to write content that’ll interest readers in that country. Research what locals are interested in. These interests can include local pastimes, seasonal activities, buying trends and business-to-business relationships.  

How to Get Content Ideas to Attract Web Traffic from Canada

  • Look for local businesses in Canada that are similar to yours or in the same niche.
  • Look up popular search keywords used by Canadians
  • Follow Canadian tweeters on Twitter
  • Watch and read Canadian news to learn what hot topics are on the lips of Canadians.
  • See what kind of advertising campaigns are directed at Canadians
  • Find out about drinking, dining and entertainment venues are popular among Canadians

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Tips for Locally Targeting Canadian Web Traffic

If your business is located in Canada or you’re targeting web traffic from certain locations within Canada, here are 8 tips on how to adapt your site’s content to attract more Canadians.

  1. When using related keywords add a location to them. Use those keywords in your content as frequently as you can in a natural way that won’t be seen as keyword stuffing.
  2. Add your address to the bottom of every page on your site.
  3. Publish testimonials from Canadians or locals that have used your services or bought your products.
  4. If you’re selling goods through an online store, have the prices in Canadian dollars. Then you should ensure visitors are made aware of these native prices with a line of text: ”Prices are in Canadian dollars”.
  5. Make sure certain words are spelled in Canadian English, which is pretty much the same as British English, for words such as catalogue, ‘centre’ and ‘colour’.
  6. Rename image file names with keywords for your Canadian location.
  7. Make sure your website information is up to date in the Whois database.
  8. Manually submit your website to Canadian search engines as well as to Canadian, provincial and city directories, such as:
    • Industry Canada Business Directory
    • Canada One Business Directory

Interact with Canadians on Canadian Blogs and Social Media

As with any strategy to penetrate country-specific web traffic, local social media networks are in-roads that should be taken to increase your site’s organic web traffic. A significant percentage of Canadian internet users are active on social media.

Social media penetration rate in Canada: 68%
Canadian Internet users active on Facebook: 80%
Other popular social networks in Canada: LinkedIn; GooglePlus; Instagram; Snapchat

You can also seek out Canadian blogs with a lot of web traffic. On these blogs, you can post comments or join conversations with other readers to build up your reputation.

Joining online conversations requires a more refined approach. Having a genuine interest helps and your enthusiasm will be apparent. However, feigned interest, peppered with useful information, will do the job.

Mind Your Manners

As the internet’s an extension of society, the rules of web etiquette are just the same as in the real world. There’s a time and a place for blasting out marketing spiel and flashing up link adds all over the place. Doing so on someone else’s blog is not the way to attract an audience. It’s spamming. You’ll either be blocked or totally ignored for it.

Translate Your Website’s Content into French

Quebec is a massive provincial chunk of Canada’s east coast with a population of more than 8 million inhabitants that speak a mixture of English and French. Quirky Quebecian culture and laws mean that most public information is published in both languages, so translating your website’s content into French will appease the French-speaking natives.

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Make Your Website Visible Across All Platforms

The majority of Canadians online access the internet through a desktop or laptop computer. But, a growing number are also using mobile devices.

Should I Buy Web Traffic from Canada?

Getting organic web traffic with country-specific SEO strategies pays healthy dividends, earning you valuable conversions among your online visitors.

Unfortunately, it’s very time consuming.

It can take many months to build up a significant volume of organic web traffic.

Fortunately, there is an alternative: buy web traffic for quicker results.

Buy web traffic from Canada to get a rapid flow of Canadian web surfers coming your way.

If you’re already catering to your organic Canadian audience, a significant number of the new Canadian visitors from your paid web traffic plan will join in and hang around a while.

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How do I Target Web Traffic from Canada in a WebTrafficGeeks Plan?

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Twenty four hours later you’ll see the web traffic flow in from Canada for your chosen niches.

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