How to Be Safe When Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card

You and I may have a hard time believing this but many people are afraid to shop online using their credit cards. According to Finextra, £4.1 billion was stolen as a result of credit card fraud in the UK in 2018. This causes anxieties for any web marketers wishing to purchase traffic using credit cards. But can you really be safe with your traffic transactions?

You can buy website traffic with a credit card safely. You just need to make sure that your chosen traffic supplier is safe and reliable. This way you can get traction without going through questionable trades. It saves you time and money, and gives you peace of mind.

The easiest and fastest means of purchasing web traffic is by using your credit card. But if you’re skeptical about this payment method, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through its advantages, pitfalls, and ways to avoid any fraudulent activities from buying web traffic with your credit card.

Can I buy website traffic using a credit card?

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Credit card

There are many possible reasons why you’re reading through this article:

  • You have your own credit card and you want to buy web traffic.
  • You are curious about purchasing web traffic using credit card transactions.
  • You need to know more about buying traffic with your credit card.
  • You want to know if it’s safe and legal to use a credit card as your payment option.

Using credit card transactions for online shopping can be tricky. With so many frauds happening daily, people seem anxious when it comes to buying anything on the internet.

But despite all these, credit cards are still the most convenient payment method in any online transaction. We just need to be extra careful when doing business on the World Wide Web.


If you’re a web marketer who needs traffic for a website, paid traffic is a good choice. If you’re looking for new ways to support your current digital advertising strategies, buying web traffic is the perfect way to do so too.

Your business can move fast and further with paid traffic. Just key in your credit card details and get quality, targeted traffic within 24 hours.

Consider buying web traffic like buying a waffle maker on Amazon. You choose your ideal product, pick the best deal, key in your credit card details, and receive the item right to your doorstep. It’s easy and convenient, right?

When you purchase from a reliable source, like Amazon in this example, you don’t need to second guess every transaction. You pick and pay. It’s convenient and there’s peace of mind right after every purchase.

You know that the product is on its way and your payment details are secured. That’s the great thing about buying directly from trusted providers. They give you peace of mind after every transaction.

Web Traffic Geeks (WTG) does the same for you too. We are a trusted web traffic provider that delivers 100% real and authentic, targeted users to your website.

Like any of your Amazon purchases, you need to be sure that your transactions when buying web traffic are safe, smooth, and hassle-free.

And a reliable web traffic provider wants the same thing too. They want to provide easy transactions with their clients. No scams. No hassles. No questionable trades.

So let’s discuss how buying web traffic using credit cards can be advantageous. We will also shed light on the dilemma of online fraud and scams and how you can prevent them.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying traffic with a credit card?

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Bar graph advantages

48% of credit card owners use their cards in online shopping. Why?

There are many advantages to using credit cards in online transactions. Some of these include the following:


  • Convenient: It’s a no-brainer: This cashless system is very convenient. You can pay quicker and cheaper compared to using cheques. You can use it with almost anything too – from purchasing groceries to buying web traffic online.
  • Interest-free: You can enjoy an interest-free period on your credit cards. Although each credit card issuer has varying terms and lengths on this, you can maximize this to avoid additional charges when you pay for your dues.
  • Record-keeping: You can monitor your expenditures through your monthly statement and online account. It helps you track your investments. This way it will be easier for you to set limitations when using your card.
    • You can reap the benefits of your credit card without overspending. It can train you to be more careful with your purchases next time.
    • Additionally, this also ensures you have enough cash to pay your entire monthly balance. Some credit cards also provide year-end summaries which are great resources to settle your taxes.
  • Low-cost loans: Many startup companies rely on credit cards. In fact, using a credit card to fund their startup needs gives a major advantage: It helps build your business’ credit score while you’re growing the business.
    • When you don’t have enough means to make an important purchase for your business, credit cards have your back. They’re great assets to fund your needs. You can make the purchase now and pay off the charges later.
    • Always remember to settle your dues on time. Have realistic plans to pay back your credit.
  • Build a good credit history: Once you can build a good credit history, banks and lenders will more likely entrust you with a loan and offer you a good interest rate.
    • You can do so by using your purchases through credit cards and paying your charges in a timely fashion. This can come in very handy as you move forward with your business.

If credit cards can be very advantageous, what stops web marketers from making a traffic purchase?


Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Reason to not buy

Credit cards are great financial assets. They boost your spending power. However, they come with serious pitfalls too:

  • Interest Charges: Credit cards are known to have high-interest charges when you don’t settle your bill each month.
    • If you fail to settle your dues, you will end up paying for the price of your web traffic and its interest charge. In other words, all your purchases will end up costing you more if you have a credit balance.
  • Risk of Online Frauds: Credit cards are a prime target for scammers. If you use them for online transactions with the wrong providers, you can be vulnerable to theft and fraud.
    • This is the most feared factor why web marketers are afraid of purchasing web traffic using credit cards.

If you’re anxious about the privacy of your personal information as you buy web traffic, you can take steps to protect your credit card and other personal details online.

Here are ways you can ease your anxiety when using credit cards for paid traffic:

  1. Sign up for text alerts from your credit card issuer. This can notify you whenever you use your card for any transactions.
  2. Use virtual card numbers. It’s like a disposable representative of your real card. If something happens to a virtual card, you can just delete it and get a new one. These are offered by Citi cards, Capital One, American Express, and etc.
  3. Reputable web providers make use of an up-to-date security and payment systems. It helps prevent online money scams and other fraudulent activities. It’s also one way of protecting your important financial and personal details.

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Why use your credit card in buying traffic?

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Buying with credit cards

If you want to know how to get website visitors fast, then you must use your credit card to buy traffic.

Many consumers prefer credit cards in paying for products and services. From brick-and-mortar clothing stores to online clothing shops, people rely on their cards for many of their day-to-day purchases. It shows how consumers favor the cashless system’s agility for faster transactions.

But one great thing about credit cards is its ability to make long-distance transactions possible.

Since most web traffic providers handle all business matters digitally, there are no branches or billing centers where you can settle your payments personally.

So whether you’re a web marketer from India wishing to boost your visitor count or you’re from the UK looking to get traction with USA customers, you can get the traffic you need using your credit card.

You can literally buy everything from the comforts of home. You can purchase web traffic while wearing your pajamas and sipping your coffee. Just type in your credit card number and other required information, and you can get a good stream of traffic.

Are there any privacy issues when using a credit card as your payment method?

The internet is not a safe space for everyone. We give away too much information online. If these personal details fall into the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Hackers and scammers are always around the corner

Credit card criminals are getting smarter, and you could be at risk.

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Scams to avoid

Online robbery and scammed transactions are something we often hear about. That’s because there are no security measures in online transactions. No online police that guards every purchase on the net. Data, as potential means of evidence, can be stolen too.

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Phishing

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How to go about a fraudulent website?

Virtual shopping can only be as secure as the website you visit. One good method to protect your information from “phishers” (thieves who are building fake websites to scam people) is to verify if the site’s legit or not.

If you received an email of any promising offer or advertisements, avoid responding to these right away. Type the business’ name into your browser. Find out who owns the domain name by checking them out online.

As the world moves forward with technology, online purchasing will never go out of date. So whenever you wish to make financial transactions on the web, I suggest you to be extra vigilant.

1: Use your credit card on trusted websites

When you buy traffic, it is important you’re making transactions from a trusted source like Web Traffic Geeks (WTG). Besides checking the business’ domain, look for client testimonials. These should come from real users and live websites.

Here’s an example from Web Traffic Geeks:

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: WTG testimonials

Also, avoid clicking on unsolicited email links. They usually lead you to dummy websites that are meant to steal any of your personal and financial information.

2: Purchase with your credit card using your personal computer

Purchase your web traffic at home. This means no online ordering while using a public computer or the wifi at your favorite coffee shop.

Public networks and computers have high risks of having your information stolen. These devices could have a keylogger software – an app that captures your keystrokes as you fill in your information and credit card number.

Public wifi are very accessible to hackers too. They could intercept your information.

3: Keep your computer free from viruses and hackers

Update your computer’s safety programs every now and then. Install the most recent anti-virus and anti-spyware from trusted softwares. It blocks any odd activities from penetrating your device.

4: Use your credit card over your debit

Here’s why we think it’s best to use credit instead of debit when purchasing online:

  • You could lose all your money stored on your debit card account once it’s breached by online thefts. Although you can get your money back, it will take some time before the bank can sort out a fraud case.
  • Credit cards have more protection against fraudulent charges. They offer a $50 maximum liability for fraudulent charges as compared to debit card’s $500.

5: Make sure the credit card entry page is secure

Buying Website Traffic with a Credit Card: Security

Make sure that the website is protecting your information. One way to determine is to check the site’s security on the URL in your browser’s address bar.

A perfect example would be Here you can see the lock symbol. Once you press it, it should have a dropdown information panel that shows you the security certificate the website is using.

Only proceed on making online transactions once you see this indication on the web page.

6: Print your online credit card transaction receipts

Always have a printed copy of every transactions you’ve made using your credit card. Once you get your monthly billing statements, compare the amount with your printed receipts. Make sure they match.

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Your money is your responsibility. Be cautious when spending your resources online and keep track of your credit card transactions. Use your credit card to purchase your ideal visitor count with reliable sources like Web Traffic Geeks (WTG).

WTG offers 100% real and targeted users from several niches and countries. We offer several payment methods at your convenience. Purchase quality web traffic with your credit card, bitcoin, PayPal, and bank transfers.

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Using PayPal to buy web traffic is safer than giving your credit card information or bank account.

WTG offers fast and quality web traffic solutions. You can start getting traction as soon as 24 hours after making the purchase.