How to Be A Successful Traffic Reseller

Have you ever had an idea to resell traffic? If you haven’t, you should consider it because you could make a ton of money. Reselling traffic is one of the most lucrative businesses you can find on the internet.

The World Wide Web is filled with millions of websites owned by people hungry to receive traffic to market their products and services. The massive demand for web visitors shows you the huge potential of reselling website traffic. You can generate a good income if you provide a reliable web traffic service to these websites.

When you sell traffic to different websites, you can make a lot of money faster without much work. However, you have to make sure that you do it right and only provide 100% human traffic. 

Luckily, there are many ways that you can start a business that sells traffic, and you don’t even need to have the traffic yourself. Web Traffic Geeks can help you source the traffic and provide it to your customers efficiently and affordably. 

In this post, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how you can resell traffic to website owners in the right way and make a profit from it. Before you start any business, it is always essential to learn its perks so that you can be in a better position to provide high-quality and reliable services to customers.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Understand the Traffic Reselling Business Model

The process of buying and selling traffic is referred to as traffic arbitrage. Arbitrage is just a general term used for any kind of reselling. It’s one of those fancy words that help to make a process seem more legit to eliminate negativity.  

Web traffic arbitrage is relatively simple because all you have to do is buy traffic at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. At Web Traffic Geeks, we can help provide you with traffic at a low wholesale price so that you can resell it and make a profit. 

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2. Identify Your Competition

Once you understand how this business model works, the next step involves identifying the competition so that you can figure out a way to outdo them and receive more customers. However, before determining your competition, you need to choose the traffic niche that you want to get into. 

Running a business involves choosing a specific niche so that you can target the people in that market efficiently and dominate it easily and fast. You need to avoid competing in a general niche because it can be quite difficult, and you won’t rank well. You can identify a less crowded niche ideal for you and venture into it.

After you’ve identified a suitable niche, the other thing you need to do is ensure that you gain as much information about it as possible. Some of the most crucial things to learn are what your competition is doing to rank well and the prices they charge. 

Figuring out their prices will help you set lower prices to attract customers. But, if you see that setting lower prices than your competitors will hinder you from making a considerable profit, then you need to consider looking for another suitable niche.

3. Find a Reliable and Cheap Traffic Source

Typically, when it comes to buying website traffic, you have to be extremely careful. There are traffic sources that charge low prices but only end up providing you with bot traffic. 

So, don’t choose whom you buy your traffic from merely because of the low price they are giving you. Ensure they provide high-quality traffic before paying for their service. You can tell if a traffic source is credible by looking at their web traffic reviews online. 

At Web Traffic Geeks, we strive to deliver the best web traffic on the market. Our company only provides targeted and100% human traffic to customers. 

Here are some of the things that we offer:

  • Money-back guarantee โ€“ We value our customers, and that is why we promise to deliver the right targeted traffic that you request, and if you end up not being satisfied, you can get a refund. 
  • Real human visitors โ€“ With Web Traffic Geeks, you only get real and targeted traffic to your website. Therefore, when you outsource traffic for your customers from us, you can rest assured that they will only receive what they ordered and nothing less.
  • Fair and affordable prices โ€“ Our Company delivers the exact traffic you order at an affordable price, and within the period you stipulated in your order form. 

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4. Create a Website to Sell Traffic

The fourth step on how to resell traffic involves creating a website where you can offer traffic services to customers on the web. Having a website comes in handy because customers can easily find you and check out all your services. 

Creating a website usually comes later because conducting research is very important since it provides you with the right insights about kick-starting your business. Researching about the competition and choosing your niche are some of the most crucial factors to consider when you want to venture into the traffic reselling business. 

Having a website helps to promote your brand, and this makes customers take you seriously and want to buy from you. It shows credibility and trustworthiness, especially if you have testimonials on your website for visiting customers to see what other clients are saying about your services.

“Testimonials boost your conversion rate and can often deliver great results.” 

Neil Patel

For ideas about creating a website for selling traffic, you can do some research online or get inspiration from your identified competitors. You need to ensure that you create a high-quality website that attracts potential customers and turns them into paying ones. 

5. Set an Affordable Price

After figuring out everything, now here comes the most challenging part โ€“ setting the price for your services. If you source traffic from Web Traffic Geeks, you can set your prices slightly higher than us to make some profit. 

Since Web Traffic Geeks provides resell website traffic services at discounted rates for hundreds of niches, you have the option of only sourcing traffic from us according to your niche market, and we’ll be happy to deliver.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before setting your price:

  • Find out how much it costs to source the traffic from us or another supplier depending on your niche.
  • Find out how much it costs you to run your website, including the domain, hosting, and license fees, among others.
  • Find out how much your competitors charge customers for traffic services.

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6. Promote Yourself to Find Customers

Promoting yourself is crucial since it helps you get customers and build a solid base for your business. Running a business without a proper marketing strategy normally results in failure because you need to reach people out there for them to know about the services that you offer.

You can consider purchasing ads on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. to make your website more visible.

If you get a few customers and they order your service, you can encourage them to provide testimonials to help boost your credibility.

7. Show Your Legitimacy

When running a traffic selling business, you need to show that you are entirely legitimate. 

Many people and businesses out there fear buying traffic because of the way most traffic sellers on the web only provide bot traffic to customers. This fact has contributed to the ruining of the industry and could make it quite challenging to convince customers to buy traffic from you.

Therefore, the best way to overcome this challenge is to assure customers that your services are 100% legitimate. Provide as much information as possible and show customers that your traffic is not fake. You can tell your customers that you don’t use any bots to drive visitors to their website, but you only source real visitors and redirect them to their sites. 

A good way is to create a blog and offer as much information as possible to build a solid and trustworthy brand for your business.

8. Provide High-Quality Service

The best thing you can ever do as a business person is to offer excellent services to your customers. When customers receive services that exceed their expectations, they are bound to keep on returning and even refer their friends and family to you. 

If you want your business to grow properly, you have to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied. You can even sacrifice profit to ensure that your customers are happy with the traffic they are getting. 

This way, it will help your brand grow, and eventually when you decide to up your game and increase your rates, customers won’t find it difficult to pay because they know that you only deliver the best traffic in the market for your niche.

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Selling website traffic requires you to think outside the box and ensure that your business stands out from the competition. 

There is so much need for traffic services on the web, and plenty of customers are looking for a service that only delivers the best. 

You can be that service, if only you follow the right tactics and offer top-notch help to your customers.

If you want to resell web traffic, Web Traffic Geeks has got you covered. We offer the best discounts to traffic resellers. Make your order today!