Pay Per Click profit

Guide: How to Make a Profit with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Pay Per Click profit

All B2Bs and B2Cs depend on one thing for revenue – conversions.

To increase profit margins, they weigh up the costs of getting these conversions. Where do they invest their marketing budgets without overspending? Which keywords are too expensive? Where can you get free website traffic? Which target groups convert most?

Marketing strategies can become extremely complex. And expensive.

How to Get Pay Per Click Conversions

How to get PPC conversion

For pay to click affiliates, earnings per click (EPC) are conversions. They need to weigh up the best investments that get people to click – your cost per click (CPC).

Alternatively, you might be running an affiliate marketing program to share your success with your customers. As an affiliate program, you want to tell your signups how to get the most profit with your pay per click (PPC) affiliate program.

You may also share affiliate partner links. When you share links that advertise other people’s products, you probably want to know which are the top paying pay per click affiliate programs out there. As well as get enough traffic to increase your chances of conversions.

Getting more pay per click conversions depends on five central criteria:

  • Products or services with the right price/quality ratio
  • A smooth running website with great user experience
  • Large amounts of targeted human traffic (not bot traffic)
  • Strategies to bring back visitors who did not convert first time around (retargeting and remarketing)
  • High visibility in search results and on social media platforms



Why opt for pay per click affiliate programs over SEO generated earnings?

You shouldn’t opt for one or the other. The more channels you cover, the more visitors you get. The real difference between getting PPC traffic and SEO traffic is time.

SEO takes time to generate conversions. It also brings in around half as many visitors as PPC advertising.

You’ll also need time to learn about the different strategies. Intensive SEO courses take months to complete. With PPC, it’s weeks. PPC strategies are easy to learn and quick to perform.

You also have lower visibility when you use SEO – even though Google controls over 90% of the search engine market. Optimizing for every search engine on the web is complex and expensive. Most people choose Google because it is the biggest search engine. Others pick Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, and Ask for lower CPC prices.

Around 35% of organic results from SEO strategies get clicks. PPC conversions are much lower but make up for this deficit in volume.

Unlike SEO strategies, taking a break from PPC will immediately lower your stats – you’ll need to put energy into PPC ads all of the time. This can be exhausting – unless you buy online traffic.

Pay per click has the potential to be very expensive. Every time a user clicks on your advertisement on Google Ads, you pay for the privilege. This is why using affiliate partners is so popular. Programs offer them commission on sales, or earnings on impressions, clicks, and leads.

Pay per click affiliate programs advertise wherever they choose – they do not have to tweak one campaign for Google and another for Bing. The same PPC ads can be placed anywhere as display advertisements as well as on search engines.

It is estimated that PPC traffic leads to up to 50% more conversions than SEO traffic; well over half of small to medium-sized businesses run an effective PPC affiliate program.  Affiliate startups, therefore, have their pick of local, national, and international partners.

PPC advertising is a top marketing strategy for 2020 and will continue to be so well into the future. For manufacturers, pay per click affiliates for your business means that other companies take over some of the marketing legwork and help to solve your low traffic problems.

Highest Paying Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Highest paying PPC programs

As a PPC affiliate you have the potential to earn huge sums. Even small businesses can count on a regular wage to cover their living costs. However, you need to put in the hours just like you would with any job. There is no way you can expect to set up a PPC affiliate website and then sit back and watch the money roll in.

Pay per click affiliate programs offer very low prices per click. Higher rates are more likely for commission sales. With pay per click earnings, you might not get much per click, but high commissions don’t necessarily mean bigger payouts.

Web hosting is a popular affiliate marketing category – many startups give good rates to new affiliate partners. But with commission sales, if the product doesn’t take off, what’s the point?

Sending interested parties to hosting websites, however, has less to do with product quality at the start. You are simply giving your visitors the chance to research. This means browsing several pages. So pay for impressions can also bring in healthy revenues.

The highest paying pay per click program will raise revenue, but the difference in per click prices is tiny. So payment per click only really matters to affiliate partners that generate millions of daily visitors.

Getting Affiliate Pay Per Click Profits

Affiliate PPC profits

Large volumes of targeted traffic are more likely to generate clicks than small volumes of undifferentiated traffic.

This means you need to find a way to get lots of people to your affiliate website ASAP.

Chances are you are not the only affiliate partner. You are also likely to have signed up with several affiliate programs.

To get more website traffic for these partners, you need to use every marketing strategy out there.

The quickest by far is to buy quality website traffic.

Don’t get me wrong. Quality traffic does not mean instant conversions. But it does mean the right traffic in huge numbers.

You don’t want to make a similarly huge mistake and sign up for more website traffic from a provider that sends bots. Yes, bots click and push up your revenue – very temporarily. With PPC affiliates, they convert because they click.

For your partners, however, bots are not conversions. They do not buy anything. They have no money. Even worse, they can inject code into websites and steal data. They can install malware.

You might generate lots of traffic to your partners using bots, but when your partners realize this…you’re off their books. You’ll probably be fined. Read the small print.The only traffic to buy is 100% human traffic. Like what Web Traffic Geeks sells.

Cheap Website Traffic for Sale

Cheap website traffic

Cheap is fine, just not too cheap.

The average reputable website traffic provider will charge between $0.004 and $0.007 per visit. That’s not per conversion. Conversion into clicks is your job. Any provider that guarantees conversions is acting fraudulently.

In comparison with bidding for keywords, website design, email campaigns, Google Ads, and countless marketing strategies, buying website traffic is cheap.

Lets imagine you have started a blog that tests beauty products. You have signed up to twenty PPC affiliate programs. All of them have English websites.

You don’t have time to wait for the great results of SEO. You don’t have enough leads to start an email campaign. You’re not even sure which target groups are most likely to offer conversions.

People looking specifically for beauty products have a lot of choice. Perhaps other target groups can produce higher conversion rates on your PPC blog.

This is another area where opting to buy website traffic pays off.

How Does Paid Website Traffic Work?

How paid website traffic work

Most professional marketing departments buy visitors from multiple, huge web traffic for sale sites. These visitors are divided into hundreds of niches.

You get to choose how many visitors land on your specified page and what period of time you want them to arrive in. If you don’t have a lot of space, 10,000 visitors all at once could crash your page. It’s better to spread them over a few days or weeks.

You then take a look at your choice of countries. If all of your partners have English websites, you target US, UK, and AUS geo targeted visitors. You can also try other countries where English is a second (or third) language and test the results. Maybe these countries have less choice and offer higher conversion rates.

It’s now time to select your niche. With hundreds of niches available, Web Traffic Geeks really gives you the opportunity to test and analyze results. Without breaking the bank.

You can select up to three niches per order. It’s worth adding unusual target groups into two to four consecutive orders at the start. This will give valuable data regarding who is most likely to convert.

Within 24 hours of payment, your 100% human traffic begins to arrive. The results are practically immediate.

For PPC affiliate websites, the option to buy pay per click traffic for your blog or website really is a no-brainer.