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Get To Know Your Visitors For Better Web Traffic Ranking

Web traffic ranking title Image.

Want to improve your web traffic ranking? Then Iโ€™ll show you what you need to improve on your website to send you ranking rocketing!

Tracking web traffic and a monitoring a websiteโ€™s search engine ranking go hand-in-hand with online marketing campaigns and buying web traffic to boost the volume of visitors.

When armed with information about visitors to a website and where it ranks among your competitors, itโ€™s easier to make informed decisions when strategizing a web traffic purchasing project for that site, such as plans offered by us at WebTrafficGeeks.

We are a team of web traffic experts based in Holland. We guarantee 100% human web traffic (no bots) and allow you to select niches and countries to target along with the number of visitors you desire over a designated period.

There are many online tools available for analyzing your web traffic statistics as well as your websiteโ€™s overall ranking among competitors. Some do a specific analytical job while others go into infinite detail about you and your competitorsโ€™ web traffic. So try not to get lost down rabbit holes or worry too much about details such as click rates and bounce rates. Stay focused on the essentials at first.

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What Are The Different Types of Web Traffic?

Itโ€™s good to know where your visitors are coming from to see what is driving them to your website. Web traffic can be broadly categorized as search traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic.

Compare & Compete With Web Traffic Ranking Tools

Website ranking tools give you insight into what is working for your competitors. Some allow you to compare your web traffic to that of similar websites. Most traffic ranking tools are free to use for basic statistics but will often require payment for more detailed information.  

Here are some key elements you can track with those tools to analyse when you buy web traffic plans to boost web traffic.

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Tracking & Improving Your Conversion Rate

Keep in mind the purpose of your website. What is the ultimate goal or end result you want your visitors to do?

  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Buy products
  • Download a brochure
  • Watch a video or listen to an audio clip
  • Subscribe to a service

Web traffic analytics tools can recognize these actions and they become factors in your conversion rate. You might have to get up to 100,000 visitors before just one of them converts into a single sale, a sign-up or a download โ€“ giving you a conversion rate of only 0.001%. This may sound ominous but you can easily improve such a low conversion rate.

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Two Simple Ways To Improve Conversion Rates

1. Make improvements to your website content and your visitorsโ€™ experience to direct them to your goal. Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Make it easy for the visitor to reach the desired goal in as few steps as possible
  • Add a guarantee for customers
  • Use testimonials
  • Be clear about the benefits of what you are offering (make sure they are the same as the pitch used in ads and referral links)
  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you

2. Invest in a trustworthy web traffic plan to bring more real visitors to your site. Following these steps will help boost your web traffic ranking and avoid your website being penalized by search engines for artificially inflating web traffic volume.

  • Avoid overuse of pay-per-click plans that bring bots rather than people to your website
  • Define and target people in your unique niche
  • Target specific geographical locations
  • Buy web traffic over an extended period for a steady flow of visitors

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