How does Webtrafficgeeks work?

1. Visit the order page and choose between one of the two traffic types.

2. Select your preferred package. The more traffic you buy, the higher the extra numbers of visitors will be.

3. Sign up as new advertiser, or login in as existing advertiser.

4. Now fill out the form with your desired URL. You need to click the button to verify the URL.

5. Select your desired countries where your visitors should come from. You can select up to three. Click the Add Country button to add.

6. Select your desired niches. You can select up to three. Click the Add Niche button to add.

7. Enter your desired start date and comments (not necessary).

8. Click Next.

9. Click I agree to the Terms of Service and click Check Out.

10. After you’ve paid: Your order is now in the oven. We will receive you order and you will receive a confirmation e-mail after you pay by Paypal.

11. We will now start to review your order. Twice per working day (9.30 AM GMT +1 and 16.30 PM GMT +1) we will review all orders. The status of your order will be set to Approval.

12. After approval (this normally takes around 12 hours), your order will go into Active mode. You will again receive an e-mail when this happens. Your order is now being processed! Order will have a standard period of execution of 10 days.

13. You will receive an e-mail once your order is finished.
That’s it !
Thank your for ordering with Please let us you know if you have any questions or suggestion to improve our service and website! We will reward you