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How well do visitors convert? (Example included)

This is totally dependent on your website. As you might imagine, an online jewelry shop will have a lower conversion rate than a freebies website.

Promising tests

However, we have ran some tests, and these were promising. Generally, when you have a good optimized website, you will see some conversions. However, we can't guarantee this. See our money back guarantee for more information.

The test we ran resulted in these Google Analytics stats:

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Note: The stats are in Dutch, since we are a dutch company.

Bouncepercentage = Bounce rate in %
Pagina's / Bezoek = Average pageviews per visitor
Gem. bezoekduur = Time on Site

As you can see, these are high, and even higher than the average visitor on our website (in this case, a fashion blog).

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We must note, that the primary purpose why people buy is:
1: To drive up domain valuation
2: To increase brand exposure
3: To increase the Google Analytics statistics (Bounce rate, Time on Site)
4: Drive up the ad space value on their website