Tips On How to Tell Between Fake And Real Web Traffic

A website is an integral component of modern businesses. The increased activities online have created a unique platform through which brands can engage the stakeholders and lure new customers.

However, having a website with no traffic or extremely low visitors is likely to have minimal impact on your business. As such, companies need to establish strategies for driving traffic to their sites and convert this traffic to leads and sales.

Since driving traffic to your website might be a daunting task, you could consider purchasing traffic form sites like Web Traffic Geeks. While buying website traffic has often led to a contentious debate, the real deal is differentiating genuine sellers from scammers.

The internet space consists of numerous businesses, including genuine sellers and scammers. You do not want to fall prey to the scammers when making an online purchase, more so when buying traffic for your site.

When you decide to buy traffic for your site, taking the time to conduct an in-depth background check of several providers is a good idea that will always pay off. This can help you differentiate a fraud and a real source of website traffic.

The following sections of this article will equip you with the key tactics for identifying a credible web traffic source and identifying fake traffic.

Spotting a Genuine Web Traffic Seller

The sole reason for buying traffic for your website is to have more customers and prospective clients directed to your site. If this does not happen, reexamine your traffic provider and gauge whether the venture is worth it.

Identifying a genuine website traffic seller is not easy, but you can gauge a seller’s genuineness based on the analytics you get from your site. The following are some of the qualities to look for in a website traffic seller.

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  • Quality

The quality of website traffic is about how significant this traffic is in helping the business achieve its goals and objectives. As such, the traffic must be real and not bots.

Also, quality website traffic is accurately positioned to target customers interested in your business services and products. The results from web traffic bought must be seen within a few months to help your products or services beat the competition. 

The traffic should be 100% human, and you can use technologies like Google Analytics to identify fake traffic by observing the average session duration and bounce rates.

  • Target

Targeting is a crucial aspect of website traffic. Besides having 100% human traffic, a reputable traffic seller should provide you with the target audience you desire for your website.

With targeted traffic, customer leads and sales should improve. If the traffic does not bring the specific audience you’re looking for, the seller’s legitimacy is questionable.  

  • Money-back Guarantee

The leniency of the payment for website traffic tells a lot about the seller. If the seller is willing to give back your money if you are not satisfied with the results obtained, it means their business is legit.

You should take advantage of such service and try buying traffic for your site banking on the money-back guarantee, such that if the venture is not profitable, you request your money back. 

  •  Quicker results

Once you purchase traffic for your site, the expected outcomes should be realized faster. This is based on the targeting and quality of traffic directed to your site from your provider.

Good traffic sellers start providing web traffic within 24hours of paying for their service.

Identifying Fake Traffic on Your Site

The increased demand for online services has led businesses to look for strategies to make entry to the online sector simpler. Both startups and established firms may struggle with traffic and opt for buying visitors that will promote their digital presence.

However, as I said earlier, there has been a significant rise in fraud and scams concerning selling website traffic. There have been numerous scams concerning bots, fake clicks, and fake traffic that has cost companies billions. The following are tactics that you can use to identify fake traffic.

  • Rapid and Unrealistic Rise of Traffic

Things are not alright if there is a sudden rise of views and clicks on your site. For instance, if you have been getting 1000 clicks and views, but suddenly the number rises to a million or more, this might not add up.

  • Nature of Visit

If all the customers directed to your site are using one browser and only spend seconds on your site before leaving, this could be artificial traffic. You can verify this by observing the site heat map, showing the user’s activity on your site.

  • The Visitors’ Location and Language

Getting a niche and location-specific traffic source is ideal for businesses as it helps with targeting. If the traffic you get from your supplier is from an unusual location and is targeted to another area other than your request, this could be an indicator of artificial traffic.

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  • Bounce Rate

Track the bounce rate of your site to determine if you are receiving genuine traffic. This is done by monitoring the live analytics on the visits to view the real-time data concerning the traffic you’re getting.

According to website traffic experts, the rapidly skyrocketing of the new sessions and bounce rates could indicate fake traffic. This could suggest that artificial intelligence using a bot has been applied to generate fake traffic impressions on your website.

  • Site Performance

Always track and monitor the performance of your website concerning the speeds and visual performances so you can identify anomalies. If your website is overrun with bots, they are likely to compromise the speeds of operation and the site’s visual appearance.

Choosing a Website Traffic Provider for Your Site

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When purchasing web traffic, you need to be extremely careful and focus on providers that will help you generate leads with a high likelihood of conversion. As such, you need to select a reputable seller who can create and maintain a stream of traffic for your site.

If you are looking for a genuine provider for website traffic, Web Traffic Geeks (WTG) is a solid choice. WTG has professionals specializing in creating and maintaining quality traffic to give your business an edge.

Whether you are looking from mobile internet traffic or general traffic to your site, WTG has got all it takes to help you boost your online presence and digital footprint. These services are ideal for startups and established firms seeking to make a statement online.

WTG delivers highly targeted and quality traffic to your site to help your business make a breakthrough to the next level. This is done without extra or hidden costs, and you will be given a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services you get.


When looking for a traffic seller, select one that offers niche specific traffic. This can help you get highly accurate traffic that will drive value for your business. This will help you stay on top by attracting more customers and getting more leads.

Even if you have the knowledge and time to manage plans for driving traffic to your site, you should entrust this to Web Traffic Geeks so you can focus on other activities to grow your online business.