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Does Website Traffic Decrease on Weekends?

Your business website is up and running that’s good. But are you monitoring the website to know what is actually happening there?

Can you say how many visitors your site receives per day, week, month or year?

On which days of the week do you get the most web traffic? Are numbers down on the weekends? What is the most visited page on your website?

If you canโ€™t answer these simple questions then youโ€™re doing you and your online business a disservice. You could be the only visitor to your website and you donโ€™t even know it. Or you could be spending money on marketing your brand and youโ€™re not getting a Return On Investment (ROI). But, even worse, you could be losing money!

Keeping track of your web traffic numbers is important. It makes you constantly aware of key statistics about your site. If youโ€™re already monitoring your website numbers you’re on the right track mate. If youโ€™re not itโ€™s time to begin doing so.

When tracking your website traffic you might notice that visitor numbers go down or up during the weekend. In this article, Iโ€™ll tell you how to measure your web traffic if youโ€™re not already doing so and what to do if you experience a slump in visitors on weekends.

To track web traffic you can use Google Analytics, which is a free tool. There are many other web analytics tools online but I recommend this one because it is one of the most powerful analytics tools around.

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The Most Important Web Metrics You Should Be Tracking For Your Website

With Google Analytics you can get a lot of data about your website. For a beginner, the numbers, menu items and charts on Google Analytics can be confusing. Donโ€™t worry all that information confuses many people unless youโ€™re a seasoned analytics professional.

To make it easier for you, start with the basic statistics. Then include more metrics once you get the hang of it.

Hereโ€™s my list of key data to look at regularly:


This will show you how many people visited your website yesterday, last week, last month and so on. Of particular interest to you should be the number of unique visitors.

Unique visitors represent the total count of unique internet users visiting your website. The number of times the unique visitor clicks on your site doesn’t matter. So for example, if one person visited 10 times and another only once youโ€™ll have two unique visitors and 11 visits.

Once you understand how to track unique visitors you can look at repeat visitors. The individual who visited your website 10 times can be classified as a repeat visitor. Repeat visitors are those people who return to your website to repeat shop or read more information.

When you track the number of visitors youโ€™ll know how large an audience you are reaching. These numbers will also tell you if the money youโ€™re spending to give your website visibility is worth it. If you spend money on a magazine advertisement in March and visitors donโ€™t increase it would not be a good idea to pay for a similar ad the coming month.


Once you get to know the number of visitors coming to your site, the next thing to ask is where is this traffic coming from. A referral report will give you this information. From this report, you will know whether people are coming from search engines, social media or other blogs.

Understanding where your web traffic is coming from helps you point out what is working and what is not. For example, if a lot of traffic is coming from social media you should increase your paid ads on Facebook or post more content on your social media page. If you have no organic traffic that indicates your SEO strategy is not working and you should redirect your strategies or drop it.

Bounce Rate

Have you ever walked into a store changed your mind about buying something and walked back out immediately? On the internet that would be called a โ€œbounce.โ€ it happens when a visitor gets to your site and leaves within seconds. This could happen for a number of reasons:

  • It could be they didnโ€™t find what they were looking for on your site.
  • Navigating your website is a nightmare
  • At times it could be that they end up on your website by accident.

Regardless of the reason why they left, having a high bounce rate is not good for business. Every person who leaves means you have lost an opportunity to make a sale. You, therefore, need to know what makes those that come to your website leave. If your content is old: get new content. If navigation is hard: fix it.

Conversion Rate

Want to know how successful your website is? Check your conversion rate.

A high conversion rate shows that youโ€™re doing a good job converting visitors into potential or paying customers. Your conversion rate is calculated when people make a purchase, fill in their contact information, sign up for email alerts and so on.

A low conversion rate might mean youโ€™re attracting the wrong audience and you should look into your web traffic sources. It could also mean youโ€™re doing a poor job convincing visitors the product or service youโ€™re selling will sort out their problem.

A drop in your conversion rate could point toward something that is broken on your site. Your shopping cart may be crashing or the email subscription form may have a problem.

10 Top Pages

This report on Google Analytics will tell you which are the most popular pages on your website. This information will help you know which pages of your site need improvement and which should be left as theyโ€™re.

If you regularly update your content the top ten pages statistics will show you what visitors enjoyed reading and found most useful. Such content is what you should continue churning out.

There are a lot more metrics you can keep a tab on. However, these 5 will go a long way in helping you know how to improve your website and make it generate good revenues.

Also when you do web analytics youโ€™ll be able to answer the question at the top of this article.

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Does Web Traffic Go Up Or Down On Weekends?

Most websites โ€œsee a significant drop in traffic over the weekends, often by as much as 50 percent. This further emphasizes how large of a drop there is on web traffic over the weekend.โ€ Bradley Web Group

The consensus on this question from the various forums, research and articles I looked at is indeed most websites do experience a drop in their web traffic numbers during weekends.

The reason for the drop in your web visitors could be because many people take time from being online to enjoy time with family and friends. They spend most weekends at parties, lunches, picnics, getaways so they are offline most of the time.

Your traffic numbers remain low on Saturday and for the better part of Sunday. Then come sunday evening, the numbers start picking up again. From Monday morning numbers should be on the increase with your peak being Tuesday and Wednesday. After this, numbers begin dropping from Thursday and continue to go down as the weekend draws in.

However not all website see a drop in weekend web traffic numbers. Some experience a major increase in visitors over the weekend. Shopping websites, social media sites, gaming websites, sports, movies, travel and videos streaming platforms tend to have higher traffic. These websites offer visitors an opportunity to unwind after a hectic week at work.

It is unlikely that a website offering accounting services will see their traffic numbers spike over the weekend. On the other hand, a cooking website will peak on Saturday and Sunday. On the weekend, people have more time to try new recipes.

From your web traffic data you can see that your industry and content determine your weekend traffic numbers. I would say theyโ€™re two ways to look at traffic business and leisure. It is more leisure on weekends and business during the week.

When you look at your web traffic numbers over the weekend youโ€™ll see most of it comes from mobile. This is because many people are not in work. And these days, most people only use desktop PCs in work. When not at work many internet users rely on their mobile phone to get information.

What To Do Avoid Low Web Traffic During Weekends

Just because most websites experience drops in traffic over the weekend doesnโ€™t mean you shouldnโ€™t do anything about it. As a business, you should always aim to be better than your competitor and you should put in effort to bring more traffic to your website all the time.

Here are some ways to do that.

Have fresh content on your blog

No one wants to read the same old boring content on the internet. So create new content and post it throughout the week. That means donโ€™t stop posting content on the weekend. The internet is โ€œ Always open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And in times of social media brands must also communicate 24 hours, 7 days a week.โ€

So for your online business to thrive, donโ€™t close shop on Friday at 5 oโ€™clock till Monday morning. Post often during the weekend and Google will reward you with more organic traffic. Google loves a blog that is regularly updated.

The content you share should be informative, entertaining and engage your readers such that they will want to come back to your website. Or compelling enough to move them to your sales page to make a purchase.

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Promote your content and website

Posting content is a good first step but you have to do more than that. I know you also want to have some time to yourself over the weekend. So I wonโ€™t tell you to spend the whole of Saturday promoting your website on social media.

1-2 hours will be enough to do this. The best time to post and promote your new content is in the morning say around 9-11 am and youโ€™re like to reach your target audience.

โ€œBlogs are most likely to get comments on Saturday when people have plenty of time to think about what they want to say, write it, and respond to any comments that follow. Many people hold their weekly blog reading for a lazy Saturday morning.โ€ Rob Steffens, Marketing and Sales Manager at Bluleadz.

Also, a lot of people have more time to spend on social media on weekends. So you can continue to post on your social media the entire weekend on business products, sales etc. Your social media activity should generate you more social media traffic if youโ€™re doing it right.

Make your website mobile friendly

During the weekend most people access the internet using their mobile phone. For this reason, you must ensure your website gives a good mobile user experience. If you donโ€™t do this your website will lose out on traffic as those that come will leave as soon as they get there because navigating your site using their phone is difficult.

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Whether your web traffic drops or remains the same on weekends depends on where your traffic comes from. If you purchase a traffic plan from Web Traffic Geeks you wonโ€™t have any worries about traffic on weekends. If your traffic comes from search engines be prepared for a drop because there are also less searches done on Google on weekends.

I recommend you pay for traffic from credible web traffic sources to stay ahead of your competition not only during the week but during weekends too.