Cheap Signups, Guaranteed

How great is that?

All you need to do is pay someone to send you as many visitors as you can afford. You should invest as much as you can. Why? Because your incredible traffic provider guarantees a 100% conversion rate!

You never need to worry about SEO, paid ads, website design, and maintenance again. So, where can you buy guaranteed signups?

When something sounds too good to be true, it is.

The Guaranteed Signups & Leads Scam

How many website visitors for sale services have you come across telling you your conversions will explode beyond your wildest dreams?

If you haven’t seen any yet, you’ve probably not thought about buying website traffic. Type guaranteed paid signups or guaranteed affiliate signups into your search bar. The result? Pages and pages of empty promises.

These unscrupulous websites use terms like revolutionary new marketing method, new and innovative advertising, and cost per action to make the impossible seem possible.

If you click on some of the older search engine results, you will more than likely be taken to a 404 โ€“ Not Found page.They couldn’t deliver and have taken people’s money and run.

We all want guaranteed signups. Life would be so much easier. But signups and sales have been hard work since we first started living in caves.

100% guaranteed signups do not exist. Even 1% visitor signup rates can’t be guaranteed. In the democracy of the World Wide Web, everyone has a choice. Most of them have thousands of options. How can any company guarantee what that choice will be?

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If You Buy Website Traffic Are There Any Guarantees?

A top website traffic for sale enterprise can only guarantee four things:

No reputable bulk website traffic provider will promise anything more. They can’t. 

As I mentioned earlier, signups depend on the human right to choose. They rely on your product compared to those of competitors. It’s up to you to convince a human being to part with information or money (preferably both).

Bot Signups: Cheap and Guaranteed!

If you read this, would you sign up?

A bot has no personal information, no bank account, and no worth in the world of conversions. 

But bot signups can be guaranteed. An essential quality when you look at signup guarantees from a scammer’s point of view.

Even cheap website traffic offers that seem plausible, like offering to run a text ad until your ordered numbers of leads has been reached, use bots. If they didn’t rely on artificial traffic, they could never guarantee signups without raising the Internet Fraud alarm.

Spam form submissions are not only fake, but they can also be harmful. Spambots provide false data and inject undesirable backlinks and redirects. They can be programmed to steal your carefully-collected user data.

Adding a Captcha to your signup form can stop most bots from gaining access to your website. Unfortunately, Captchas also negatively affect human signups. How many times do you have to select cars, traffic signals, or bridges before you’re permitted to sign up? 

Captchas are irritating and time-consuming for human web traffic. They turn a one-click decision into a complicated process. When you rely on snap decisions and spontaneous purchases, a Captcha is a no-no.

Even with a Captcha in place, bots are becoming increasingly intelligent. Or rather, the human minds behind them are. Some spambots can override your protective security measures.

We Guarantee Signups To Your Free-To-Join Affiliate Program!

This is another empty promise found on a very basic website that sits high on the first Google SERP.

Extremely basic website design is common in fake website traffic domains. They probably won’t host a blog โ€“ blogs require time and updates. You might not notice any dates to show you how old (or new) the website is. The text can be great (maybe with some telling spelling or grammatical errors), but the site’s overall appearance is terrible.

The landing page (there are very few pages in total) probably looks like it was designed in the 1980s. After all, there’s no point in investing in a fabulous website; the owners won’t make millions from their scam. A few hundred dollars, perhaps.

You can be sure this basic, ugly website will have transformed into a 404 โ€“ Not Found before this article is posted. Especially when you take note of the 5 to 7 day wait before your ordered campaign can begin.

The average lifespan of website traffic scam sites is 7 days. This gives a client time to make and pay for an order (at least $1 per signup).

As he or she waits for the processing period to pass, they suddenly realize the site has been taken down. And after seven days, there’s no extra traffic (let alone signups) coming in.

That client doesn’t suffer alone. Many business owners find themselves in exactly the same situation.

How to Avoid Website Traffic for Sale Scams

You’ve heard it before, and people will continue to say it until the world ends. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Forget the ‘probably.’

When you want to buy website traffic in large quantities that is spambot-free, you need to do your research. For every website traffic provider you look at, make sure the following points are made very clear:

  • No guaranteed conversions
  • Guaranteed 100% human traffic
  • Guaranteed visits
  • No 100% AdSense-safe traffic guarantee (but they’ll do their best)
  • Delivery within 24 hours (no time for them to run away)

A website with an archived blog is a good sign. 

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Also, a website traffic provider with mixed reviews is not a bad thing. If all reviews are 5 stars, there’s something wrong. If everyone’s complaining, that’s a good indication this isn’t a particularly good provider. You actually WANT to find mixed reviews.

Different people have different expectations when they buy website traffic online. Some expect 100% guaranteed conversions; some are more realistic. The latter group knows that conversions rely on their content, user experience, and product. And lots of hard work.

Those that want guaranteed conversions give the provider no stars or one star. The ones that have a mediocre website or product might offer 2 or 3 stars. 

Businesses who use bought traffic as an additional marketing strategy give the highest marks when traffic – not necessarily the conversion rate – increases.

< 100% Guaranteed Signups & Leads!!!

Even though we know that too good to be true is too good to be true, people still don’t react positively when they see a more truthful statement.

You will get signups and leads from website traffic providers:

  • If you are selling something worth buying at a price that’s worth paying
  • If your website is functioning correctly
  • If you are targeting the right visitors
  • If your CTA is straightforward and quick

We could fill pages with helpful marketing strategies. Most of them increase your conversions by small, sometimes unnoticeable numbers. Very few of them are entirely wrong. No marketing strategy works all the time on its own. 

And the effects of every marketing strategy should be observed from within a realistic context.

This is how you should look at good website traffic sellers and the effects of their website traffic.

Why Buy Website Traffic?

The point of buying website traffic has everything to do with numbers, low prices, and speed.

SEO traffic takes time to generate. For referral traffic, you need time to find the right sites and influencers to ask for inbound links. 

Email traffic can have quicker results but needs experts to get the wording right. Of course, you first need lots of email addresses to send your CTA to. If you don’t have your own, buying targeted email addresses costs money.

Unless you know a lot about marketing and website design (and analytics, coding, and human psychology), you have to pay other people to help you increase traffic to your landing pages.

This isn’t the case with bought traffic. You don’t need to hire an expert or know much about marketing to boost your visitors.

Why Buy Website Traffic from Web Traffic Geeks (WTG)?

When you buy 100% human website traffic from WTG, your visitors will start to arrive in 24 hours. This doesn’t give us much time to run.

You can have them all arrive at once or order them over the course of a month. If you choose the former, your website will need to be able to deal with all that extra attention.

As for costs, buying website traffic is cheap. A lot cheaper than most marketing strategies.

With WTG, you pay between $0.004 and $0.0074 per visitor. Exactly how much depends on your selected package. Our most popular package provides 50,000 visitors at $0.005 each โ€“ and you get an extra 5,000 visitors thrown in for free.

And what about numbers?

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You can order anywhere from 10,000 to 300,000 visitors with WTG packages, even more with a custom offer. 

All reputable traffic platforms (except web traffic resellers) maintain their own websites. These sites attract millions of visitors every day.

Enough information is collected for individuals to be placed into niche groups. They are also categorized according to location.

That means you can โ€“ if you want to โ€“ target 300,000 humans to come to your online casino website. You can ensure that these visitors only come from countries where online gambling is legal. You can also specify that these visitors are interested in games (not board games, video games, or family games), casinos, and are over 18 years of age.

No 100% Guaranteed SignUps & Leads, Just 100% Honesty

If your online casino offers a great user experience, how many of the 300,000 visitors you buy will sign up?

There are no guarantees.

But with numbers like these, and with all of your visitors targeted, your conversion rate should be a lot higher than if you ordered undifferentiated traffic.

There is one guarantee. You will not convert 100%.

It is also highly unlikely you will convert 50%. Or 30%. Or 10%.

If you manage to sign up 3% for your new business, you have a good return on your investment. In this scenario, you get 9,000 signups. This is, of course, in addition to the leads you get through your other marketing campaigns.

After all, you know that you need to put in a lot of hard work to get conversions. Buying website traffic is just one of your strategies.

Over time, and with investment, your business begins to gain recognition. People leave positive feedback because you have a product worth buying. The next time you buy website traffic, you could get 4%, 6%, or 10% conversion rates.

You can also enjoy increased organic traffic, referral traffic, social traffic, and even direct traffic.

What you probably won’t enjoy is a 100% conversion rate from any of these channels.

At least, not guaranteed.