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Buy Website Traffic UK

The United Kingdom is home to many thriving industries. According to the UK’s Department for International Trade, UK companies can reach more than 500 million consumers across Europe. So to market my brand successfully, I needed to buy website traffic from the UK. I gathered data and explored some options. Let me share them with you. How to buy website […]

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What is Qualified Web Traffic?

Qualified web traffic is high-quality web traffic which adds value to your website and validates you as an authority on the subject area of your website’s content. In this article we’ll look at the elements that comprise qualified web traffic and how to attract qualified web traffic to your website. What’s Considered Good (qualified) Website Traffic? Qualified web traffic is […]

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How Much Web Traffic is Bots?

Less than half of the world’s web traffic is actually human. According to Internet security experts, more than 50% of website visitors are ‘bots’ and ‘spiders’. From benign crawlers to destructive bugs, all can infest websites and wreak havoc. In this article we’ll take a look at the different kinds of bots, good and bad, and how to reduce the […]

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Should I Buy Web Traffic from Fiverr?

When it comes to paid web traffic, Fiverr has been a controversial topic on the internet. Many people are arguing whether or not using Fiverr for web traffic gains makes for a good investment. This got me curious. So, I explored more about it in hopes to shed light in this much-debated topic. Should I buy web traffic from Fiverr? […]

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Different types of web traffic

What are the Different Types of Web Traffic?

Web traffic can be categorized into four different types. We’ll look at each of these types, how to analyze them, and how to boost them. An Overview of Web Traffic Types Direct Traffic Visitors that come directly to your website by typing in your website’s URL or from an existing bookmark in their web browser. Referral Traffic Visitors that clicked […]

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