Can You Buy Web Traffic?

There are over a billion websites on the internet. With such a large number of websites, competition to get eyes to your site is beyond cutthroat. Iโ€™ll show you how and where to buy web traffic to cut out the competition.

Creating a personal blog or business website is exciting but thatโ€™s where the fun ends.

Once the website goes live you have to hustle for web traffic:

Thatโ€™s the hard part!  

With millions of websites on the internet youโ€™ll soon realize getting web traffic isnโ€™t easy.

Your website wonโ€™t get as much traffic as which has the world’s highest web traffic at an astounding 42.46 billion visits per month. However, if your website is to achieve its purpose – i.e generates revenue – you must understand the internetโ€™s competitive environment and work to bring traffic to your website.

In this article, Iโ€™ll show you what is web traffic, how to get web traffic, the cost of getting web traffic, the benefits and risks of buying web traffic and a lot more.

What is Web Traffic?

top 10 Web traffic

Website traffic is the number of internet users who visit your website. Traffic comes from a number of sources including Google searches, social networks, emails and so on.

Your web traffic is used to measure if your online business is attracting the audience it needs to make sales. It goes without saying your conversion skills donโ€™t matter if you donโ€™t have visitors coming to your online site.

Website traffic is recorded when a web user visits your site. Their computer or connected device communicates with your websiteโ€™s server. The server transmits the information the users require to their browser and this process represents a single hit. This hit is entered in the server log which is in the servers hard drive. As the website’s owner, you can access this log to analyze valuable information of your websites popularity and pages getting the most attention.

Types of Web Traffic

There are five main types of web traffic.

types of web traffic

Organic Traffic

Here internet users find you when they use a search engine for products, services, business names or something you offer. For example, they may type into Google or their preferred search engine โ€œ car brakesโ€ and your website tops the search result. They decided to click on it and are directed to your website. This would be organic traffic.

To generate organic traffic youโ€™ll have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to place you above your competitors in search engine results. If youโ€™re running an SEO campaign itโ€™s normal not to see any organic traffic in the first few months. However, youโ€™ll usually see increased traffic activity month over month; especially after month 6. However, note organic traffic may happen without you doing SEO work but this is rarely the case.

To increase your organic traffic you need to increase your search engine visibility. Try these methods to do that:

  1. Come up with an SEO strategy. Such a strategy will increase your websites ranking on search engines. Your SEO strategy should be clear and have specific goals.
  2. Do keyword research. This will be part of your SEO Strategy. Find a list of keywords relevant to your business. These are the keywords users will use when searching for products or services you offer. Use these keywords in your website’s content. This will help your website be associated with those keywords, try long tail keywords in particular.

According to an article on increasing web traffic that appeared in Forbes โ€œWhile some keywords gain a lot of traffic, the large majority, 70% to be exact,  of online searches are long tail keyword searches. For example, instead of searching for โ€œbicycle,โ€ a user would search for โ€œmountain bikes under $500.โ€

  1. Create a content creation calendar. Have a plan on how to generate online content like blogs, case studies or posts on social media. All content created should have the keywords you select and this will help boost your websites Google search ranking and increase organic traffic.

HubSpot says โ€œB2B brands that blog generate an average of 67% more leads than brands that donโ€™t blog and most of them want more traffic.โ€

Neil Patel, a  top influencer on the web, who has helped companies like Amazon, HP, and NBC grow their businesses online adds  โ€œ82% of companies that blog daily acquire customers easily via their media site. Those who neglect blogging, or do it sporadically, will always struggle to get more clients.โ€

Paid Traffic

As the name suggests this involves paying a company or an individual to drive traffic to your website. Also referred to as inorganic traffic, youโ€™ll have to develop and pay for a marketing strategy to sell your business.

Paid traffic can be bought on Facebook or Google Adwords where your ads can be placed in front of your target audience. Facebook and Google Adwords also come up with creative ways to motivate desired customers to click on your website. With paid traffic, you are going out to look for customers but with organic traffic, customers come to you.

Another option is to buy web traffic directly from companies that supply it. These companies usually have large website networks that can direct traffic toward your site. They do this by linking to your site from each of their websites. The amount you pay is depended on the traffic volume you need. Smaller volumes of traffic cost less than large volumes.

Direct Traffic

This type of traffic occurs when a customer enters your exact website address on their smartphone or computer browser. To do so theyโ€™re aware of your business and are looking for some information, product or service they think you may provide them with. If you receive a lot of direct traffic it means your networking, TV commercials, print advertising or PR efforts are paying off as more people are aware of your brand.

Often direct traffic also comes from previous customers who have had good user experiences on your website and have made purchases before. These previous customers may also refer you to family and friends and this word of mouth marketing can increase direct traffic.

According to TBH Creative, a company that designs and builds result driven websites โ€œDirect traffic is important because it can provide insight into brand recognition and customer loyalty. Direct traffic can also be a helpful indicator of how successfully your offline marketing campaigns are promoting your website.โ€

For direct traffic to convert into sales ensure your site is easy to navigate and delivers on visitors expectations. Visitors should, from the first moment they get to your page, know they came to the right place to get whatever they are looking for.

To increase direct traffic,

  • Make your URL simple. When deciding your website address ensure you choose one that is memorable, short and simple. If you have a long and confusing URL it will affect the direct traffic you get.
  • Continuously build your brand. Always put in the work to make your brand widely known. With more brand exposure, people are likely to go directly to your website if they need something you offer.
  • Up your offline marketing strategy. This is also part of building your brand and will increase direct traffic to your website. You can place business advertisements in newspapers, have coupons, give out business cards to those you meet or make company brochures. Ensure your URL is well placed for people to see it in the promotional materials to increase the potential of direct web traffic.
  • Work on building customer loyalty. If you give visitors and your customers a good experience when they visit your website they will return. To offer a good user experience make navigation through your site easy, keep content fresh and updated or make regular improvements on your website.

โ€œWhat makes people passionate is great experiences. If they have a great experience with your product and they have great experiences with your service, theyโ€™re going to be passionate about your brand, theyโ€™re going to be committed to it. Thatโ€™s how you build that kind of commitment.โ€ Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

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Referral Traffic

As a  business, you can partner with bloggers who will place links to your site on their blog or social media pages. When their readers click on these links they will be sent to your website. This is referral traffic.

For you to be mentioned on other company sites you must first offer something that is valuable. You could be a guest blogger and create compelling content which will increase readers of the blog and give your business visibility. This creates a win-win situation. Try writing for popular online magazines like Huffington Post, WebMD, Inc,, Forbes and the like. Doing so will drive the audience to your site.

You could also reciprocate and work with other websites where each includes links of the other on their website. Backlinks should not, however, be randomly placed they must fit into content offered. If you have a business blog you can also place links to your products within content published.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat can also be used to drive referral traffic to your website quickly.

Social Traffic

This is traffic generated from your social media pages. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and so on. The amount of social traffic you generate for your website depends on how well you interact with your target audience on these platforms.

To generate social traffic you have to be very active on your social media page. Prompting answers to questions asked about the products and services you offer will drive social traffic to your website. Also, provide content worth talking about. If you drive conversations in your industry the attention you create will result in visitors to your website.

Knowing what type of traffic your website receives is important. With that information, you can come up with ways to increase web traffic. If for example, you discover you have a lot of organic traffic you can continue to improve your SEO strategy to keep you at the top of the search engines.

Alternatively, if paid traffic is high you can look at why a Facebook ad you did brought so much traffic. Look into what was unique about the Facebook ad and create a marketing strategy from this information.

How can I Check the Traffic on my Website?

Check Traffic

At times you may feel like youโ€™re the only person visiting your website. Fortunately, itโ€™s easy for you to find out if this is actually the case.

To do this I recommend using Google Analytics, a free tool that is easy to use and set up on your site. Google analytics will show you the total number of visitors to your website, new users and time spent per visit. You can view this information in the form of a graph, pie chart or as raw numbers.

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Should You Buy Website Traffic? And If So, Where?

growing traffic

If your Google Analytics web numbers confirmed your fears that your website is pretty much a ghost town you might want to consider buying web traffic.

Every business owner is always looking to generate more traffic to their website. Increased traffic could mean more sales for a business which is what anyone running one hopes to achieve. Getting your traffic to go up, however, is not an easy task. For this reason, many businesses consider the option of buying website traffic particularly if they have tried SEO and content marketing and it didnโ€™t work. If your website is new generating organic traffic will take time so buying traffic is a way to kick start web traffic.

Paying for traffic is a popular way of generating more visitors to a website and involves paying someone to drive traffic to your website. It can involve running a pay per click ad campaign on various websites or search engines.

Paid traffic has its advantages and disadvantage. Let us look at the key advantage and disadvantage to help you decide if you will pay to increase traffic to your site.

Key Advantage of Buying Website Traffic

Buying website traffic is a way for a business to market itself. When you pay for traffic you put your business out there for customers to become aware of its products and services. With paid traffic, you can reach a large audience which other forms of advertising would not be able to deliver. And the good thing is you can pay for traffic and begin to see results within hours. You can for example set up an ad campaign in minutes and begin to receive traffic on the day you started it.

Key Disadvantage of Buying Website Traffic

One of the key disadvantages of buying traffic is that it can cost you thousands of dollars. You can also spend a lot of money and get nothing in return. Some businesses spend on paid ad traffic and it pays off with a high conversion rate. Others aren’t so luckyโ€ฆ They get nothing. Also when you run out of cash to pay for traffic your customers will also disappear.

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Where Can You Buy Web Traffic?


Some of the best places to do so are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and native ad networks. This platforms will help you connect with your target audience and generate quality traffic.

I believe buying traffic can be a worthwhile investment for your business or blog.  When you choose to do so donโ€™t just choose to buy cheap traffic from some guy you met on an internet forum. That a great way lose your money. Do it right and with a strategy and soon your traffic will increase.

You could, for example, buy traffic from Web Traffic Geeks. This website will have targeted audiences streaming to your website within 24 hours. And their rates for this type of traffic are tailored to suit any budget.

For as little as $70 you can buy a plan that aims to get your website, 10,000 visitors. If youโ€™re prepared to spend more you can pay $750 to have 200,000 visitors plus a 20,000 bonus.

Web Traffic Geeks is just one of the sites you can buy traffic from. There are many others but when choosing one make sure they have a proven track record and can deliver the web traffic they promise.

Once you pay for web traffic monitor if there’s any change to the number of visits coming. Moving from none to hundreds or thousands of visitors justifies paying for the traffic and will push your business to great heights if youโ€™re able to convert this traffic.

Getting Traffic is Not Enough

Having thousands of people visit your website is not the ultimate goal for your business. You should be able to convert these visitors to paying customers. So, apart from the numbers of web traffic, you should also be concerned about

  1. The time users stayed on your website. Having large traffic numbers is useless if visitors leave seconds after getting to your site. Looking at your website bounce rate and time on page will let you know how internet users interact with your website.
  2. Percentage of the purchases made. For your website to generate revenues you need to get the right audience who will buy your products or services. Analyzing your conversion rate will show whether you are achieving this from the traffic you get.
  3. Cost you incur to get web traffic. You donโ€™t pay anything for some web traffic but if you rely on paid traffic know your cost of acquiring customers and cost per acquisition. This metric will let youโ€™re getting a Return on investment (ROI) for paid traffic. A simple way find your ROI is to look at total purchases made by new traffic then deduct the cost you incurred to get this traffic. Whatever you get will be your profit or loss and will determine if you should continue paying for traffic.

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happy man

Growing your web traffic is not rocket science. If you use SEO, social media, word of mouth, blog posts and other tips I have mentioned in this article you should see your web traffic numbers improve.

It will not change overnight but you can start with small goals like targeting 20,000 visitors in 90 days. Then with continued effort, you can grow this number to 200000-100000 or whatever your target is.

Remember just creating a website won’t bring you traffic you have to put in the work to get visitors. Traffic + conversion = increased revenues.