Can I Buy Web Traffic from India?

Being the worldโ€™s fastest growing economy and the worldโ€™s second most populous country, India represents huge business potential. It is a budding center for entrepreneurship, making it a good target for your brand. But it got me thinking: Can I buy web traffic from India? After careful research, I found the answer. Let me share it with you.

Can you buy website traffic from India? Yes. You can buy Indian web traffic. There are many ways to get traffic from online advertising, such as:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Web traffic brokers

Now you know itโ€™s possible to buy web traffic from India. But how would you even go about doing that? Is it a smart investment? How will you benefit from buying Indian web traffic? These are some of the questions Iโ€™ll answer in the following sections as I explore more about buying web traffic from India.

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Can I buy web traffic from India?

Paying for traffic can be the most efficient tool for marketers to get traffic. Businesses that move fast gain more clients and revenues as slow marketers are often left behind.

Last December, 2018, a survey revealed that there are approximately 1.94 billion websites in the world. With that amount of competition, itโ€™s all the more reason to fast-track your online visibility with bought web traffic.

Since India has the worldโ€™s second highest number of internet users, itโ€™s a good reason to target Indian traffic to grow your online business.

Paid traffic from India can come from varying online sources. It is basically any service you pay that drives leads. Letโ€™s take a closer look at each of them:

Goog Adwords Pros Cons
Facebook Ads Pros Cons
LinkedIn Pros Cons

What can I get from buying Indian website traffic?

What is the biggest challenge for internet marketers and publishers?

Traffic Generation.

Regardless of your business niche or the people you’re working with, you can benefit from buying web traffic that is genuine. Traffic that generates value for your business.

Buying Indian traffic will help you in so many profitable ways, including:

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  • Increased Indian Visitor Count to Your Website

Startup companies often have this dilemma: They don’t have an audience. 

The problem is, building an audience takes time. 

Since new websites take time to generate traffic, buying web traffic is a great way to kick-start your work, build a quick audience and save you time.

Your visitor count helps establish your brandโ€™s reputation. Having a solid online presence brings in more traffic. This influences your sales conversion.

Buying traffic definitely solves your problem with website visitors, and ultimately, boosts your performance in search.

  • Improved Google Search Engine Placement

Traffic will give you the spotlight in search engine platforms across India.

When your website starts getting good traffic, you have the potential of getting more visibility in all major search engines. The results are beneficial for your return on investment (ROI).

Since users easily trust websites appearing on the first page of a search engine, they are more likely to engage in content they recognize as reliable sources.

  • Increased Engagement Metrics

A good web traffic provider can also track your visitors. You can then get an idea of who they are, where they come from, and what keywords or contents they mostly engage in. This can help fine-tune your content.

Working on these elements will improve your overall engagement metric.

Of course, getting relevant traffic will also depend on your specific audience. Itโ€™s a nice idea to consider your target market while you are working on your traffic.

So, consider asking yourself…

What is my target group within India?

Even if we say half of the population are using the internet and one quarter are paying adults, this still gives you millions of potential buyers.

A targeted market helps you focus on a specific group of Indian customers within a large market audience.

You can serve and connect with the appropriate masses.

You can concentrate on smaller groups whom you think benefit most from your products or services.

This plays an indispensable element to every organization. It improves several business operations, including advertising, branding, and customer experience:

Resonate to a Specific Audience

Do you have difficulties crafting marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience?

That’s maybe because you are speaking to a large, varied market of potential clients.

It is easier to resonate with a defined small audience. You can craft a more personalized campaign by focusing on a specific group. In turn, readers can directly relate and engage to your marketing messages.

Attract and Convert Leads

When you resonate with your readers, there’s a greater chance you’ll attract the right customers.

You’ll connect with people who would want to do business with you. You’ll most likely get leads that are convertible into paying customers.

Promote Clear and Precise Selling Propositions

Youโ€™ll be a cut above the rest when you focus your energy on a defined audience.

When clients can clearly understand your business and selling propositions, they’ll choose you over an ambiguous competitor.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers improve customer retention and market revenue!

When you have deeper understanding of your target audience, you can also develop a better way of looking at your offerings and features.

You’ll begin thinking like a client and point out areas to improve your products and services.

Build Client’s Trust and Loyalty

Being able to connect with your customers on a more personal level establishes lasting relationships.Theyโ€™ll look to do business with you over the long term.

When you are specific with your target audience, it helps you make more informed marketing decisions. It gives a clear view of the competitive landscape.

You can optimize your resources, time, and budget by crafting a defined goal and directed strategies.

Is buying Indian web traffic truly a smart investment?


India has become one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging market economies according to Forbes.

With its flourishing market, it makes sense for investors to adjust and implement their brand across the Indian platforms.

If your business falls within the list, then India is a great avenue for you to target. It could potentially send you millions of visits from paying customers.

Whether you have a business in India or want to make an Indian client-base, buying website traffic is and will always be a smart idea.

To speed up the process, you need to buy high-quality website traffic.

So, is it profitable to spend money buying targeted Indian traffic?

If you spend $70 for website traffic, you can have visits that generate twice as much revenue โ€“ and even more!

Having a large volume of paying audience provides a good ROI even for a long-term.

Buying traffic from quality platforms is an investment, like what Web Traffic Geeks can do for you and your brand.

Web Traffic Geeks offers simplified web traffic solutions that guarantees relevant and target-specific traffic.

You can choose from several web traffic plans that delivers up to more than 120,000 visitors a month. Have real and authentic website visitors from purchasing a traffic plan that suits your budget. Order traffic now.

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Getting thousands of Indian website visitors does not happen overnight. It’s tough work, but you can get traffic you need for your business to succeed.

Now you know that you can buy web traffic from India, you might consider checking our ultimate guide to targeting country-specific traffic using Google Ads. Itโ€™s the perfect next step upon taking your business to new markets.

Related Questions

Is organic web traffic better than paid traffic? This depends on how fast you need results and how much money you can spend to get it done. If you have time to optimize your SEO, go for organic traffic. If you need to fast-track your traffic, then paid traffic is the best choice.

Do you need organic web traffic? Yes. Iโ€™ll say a mix of both organic and paid traffic is perfect to grow a business and enjoy long-term benefits.

Do you need mobile web Indian traffic? 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2018. (Statista) This gives a good reason to shape your mobile marketing strategy in the coming year.