Is It Safe To Buy Web Traffic For A Website With Google AdSense?

What to learn how to safely make more money from AdSense ads on your website by buying reputable web traffic?

In this post, we’ll look at what Adsense is, how to use the affiliate marketing program as well as best practices for buying managed web traffic to compliment AdSense campaigns.

What is AdSense and How Does it Work?

Website operators and bloggers can earn money with Google AdSense by making space available on their website to display targeted ads next to their content. 

Advertisers pay Google to place the ads on relevant web pages. Google then pays the website operators hosting AdSense ads for views (impressions) and clicks on those ads. Actual clicks on ads by visitors earn more than just views.

The amount paid to website owners for AdSense views varies depending on four fundamental factors:

  1. The amount paid to Google by the advertiser for the ad.
  2. The number of visitors that saw or clicked on the ads.
  3. The value / reputation of the website.
  4. The quality of the website content and its relevance to the ad. 

Buying Web Traffic to Compliment Google Adsense

Buying web traffic to compliment an AdSense campaign is a balancing act. More traffic is good for you and it’s good for potential ad views. 

However, Google needs to assure its AdSense customers (the advertisers) that their ads are being well placed. The ads need to be seen or clicked on by real people rather than bots. So Google’s is always on the lookout for websites that artificially inflate web traffic.

2 Ways to Play Safe With Paid Web Traffic and AdSense

Does More Web Traffic Mean Increased AdSense Revenue?

If your website hosts AdSense ads, then buying web traffic to generate more AdSense revenue can be a wise move. However, the quality of your website and its content is a linchpin in determining the real value gained from boosting your web traffic.

Are There Any Alternatives to Adsense?

Google AdSense’s pay-per-click format – aimed at both advertisers and publishers – is a common business model offered by several other affiliate programs. Here are some recommendations:

Amazon Associates

This is an affiliate option if your website talks about products available at the Amazon online store. Display Amazon ads on your website and get paid a commission for any purchases resulting from clicks on the ads shown on your site.  


Very similar to Google AdSense with contextual ads which you can customize. You can actually run Chitika alongside AdSense on the same web pages.


This is one of the largest monetization networks in the world offering a variety of customizable products from display banners to contextual and video ads.


Offers to drive online purchases for you through product recommendations by attracting more web traffic to your website from targeted visitors. This is done by placing your video and content campaigns on other websites.

Web Traffic Quality Over Quantity?

Web Traffic Quality Over Quantity?

Welcoming only 10,000 unique human visitors each month to your website could be more lucrative than driving 100,000 visitors to your door. 

A smaller volume of web traffic comprising real people with a keen interest in your niche has much greater value to all concerned than a larger volume of bots and clickers that couldn’t care less about your content.

Those with a real interest in your content are more likely to hang around on your site, click through pages and convert into a customer or subscriber.

When your website’s content, products and services are of a high quality, smaller volumes of authentic web traffic have much more value than large volumes. That added value benefits all concerned – the visitor, you, your website’s ranking, the advertiser and Google – for more lucrative long-term benefits all round. 

How Do Web Traffic Purchasing Plans Compare?

There are various ways of buying web traffic, either directly or indirectly. Buying web traffic directly simply means paying a lump sum for a plan to drive web traffic to your website.

What happens after the visitors arrive at your site depends on how well equipped you are to retain and convert your audience.

Different Ways You Can Buy Web Traffic

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Web Traffic?


  • Your sites ranking improves 
  • Increased popularity
  • More potential conversions of visits into sales or action
  • Grow your online presence
  • Quickly boost your web traffic rates


  • Potential to be inundated with fake web traffic
  • Risk being penalized by search engines such as Google
  • Conversion rate doesn’t meet expectations 
  • Web traffic may not be your target audience

How to Play it Safe When Buying Web Traffic

Different Ways You Can Buy Web Traffic

Spend wisely. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ridiculously cheap web traffic is likely to be toxic and detrimental to your website’s ranking.

Don’t pay for bots or artificial web traffic. It will get you penalized. Opt for a provider that guarantees 100% human web traffic.

Is it Worth Paying for Web Traffic on Social Media?

About 40% of e-marketeers for small to medium businesses see Facebook and other social media networks as powerful platforms to place ads and even profess that it can work better than using their own mailing lists, according to Outbrain.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
You pay every time a visitor clicks on an ad linking to your website. The cost varies but is usually a fraction of a dollar. The more visitors you get, the more you pay.

Pay Per Impression / Mile (PPM)
Visitors don’t have to click on these ads for you to get paid. The ads only have to be viewed on a page but those views are counted per thousand visitors rather than a single click. 

Paid Web Traffic Plans Review


  • Provides a 7-tier pricing plan to buy web traffic for up to a month at a time. 
  • Volume of Web Traffic per Plan: 5,000 – 150,000.
  • Price Range: US$10 – US$133.


  • Offers to increase web traffic with a network of 9000 websites and 7 search engines.
  • Volume of Web Traffic: 20,000,000 visitors a day. 
  • Price Range: from US$55.

Web Traffic Geeks

  • Offers 5 flexible web traffic plans for up to a month at a time.
  • WebTrafficGeeks guarantees to send 100% human web traffic to your site and allows you to target specific niches and countries.
  • Volume of Web Traffic:  10,000 – 220,000 visitors per plan.
  • Price Range: US$88 – 1200.

See more information about WebTrafficGeeks’ managed web traffic plans here.