Top Tips – Why and How to Buy High Converting Traffic

Why do you need to buy high converting traffic and how will it help your business?

Online marketing strategies attract traffic and should be aimed toward traffic that converts well. This is the foundation stone of SEO and internet marketing. 

The online marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past decade. You need to know and implement every trick in the book to get ahead. This is why many marketing departments buy high converting traffic as part of their extended marketing strategy.

Now, even small businesses are taking a leaf out of their book, asking themselves, โ€œwhy buy web traffic, and how?โ€

Buy Traffic to Convert

Buying traffic is a bit of a touchy subject. On the one hand, you have a super-handy method of raking in lots of visitors. On the other, finding a good web traffic provider is like trying to cross a minefield.

No traffic provider can guarantee high-converting traffic. Whether your paid traffic converts or not is entirely up to your business, your website, your product or service, your customer care…the basics of good business skills.

But when this is in order, all traffic is more likely to convert.

Bought traffic has several significant advantages over organic traffic sources:

  • Itโ€™s faster. You can get it within hours of ordering it
  • It requires no effort
  • You can order as many visitors as you want
  • You can customize the types of traffic you get
  • You can decide where your traffic comes from
  • You are in control of traffic flow to your site
  • You can select targeted or undifferentiated traffic

All of the above are critical points for anyone involved in e-commerce. What would usually involve months of work, patience, energy, massive investment, and significant research can be accomplished – relatively cheaply – in a single day. 

At least, it does when you buy high-quality traffic. 

High-quality traffic is made up of real people who are ready and able to pay, subscribe, or benefit the site in some way, engage with the siteโ€™s pages and content, or contribute to the site community.

Unfortunately, many providers of paid traffic donโ€™t offer high-quality visitors.

High Converting Traffic

Types of Paid Traffic

The short answer to โ€˜what is paid trafficโ€™ is visitors that arrive on your landing pages after you pay a traffic provider a fee. 

When you buy paid traffic, you should know what types best benefit your business.

  1. Paid Ads – Ads are probably the oldest forms of paid traffic. Companies or businesses pay media outlets to showcase their product. From billboards to Google Ads, most businesses pay for advertising. The primary goal is brand visibility, and it works; paid ads are Google and Facebookโ€™s biggest moneymaker. Now, instead of SEO, corporations can pay media channels to push their brand to the top of the SERPs. 
  2. Paid Links – Websites exchange links as a mutually-beneficial arrangement. This can be done as a free or paid service. The paid route is often implemented to raise the link authority of websites or pages via do-follow links. These link to high-authority sites. Popular blogs, powerful websites, and famous influencers are just some of the recipients of this type of arrangement. Finding the right authoritative pages requires significant research and cooperation between both parties.
  1. Bots – Bots are pieces of code that mimic real users and have a wide variety of uses, some good, some bad. In terms of traffic, they are bad news. A bot wonโ€™t convert. But it can steal data, provide false metrics, and cause negative engagement. When you buy website traffic, you need to avoid bots.
  2. Direct Traffic – This is a type of traffic you can buy. It is possible to pay for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of users at a once-off or regularly. When talking about paid traffic, this is the type most of us think of. Surprisingly enough, itโ€™s not the main source of paid traffic. However, direct traffic is one of the simplest.

How to Buy High-Converting Targeted Traffic

Now that we got all of that out of the way, itโ€™s time to talk about buying traffic. You have probably already started looking for information, and might have come across this article after typing buy high converting targeted traffic or any other web traffic keywords into Google. 

Thereโ€™s so much information out there, finding the right traffic that converts isnโ€™t as easy as you might think.

Step 1. Researching Good Web Traffic Providers

The first step is to find excellent web traffic sellers from whom you can buy targeted web traffic you can then convert.

Start compiling a list of providers with average to excellent reviews. Web traffic sources reviews are often mixed because personal expectations differ.

At the same time, consider your needs. Remember, there are different types of paid traffic. Choosing Google for its paid ads will not have the same effect as using the services of Web Traffic Geeks, for example. The same goes for traffic from social media sites.

Step 2. Identify Your Traffic Type

Different types of traffic are worth considering when you buy website traffic.

These include:

  • Targeted traffic
  • Adult traffic
  • General (undifferentiated) traffic
  • Mixed traffic 
  • Bots

If you want traffic to convert, opt for targeted traffic. These visitors are more likely to be interested in and pay for what you provide. 

General traffic is excellent for increasing brand awareness and spreading the word.

Also, pay attention to where your traffic is coming from, its demographic, and if your visitors are real people or bots. 

High Converting Traffic

Step 3. Narrow Your Selection

Using the above criteria, you can start to narrow down your options based on your needs. 

The best website traffic provider for you should fit your budget, provide you with the right kind of niche traffic, let you control how many visitors arrive on your site and when, and guarantee human traffic.

And as with everything on this planet, dirt cheap usually means a lousy product. Never base your final choice on price alone.

Security is also a major concern. The traffic source site should be secure, and the traffic it provides must be safe, too. 

Step 4. Purchase High Converting Website Traffic

Youโ€™ll come across multiple options and plans when you decide to buy high-quality website traffic. 

Some packages offer bonus traffic – this is not the same as offering a cheap product and usually encourages you to pick a more expensive plan. When you divide the number of visitors by your plan payment, you really shouldnโ€™t be paying more than $0.008 or less than $0.004 per visitor.

Make sure that the traffic you get is exactly what your site needs. You should be given various options regarding niches, location, etc.

Thereโ€™s no need to buy more visitors than necessary. Can your landing page deal with 200,000 visitors over 48 hours? And if 5% convert, can you provide your product or service to 1,000 people in accordance with your website Terms & Conditions? Be realistic.

And thereโ€™s something else to consider. A small, very quiet website suddenly getting visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors could ring search engine alarm bells.

Step 5. Recycle Your Traffic

The final step is to recycle the traffic that you paid for. It isnโ€™t enough to buy high converting targeted traffic. 

You need to make sure that your paid visitors keep returning to your site.

You can do this through email lists, social media engagement, loyalty rewards, special promos, and various strategies. 

Once you have paid for your traffic, itโ€™s yours. Itโ€™s up to you what you do with it.

Common Pitfalls of Buying Web Traffic

There are many pitfalls that web traffic buyers fall for. The most common of these are:

  • Too Cheap – Buyers who only want the cheapest web traffic often end up with visitors that canโ€™t be converted and even threaten their site. Paid traffic should never cost the earth, but traffic providers host their own, huge websites to attract signups. This is how they generate so much traffic. They put a lot of effort into maintaining their websites and need to cover the costs. Even so, cheap web traffic is possible – just not dirt cheap web traffic.
  • Buying Bots – Some buyers donโ€™t understand the difference between real traffic and bots, nor the consequences of getting one instead of the other. For them, traffic is traffic. As long as their visitor count keeps going up, it doesnโ€™t matter. But it matters to Google, it matters to other users, and it matters to your siteโ€™s success. Pick human website traffic every time. A good web traffic provider canโ€™t guarantee conversions, but it can guarantee 100% human visitors.
  • No Due Diligence – Finally, buyers fail to research into the many traffic providers. Reading reviews, website Terms of Service, and small print is essential. Not all reviews will give 5-stars. Any average to excellent review can be considered positive – although sources that consistently earn 5 stars should be double-checked. Are these top web traffic reviews spread over a long period or all within a week or two of each other (paid reviews?). The best source of information should be the traffic provider website. Transparent, easy to navigate, rapid response to any questions and up-to-date content are all positive signs.

Paid web traffic is awesome but has its pitfalls.

Do your homework, ensure your own website, and customer services are of the same standards you expect of your web traffic provider, and choose the right web traffic source with care.

Because when you do, you’ll have a good  ROI.

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