Buy Safe: Best Web Traffic-Driving Practices (2020)

Best practice in any business means using the right methods to achieve goals.

Some businesses think this means getting the most profit out of individual clients. They quickly learn that this is one of the worst practices โ€“ at least for long-term goals.

To drive traffic to your website, you need to meet short- and long-term goals with a mix of quick and gradual strategies.

The best quick traffic-driving strategy is to buy it.

Unfortunately, there many buy traffic online cons. All you have to do is type โ€˜buy online trafficโ€™ in the search bar to see some. Always ignore the ones that promise guaranteed conversions and 100% AdSense-safe!

Why Buy Traffic Online?

When it comes down to the ever-changing world of marketing strategies, the call to buy traffic online is usually very low down on a very long list.

This is not so much due to less-than-trustworthy online traffic sellers and resellers, as it is to the vast range of ways we can increase website traffic.

As any forward-thinking, pandemic-beating, long-term-planning company knows, the bigger the net of traffic sources, the bigger the catch. Multiple traffic-driving goals are essential throughout your businessโ€™ life.

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Buy SAFE Website Traffic

The best way to avoid fraudulent website traffic is to protect yourself from bots.

When you opt to buy traffic online, you must ensure it comes from human sources.

Bots are usually helpful. But they are much more likely to deserve a negative reputation in the world of website traffic. Site owners with large volumes of bot traffic open their doors to fraud.

By behaving like humans, this inhuman traffic (artificial traffic) arrives at your website in digital swarms. Malevolent bots inject malware into your website, destroying your reputation as a reliable company.

They copy customer data and sell it on. When detected by search engines, they can negate carefully-designed, expensive SEO marketing campaigns. Search engines might ban your site. At a minimum, you will sink in search engine rankings.

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Safe online traffic for websites should not negatively affect your other marketing channels. As we have seen, bot traffic can permanently damage SEO marketing strategies.

Stolen email addresses can be sold to your competition. If your customers know your website is the site of a data leak, you have already lost their trust.

For companies who use AdSense for additional revenue, bot traffic also spells disaster. Google detects sudden, unexpected influxes of traffic and clicks. Its algorithm is not always good at distinguishing unusual activity by humans or bots.

This is why no online website traffic seller can guarantee 100% AdSense-safe traffic.

If you depend on AdSense as your main source of income, you can still buy traffic online. However, making some changes is recommended:

  • Reduce AdSense use during one-off traffic orders
  • Try other ways to increase website income outside of AdSense
  • Buy traffic consistently to avoid sudden surges or gradually increase bought traffic over time

Web Traffic Geeks โ€“ 100% Human Traffic Means Better AdSense Protection 

Another way in which the buy traffic online con works is to sell businesses inappropriate traffic. They send undifferentiated traffic, provide overly-broad niches, or send completely irrelevant targeted traffic.

While getting the wrong target group is not usually a safety issue, it will make an unnecessary hole in your digital marketing budget. If you buy online traffic in addition to other methods of driving traffic (as you should), keeping within budget is tough enough. You need your website traffic provider to send what you paid for.

When a fake buy traffic online company sends 100,000 members of an adult website niche to your antique ceramics landing page, they may not do much to improve your conversion rate or increase brand recognition. Sending 300,000 vegetarians straight to your beef jerky landing page is also unlikely to produce any memorable results.

However, when a shifty website traffic provider sends your online casino huge numbers of under-18s, you might have to deal with the consequences. Not only is your investment wasted, but you could also receive complaints and negative reviews from disgruntled parents. Some may go further; finding your name in the headlines, in this case, is not great advertising.

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Finally, if you run an online casino, knowing where your traffic lives is essential. To buy traffic from countries where online gambling is illegal could mean serious consequences. And you have wasted your investment.

Now you will have to deal with disgruntled governments. Angry governments tend to be less forgiving than angry parents.

Some countries may ban certain products (books, adult content, religious texts). Targeting these locations might encourage freedom of expression, but this strategy is unlikely to increase your conversion rate.

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List of Best Online Traffic Sources 2020

You now know how important safe website traffic is โ€“ for your reputation, legal compliance, conversion rate, and marketing budget.

As an e-commerce enterprise, you should be consistently implementing multiple methods to increase your website traffic.

In 2020, website traffic generation strategies should include:

  • Social media influencer marketing โ€“ a mix of well-researched and relevant macro, micro, and nano-influencers
  • Paid search ads without going overboard โ€“ AdSense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, etc.
  • Social media paid ads
  • Repurposing old posts and writing new ones with relevant keywords and content
  • Educate for fee โ€“ how toโ€™s, e-books, tutorials, webinars
  • Research the right sources and build appropriate inbound links (backlinks)
  • Update your catalog of services or products; include more information per product than your competitors
  • Mix email marketing and land mail marketing for email and home address leads
  • Win back your visitors and users with behavior-based retargeting ads
  • Buy 100% human, geo targeted, niche-targeted, AdSense-safe online traffic

Analyze Your Goals, Analyze Your Results

Strategies for increasing website traffic do not always aim for the same goals. Although we all want higher conversion rates, this is the ultimate challenge. Every destination means a journey.

Each strategy is another step toward that increased conversion rate goal. Goals can be:

  • Increasing website traffic for brand recognition
  • Increasing website traffic for customer trust
  • Increasing website traffic for business expansion
  • Increasing website traffic for customer loyalty
  • Increasing website traffic for determining targets

When you want your brand to be recognized, target visitors can be placed into very loose groups. You want quantity over quality. Your logo should be spread across every channel. Buy social media traffic and website traffic to generate the required visitor numbers.

Customer trust leads to increased website traffic. Publish and post your knowledge and expertise, encourage customers to leave honest reviews, and provide a transparent service.

Driving online traffic as a way of determining your businessโ€™ future and possible expansion means attracting new groups and existing users in combination with fresh products and evolving services.

To encourage customer loyalty, retargeting and email campaigns bring existing customers or former visitors back to you. Discounts, offers, freebies in return for their loyalty are usually offered by default. This strategy concentrates on returning users.

To determine the best target groups for your service or product, begin by analyzing broad groups. The results can be surprising.

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Online Traffic for Sale โ€“ The Umbrella Strategy

When you buy online traffic from social media platforms or as referral traffic, you will cover most of the goals mentioned above. Traffic for sale has a lot of potential and is cost-effective.

Through paid online traffic, you can increase brand recognition, introduce new users to different or new products and services, and determine which niches work.

At Web Traffic Geeks, we provide a transparent, friendly service and a money-back guarantee. If we fail to send your specified human visitors to your website, weโ€™ll refund your money.

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