7 Tips: How to Buy Social Traffic in 2020

“Buy Social Traffic Here!” If your business or blog uses social media, you will probably have seen these types of ads pop up from time to time.

Many of you will have ignored them. If you buy social media traffic, doesn’t that mean you’re cheating? Or perhaps you see bought traffic as a last resort strategy for failing businesses?

You’d be wrong on both counts. When B2B or B2C businesses buy social traffic โ€“ or any type of traffic โ€“ they do it to achieve their carefully-designed marketing goals.

Buying social traffic should never be seen as a single strategy. It is part of a bigger picture.

Bought traffic can be trusted to drive more targeted traffic to your accounts on:

  • YouTube    
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

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Tip 1: Buy Social Media Traffic โ€“ It Makes Social Media Sense

It is the simplicity of sharing that makes buying social traffic so worthwhile.

Over 30% of referral traffic is driven by social media. Any share or comment is free advertising.

What is often forgotten is that, in the end, it is up to your user experience, product, and customer services to ensure positive follower comments.

Unlike SEO traffic and non-social referral traffic, social traffic drives conversation. Bounce rates are notoriously low when compared to other channels. Social media users are looking for distractions; search engine users are looking for something more specific.

It makes sense to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website via social media. And the quickest way to get the numbers is to buy them.

Tip 2: Should You Buy Social Media Traffic For Your Website?

That all depends on your website.

Would you send thousands of people to your slow-loading, boring landing page that is hard to navigate, unclear, and provides low-level service for a high price?

What about sending thousands of people to an attractive, functioning website that sells a product or service all of these people have already shown an interest in?

The decision to buy social media traffic for your website depends on your pages and product quality. If you are proud of what you have to offer, buying your traffic is a smart move with rapid results.

Tip 3: The Right Website for Paid Social Media Traffic

No reputable social media traffic source will accept just any old (or new) website.

A good traffic provider will refuse harmful URLs. It wants to be successful in the long-term, just like you.

To increase social media traffic quickly, your website must never:

  • Use adware, malware, Trojans, or automated software installers
  • Publish hate content
  • Use popup windows during page (re)load or exit
  • Use frame breaker scripts
  • Play sound or video (autoplay) upon visitor arrival

Furthermore, if you manage an adult website, you will only be permitted to buy adult traffic.

Tip 4: Google Analytics: Social Traffic Dashboard

When you buy social traffic, dashboard analytics will quickly show you the effects โ€“ in detail โ€“ of your latest marketing strategy. While there are plenty of free and paid social media analytics dashboards available online, Google Analytics remains the most popular.

Google Analytics (GA) will soon show you which social media sites perform best for your website.

The social traffic dashboard is located in the GA Acquisition menu. Select All Traffic, then Channels. Click on Social from the given list.

The Social menu is subdivided into various popular social platforms. For each platform, statistics concerning users, new users, sessions, bounce rate, pages per session, average session duration, and e-commerce conversion rate are clearly shown.

These figures help you to concentrate on the right social media platforms or change your strategies for those that underperform.

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Tip 5: Look At Social Traffic Sources Reviews

Social Traffic providers don’t all provide the same level of service.

As with any product, you have to research where you buy. Social traffic reviews for paid sources will usually be mixed.

Mixed reviews do not indicate bad service; different people have different expectations. If you think buying social media traffic will provide thousands of conversions, you are likely to give the provider a low rating. Buying traffic does not guarantee conversions. Even so, some people seem to think it is a miracle cure for a bad product.

With realistic expectations, a good social traffic provider does precisely what it says on the tin. A service that meets realistic expectations will receive satisfactory to 5-star reviews.

A social traffic source that only generates 5-star reviews is very unusual; however, consistent 1-star reviews indicate a problem.

Tip 6: Find the Best Social Traffic for Sale

Unfortunately, less scrupulous traffic providers are dotted all over the web. Alarm bells should ring if they offer guaranteed conversions or 100% AdSense-safe traffic.

Often, their websites are basic โ€“ one or two pages, no blogs, no extended FAQS. Money has obviously not been invested in website design.

The company might mention processing periods of 5 to 7 days before traffic is sent to your website. This gives the company enough time to take your money and run.

The best social media traffic providers are very proud of their transparency. They won’t pretend to be a miracle cure for badly-performing websites. They freely publish social media traffic prices that rarely exceed $0.008 or fall below $0.004 per visitor.

Your chosen provider should always:

  • Guarantee 100% human traffic
  • Do their best to send AdSense-safe traffic (a 100% guarantee is impossible)
  • Provide a broad range of visitor niches and locations
  • Send traffic over a duration specified by you (24 hours to 1 month)
  • Avoid conversion guarantees โ€“ conversion rates are always up to you
  • Start sending traffic within 48 hours of your order/payment

Tip 7: 100% Human Social Traffic

100% human traffic is essential. Social bots or socbots do not provide conversions, but they do have their uses. A comment from a socbot could generate interest in your brand from a real person or group.

It is estimated that non-human followers provide up to 20% of comment volume. While you don’t want these bots to be sent to your website when you buy social traffic, it’s okay for them to join in conversations.

But sending thousands of bots to any website as a traffic source won’t produce positive effects. Ensure you buy from 100% human social traffic sources โ€“ the provider should clearly indicate this on its website.

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So, You’ve Decided to Buy Social Media Traffic โ€“ How Do You Order?

Most social media traffic suppliers make ordering traffic very easy.

Your first step is to select how many visitors you want. While you might be tempted to start off with the highest numbers for your niche markets, take a step back.

Social media traffic is more open to different experiences than other traffic sources. Bought traffic can also be used to help you pinpoint less obvious target groups that โ€“ often surprisingly โ€“ will convert.

If you’re a new business, buying three smaller packages and looking at the results of multiple niche groups can play an important role in future strategies. Alternatively, you might prefer to send undifferentiated traffic to your site with brand awareness (rather than conversions) as your goal.

When placing your order, you will have to list your URL early on. Each URL counts as one order. Remember, your traffic provider can refuse your order if your URL does not conform to certain standards.

You’re also asked to indicate the length of time over which your bought traffic is sent. Tens of thousands of visits on one day could overload your site; you can usually select a term that runs for 1 to 30 days.

The next step is to select visitor locations. Most top social traffic for sale providers let you pick one or more locations from a long list of countries. (If you sell furniture, you don’t want to spend money attracting visitors from the other side of the world).

You can now choose your niche or niches. A choice of up to three niches seems to be standard among trusted social media traffic for sale services.

Niche choices can be overwhelming and show the importance of research before you buy social traffic. Dashboard analytics of undifferentiated traffic could help you to find the most lucrative niches if you have any doubts.

The final step is to confirm and pay for your order.

You should see the results on Google Analytics or any other analytics software within 24 to 48 hours.

Select currency

Choose payment type ?

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Insert the URL you wish to target

Select up to 3 niches ?

Select up to 3 countries ?

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Social Traffic for Sale โ€“ Marketing 101

Ordering vast numbers of targeted visitors to arrive on your website via highly-interactive social media platforms is a great marketing strategy. 

However, it won’t produce the best results without simultaneous campaigns. For those that own or manage well-designed websites selling worthwhile products, buying social media traffic definitely helps when it comes to rolling a winning number.