Best places to resell traffic

6 Best Places to Resell Website Traffic

One of the most lucrative revenue earners for website owners is reselling website traffic.

This can be either simple or complex, depending on how fast you want returns on your investment, time, and effort.

There are plenty of ways to resell website traffic. However, this article shows the more practical strategies, and tells you where to sell web traffic for the best possible outcome.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of reselling web traffic? Then read on.

What is Web Traffic Reselling?


Have you ever heard of traffic arbitrage? Traffic arbitrage is another term for buying and selling website traffic.

This term borrows from the sales industry. It means buying web traffic at a low price and reselling for a bit of a profit, or a bigger profit, depending on your strategy and a degree of luck.

Basically, the phrase traffic arbitrage is used to dispel negative connotations in the web traffic reselling sector.

To succeed as a web traffic reseller, you should put together a solid traffic arbitrage strategy. One that involves finding the right, not always low, price for web traffic before selling it on for a profit.

What’s the Right Price?

If you want to resell web traffic, you want the best profit margin from every click or visitor. Do your research to know how much visitors in different niches cost.  Never skip this step, however tedious it may become. Research always pays off.

Knowing more about your web traffic can make reselling them more profitable.

The next paragraphs give a few tips on getting maximum returns from reselling traffic.

Specify Your Niche


Finding a niche is one of the best ways to maximize profit. Website traffic reselling is no secret – people from all over the world are doing it as a full or part-time job. This is why finding a niche or multiple niches to focus on is a practical and clever move.

A niche is a spot that you can claim your own, at least to some extent. It’s a specialized subject matter as opposed to a more generalized topic or site.

You can pinpoint what your audience is interested in. This can be as specific as “folding knives”, “mechanical keyboard building”, or “keto diet”. The more specific your visitors (within a niche), the better.

Once you have selected your niche or niches, figure out how much your competitors are charging for each visitor.

Try to strike a balance where your rates will be attractive while still earning a decent profit.

Offering very cheap website traffic might ring as many alarm bells with clients as abnormally high prices.

Types of Traffic Sources

Types of traffic sources

When looking for traffic, just like in the real world, you can purchase inexpensive and undifferentiated to expensive and high-quality traffic. One is not necessarily always better than the other.

Your clients buy traffic for various reasons, from increasing brand awareness to boosting conversion rates. Being able to offer more than one type – general as well as your specific niche(s) – at low to average prices – will attract more interest.

Inexpensive Traffic

Resellers and traffic buyers alike opt for cheap web traffic when on a tight budget. These inexpensive visitors can make a huge difference, especially when you’re just starting out. Aside from being cheap, these visitors often arrive within 24 hours.

Another use for cheap website traffic is to boost simultaneous marketing campaigns. A rapid, reliable rise in visitor numbers spreads the word. Continuous higher human visitor numbers can also improve SEO ranking.

Expensive and High-Quality Traffic

High-quality traffic is visitors that are targeted. That is why they cost more than undifferentiated traffic. This type of traffic tends to have a higher return on investment over the long-term.

Niche human traffic is more expensive, but is more likely to convert.

And expensive is a subjective term – for many marketing budgets, even expensive website traffic can be a scratch on the surface.


Fake traffic is an absolute no-no. If discovered, Google can – and will – penalize you. If a web traffic provider has an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is.

Another reason why undercutting your competition when reselling traffic isn’t always the best way. Fake traffic (bot traffic) never converts. It can earn you a reputation you can never shake off.

As search engine algorithms improve and people become acquainted with spam sites, more effort must be put into finding authentic human website traffic.

Where to Reselling Web Traffic

Here are the best places to sell website traffic.

Reselling web traffic

1. Advertisers

It’s a good idea to contact advertisers directly. If you already have a large number of website visits, anyone who wants to get more traffic on their sites will appreciate your reaching out.

This way, you have much more control regarding the cost, payment method, terms, and other conditions.

Most popular bloggers with thousands of visits per day figured this trick out long ago. They have the influence and the power to request a highly profitable rate for every ad.

2. Contextual Ads

Also known as the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method. Register with Google Ads and find other sites that want to partner with you for their ads. Make sure these sites are of the standards you expect of your own website, or higher.

One requirement with Google Ads is that your site must have high traffic. There are alternatives to Google Ads that are less stringent in their selection process – Bing, Amazon, and Reddit, for example.

3. Outbound Links Selling

Outbound links can be part of your promotions page. Let people know that you sell outbound links or branded content that advertisers can purchase.

With this type of reselling, the website that buys your traffic will get the best of what you can offer because of the concentrated focus you put into their link.

4. Teaser Ads

A teaser ad is given space on a specific area of your website. It may be on the sidebar or anywhere that can be seen while reading a blog or browsing a particular part of the website.

While it may seem like a good way to show visitors to your website about the advertiser, this method is not known for its high yields. However, the right balance can tip the scales in your favor. It also provides traffic for the advertiser.

5. Affiliate Ad Network

To be part of an affiliate network, you have to register for their service and include a code to your website. This allows the service to include you in their roster of websites.

The affiliate ad process permits them to display ads on your website. A good affiliate ad service connects only similar brands of the same industry.

6. Banner Ads

Like affiliate ads, you can connect with banner networks and allow them to place ads on your website. Some of them have minimum requirements, so check if you meet their criteria before reaching out to them.



Done well, traffic arbitrage can be a lucrative and long-term source of passive income. However, the income is far from passive during the first weeks, months, or even years.

If you want reliable website traffic, talk to Web Traffic Geeks, and we’ll help you out. Please fill out the form on our order page. You can expect your visitors to arrive in 24 hours.