5 Tips for Buying Guaranteed Targeted Website Traffic

If you own a site, you probably understand the critical role of targeted website traffic. Regardless of how good your website appears or what kind of content it contains, there is always a need to drive traffic to the site.

The source for website traffic is usually other websites, social media, or search engines. However, it is possible to obtain guaranteed targeted website traffic from other places.

Nowadays, webmasters are purchasing guaranteed targeted web traffic. They know that it helps their sites have consistent traffic flow.

You don’t want a situation whereby you get hundreds of guests today and very few or even none in other days. When you purchase guaranteed targeted traffic, you have an assurance that you will have a consistent flow of guests every day.

Regarding Search Engine Optimization, the whole thing is not just about looking for the appropriate keywords. Some of the search engines determine the relevance of your site through different indicators. With guaranteed targeted web traffic, you are on a safer side since one indicator is the number of visitors your site achieves.

However, most people who commence a paid traffic campaign do not understand how to go about the process. It ends up becoming a disappointment when things fail to go as per their expectations. 

Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you when buying guaranteed targeted website traffic:

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1. Setting A Campaign Goal

First and foremost, consider your expectations from the traffic. Some of the possible goals include:

  • Website exposure

It involves allowing the audience to know more about your site.

  • Generating leads

It involves having signups from people who come to your site.

  • AdSense revenue

It involves earning money through the placement of ads on your website.

  • Alexa Rank

It involves the improvement of your websiteโ€™s Alexa global rank.

  • Increasing sales

It involves selling more goods and services. 

The goals differ from each other and require different types of audience. After the supply of the guaranteed targeted website traffic, the website owner’s responsibility is to convert visitors to clients.

2. Selecting The Correct Traffic Type

Your goals or website pages usually determine the appropriate type of traffic to buy. Some of the common traffic types include:

As the name suggests, these are web visitors who have an interest in your website niche. You get a hold of them by targeting them according to age, gender, profession, location, etc. 

Generation of targeted web traffic often happens through banners and pop up windows. It comes from several niches from which you can choose. 

  • Alexa traffic

It is suitable traffic if you wish to improve and fasten your Alexa rank. The website visitors you buy will have an Alexa Panel to help you rank better on the platform. However, you also need to have high-quality content and also work on your links, off-page, and on-page SEO for your website to have a good and steady ranking.

Websites that contain mature content require this type of traffic. It attracts visitors who are looking for such and above 18 years old.

If you have an online game or betting website, this is the traffic to go for. 

This traffic only comes from visitors using mobile devices. If you have a responsive website, buying mobile traffic would be a good idea because many internet users are now using their mobile phones to surf the internet.

The type of traffic is specific to visitors from the 50 states in the United States. It targets by location.

Are you interested in purchasing Facebook, Twitter, or traffic from any other social network? Then, you should consider social media traffic. The traffic has a bigger advantage than other types. It is possible to verify it using Webmaster Tools or track it using Google Analytics. Besides, social media traffic is also safe to use with Google AdSense.

Social media visitors have a higher likelihood of opening your site and exploring it, meaning low bounce rates. Studies indicate that they can remain on your site three times longer than other surfers. 

With social media traffic, you can also really narrow down to your target audience using demographics, like personal interests, gender, ethnicity, etc.

3. How to Set A Traffic Campaign

In most instances, you’ll have to fill a website traffic form. Ensure you fill it correctly to get your desired target audience. Here are some of the things to get right while filling the guaranteed targeted web traffic order form

  • Visitors

You should consider the number of visitors you require for your website to make it profitable.

It is important to note that organic traffic is preferable because it gives you the highest conversion rates. However, the challenge comes in getting that type of traffic. Besides, positioning your site to receive organic traffic takes time.

PPC marketing happens to be ideal at times. However, you need to create great ads and probably hire an expert to assist you in doing it right. Therefore, it is an expensive investment that not every website owner can afford. 

It is recommendable to choose between 15,000- 30,000 visitors in each new campaign that you launch.

Order Targeted Traffic

  • Traffic location

A wrong selection of the location will have a significant impact on your campaign. If you wish to generate leads or make sales from a particular country, you should select it as your location. But the preferable location for the leads is UK and US traffic as they have a higher buying power.

  • Niche

The traffic you pay for should be interested in your website’s niche. If you get visitors who have no interest in what you have to offer, you will not get an ROI from paid traffic.

  • Time

You need to split your traffic rather than sending it all at once. Spreading it over a month or more offers the best results.

4. Preparing Your Website

After buying guaranteed targeted website traffic, the next step is to prepare your website for the influx of visitors. However, some things can make or break your traffic campaign.

  • Pop-ups

Pop up windows are so annoying, and if you don’t want your visitors to leave your website, you should avoid them as much as you can.

  • Auto-playing sounds and videos

Auto-playing sounds and videos can also be irritating to some guests. People have different tastes, and some will find them noisy. You should remove this if you have them on your website.

If you must have videos on your site, let the visitors have the choice to play them.

  • Slow pages

Visitors usually have a short time to decide whether to leave or stay on your page. Do not let them leave the site due to slow pages. You should use fast web host service providers and carry out a speed test on your website regularly.

  • Web page design

The landing page needs to be appealing and friendly to visitors. They should quickly locate the navigation system. Besides, the contrast and colors need to be clear and good. The fonts should be bold and readable.

  • Page advertisements

You can use advertisements on your webpage but don’t add too many. Visitors feel like you are pushing things to them when you use very many ads. If possible, the landing page should not contain advertisements. 

  • Page content

The page content is significant. It should be relevant and suit the visitors as much as possible.

5. Track Your Traffic

Once you purchase your guaranteed targeted traffic, you need to confirm whether you are getting it. You can use third-party tracking tools to monitor the increase in visitors, bounce rate, time spent on pages, etc.

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Purchasing guaranteed targeted website traffic will allow you to have visitors with genuine interests in your content. Besides, the development of a successful website requires that you develop a strategy to reduce bounce rates. Guaranteed targeted traffic will help you achieve that and increase your site’s relevance in prominent search engines. 

Buy guaranteed targeted website traffic from Web Traffic Geeks today and start a successful traffic campaign. I hope this article goes a long way in assisting you to drive the right audience for your website’s growth.