Buying traffic: 5 questions

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Cheap Website Traffic

Buying traffic: 5 questions

No one can argue with the fact that website traffic is the soul of any online business.

That’s why many webmasters spend a lot of time and money, increasing visitors’ numbers to their website. At the end of the day, the number of leads a site has determines its success.

Buying website traffic cheap is a quick and easy way to boost your web traffic and generate the desired brand awareness for your online business.

But if you don’t do it carefully, buying traffic often ends in tears and lost money. This usually happens if you don’t do your due diligence before paying a web traffic source.

In this article, I will share tips for successful buying cheap traffic for your website. After reading the article, you should be able to buy cheap website traffic and get a good return on your investment.

Things to Consider Before Paying For Cheap Website Traffic

Just because you’re paying a few dollars for your web traffic doesn’t mean it should be low quality. Low-quality traffic is mostly bots or non-targeted visitors that can’t give you any conversions.

You can buy cheap web traffic that is high-quality if you ask the questions below before paying anyone to deliver visitors to your website.

When your website gets a high number of its targeted audience, you have a better chance of converting them and improving your sales.

1. Where is Your Web Traffic Source Getting the Visitors They Sell to You?

Web traffic source

A legitimate web traffic seller will not have an issue explaining to you where they source their traffic. Knowing the traffic source will give you an idea of what type of visitors you’re purchasing.

Reputable web traffic providers like Web Traffic Geeks (WTG) get their traffic from an extensive network of expired and parked domains. These domains in different niches receive millions of visitors daily, and this is the traffic they drive to your website.

WTG also has partnerships with several high authority websites, ad networks, and search engines that allow them for a fee to display your website through native and pop-up ads, for example, to generate highly targeted traffic for you.

With such a traffic source, you’re guaranteed to get 100% human traffic that is highly targeted and easily convertible.

Web traffic sellers on platforms like Fiverr sell their traffic at unbelievably low rates and often can’t explain where their traffic comes from. That is a big warning sign that you should avoid them.

Most of the time, these providers will send you bot traffic (automatic computer-generated traffic that only increases the visitor count) or human traffic from remote locations where your business product or service is not needed.

Hence, the cheap traffic you buy is unlikely to give you an ROI.

To avoid paying for fake web traffic, make sure you conduct thorough research to determine whether your desired traffic provider has positive reviews from previous customers.

The research will significantly help you avoid regretting choosing a service, mainly because you will be well informed.

I would also recommend that once you select a web traffic provider, start by ordering a few visitors to test their service and only increase your order once they prove themselves.

2. What Type of Website Traffic Do You Need?

When buying cheap traffic for your website, you need to be clear why you’re doing it.

The main reason why most people buy web traffic is to market their products or services. If you’re looking to improve your website’s conversion rate, your web traffic provider should be able to deliver highly targeted visitors that you can easily convert.

If you want to test your product or service or improve your visibility, you can opt for undifferentiated traffic.

3. Can Your Website Handle Huge Traffic?

Can you website handle huge traffic?

Not every website is designed to handle an influx of visitors.

Therefore, you need to confirm that your site won’t go down due to high visitor numbers before buying cheap website traffic.

What hosting package are you using, and are there limitations in terms of the traffic you’re supposed to get monthly? If you’re using a shared hosting package, you should consider moving to a better option able to handle the massive number of visitors you’re about to receive.

Many hosting companies offer great packages ideal for withstanding massive traffic monthly. For instance, you can choose a hosting company that gives you 100 GB bandwidth per month since that can take thousands of visitors.

4. What is Your Budget for Cheap Website Traffic?

Most reputable web traffic sellers have different traffic packages with varying costs. Knowing how much you want to spend on boosting your website’s visitors will make it easier for you to settle on a traffic package that suits you.

Always choose a plan that is well within your budget. You want to avoid going over budget as this could strain your business cash flow.

You also don’t want to halt your traffic campaign halfway. That could seriously mess up with the momentum your website gets from buying cheap website traffic.

I would highly recommend having a 3 to 6 months budget for buying traffic, especially if you have a new website. The reason being, consistency can significantly improve your website’s visibility, increase leads, and sales.

5. Is Your Website Ready to Convert the Cheap Website Traffic You Buy?

Cheap website traffic conversion

Good website design, fast loading speeds, exciting content, a quality product or service, and easy site navigation are some of the things that can help improve conversion on your website.

There is no need to buy thousands of visitors only for them to come to your website and have a hard time navigating through it or find irrelevant content.

So you need to prepare your website to offer a good user experience, or your new visitors will leave seconds after landing on your site.

Buy Cheap Website Traffic from Web Traffic Geeks

Buy cheap website traffic from Web Traffic Geeks

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