10 Ways to Buy Cheap Web Traffic (Step-By-Step Guide)

Website traffic is essential for your online business or blog’s growth, and finding an affordable way to increase visits can be an effective part of your marketing strategy. 

While Google Ads is standard in the web traffic world, they tend to have more expensive Cost Per Click (CPC), which can be a major hurdle for a starting business. For those of us working on a tight budget, this list should help your business find some excellent places to get cheap web traffic. 

When to Buy Cheap Website Traffic

Buying traffic for your site might seem like an easy way to get conversions, but the reality is the quality of your website is a key factor in your success. Before you start sending traffic to your pages, make sure you have quality engaging content to keep them there and doing what you want them too.

It is also a good idea to exhaust your marketing options before resorting to purchased traffic. There’s nothing wrong with bought traffic, but you should make sure that you’ve explored every marketing strategy you have. 

If you do choose to buy web traffic, here are some great options for affordable website traffic.

  1. Reddit Ads

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the United States. Its approach to social media is built on subject-specific “sub-reddits” that can really help you find a niche area to market. 


  • Targeted Advertising; This can be tricky when starting out, but finding the right niche subreddit for your site can help bring in visits.
  • Over 140k Active Communities; There is most likely a subreddit already built for your target audience; if not, you can always make one yourself.
  • Non-Paid Marketing; You don’t need to pay for ad space if you can build a great profile or subreddit filled with quality content that drives users to your site. 


  • Wary User Base; Reddit is known for its observant users. One smell of something fishy, and they can turn on your campaign or profile. Be careful what content you share on the platform.

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  1. Microsoft Advertising

Formally known as Bing Advertising, this service is very similar to Google Ads except with Microsoft’s search engine. It’s a cheaper option than Google Ads for your site. 


  • Higher Quality Traffic; at a fraction of the price of AdWords. This means that you get more per click.
  • Older User Base; This sometimes results in a higher conversion rate per click.


  • Overall Usage; While it is cheaper than Google’s service, it comes at the cost of traffic. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s search engine can barely compete against the king of search. 
  • Limited Scalability; Once you are able to find your target market and find success, it is hard to build on due to interface limitations and a limited amount of traffic.
  1. Facebook Ads

The king of social media has a great advertising platform. Facebook’s wide popularity and use make it unmatched in the social media world. 


  • Lots of Options; this can be a blessing and a curse. With all the communities and pages, you can undoubtedly find an audience for your campaign. 
  • ROI; it does have a lot to do with your marketing strategy, but if you learn how to find the right place to put your ads on Facebook, you can find many conversions from this targeted traffic.


  • Nature of Site; Facebook is, first and foremost, a social media site. People aren’t particularly there to be advertised to, so make sure that your content can grab viewers. 
  • Users to Stay on Site; Facebook doesn’t want their users to leave the site, so it costs more to have them click through. It is often cheaper for page likes and shares. 
  1. LinkedIn Ads

This site is more than just for job searching and B2B networking; it can also be a powerful tool to bring more visits to your site. 


  • Targeting; If you are in the B2B niche, then LinkedIn is a great tool. They allow you to laser focus your campaigns to fit your marketing strategy. Targeting people based on the business they are in is a great way to build quality traffic.
  • Pre-Filled Content; much like Facebook, LinkedIn Native Ads helps you get things started by providing a prefilled contact form.


  • Cost; Since LinkedIn ads are based on a CPC model, they can be very high compared to others on the list. This is offset by the traffic quality, but depending on your budget, it might not be the ROI you are looking for.
  1. Twitter Ads

Twitter can be a tricky place to advertise, but if you can do it well, you can generate a lot of conversions. 


  • Focused Promotions; you can pay to promote a single tweet, account, or trend to really make your campaign work with your audience.
  • Good for Small Businesses; Smaller businesses can build their social media following to generate conversions with twitter ads.


  • High Cost Per Click (CPC); just like LinkedIn, Twitter can be more expensive. But in the end, you pay for the quality of the clicks you get.
  • Paying for Something You Can Get for Free; this can be a hard lesson to learn, but knowing when to pay for something and when you can just build the traffic yourself is essential to using higher-cost marketing on social media.
  1. RevContent

RevContent is an excellent content recommendation tool. It gives you the ability to place ads on some really high trafficked sites.


  • Cheap CPC; you can get clicks at as low as $0.01. This can range depending on targeting. 
  • Get Your Content on High Trafficked Sites; get your content on sites like PCWorld or NewsWeek.


  • Bots; this is an issue with the platform, especially when targeting the U.S. You need to monitor what kind of clicks you are getting with proper tracking software.
  1. PopAds

This is a service that can provide you cheap pop-up and under ads. 


  • Cheap Views; PopAds uses a CPM pay system, this means you often get more for your money. 
  • Pop-ups Still Convert; While it may seem like a dead marketing strategy, pop-ups still can reach a conversion rate of 4-5%. For the low price, it’s worth exploring.


  • Pop-ups Can Be Seen as Annoying; you need to be careful what kind of marketing you are doing, think about your image and target audience before using tactics like pop-ups and pop-unders.
  1. BidVerstiser

This advertising platform was founded in 2003 and boasts over 80,000 publishers and advertisers. Use its huge advertising pool to your advantage.


  • Multiple Ad Formats; choose native ads, slider ads, or even pop-under ads for your campaign.
  • Low-Cost; with a low payment threshold for publishers, this is a great place for those starting out and not looking to break the bank on advertising.


  • Complicated Selection; advertisers need to update their lists manually, or BidVertiser will randomly assign them, leading to lousy ad placement. 

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  1. Content.ad

Content.ad has been around for a while and is one of the biggest sponsored content markets.


  • Ease of Use; the platform is set up with tools that are easy to understand and use.
  • Lots of Publishers; there is less of a need to re-do content as there is a large pool to use with this platform.


  • Variable Price Ranges; While you can get low-cost clicks, you set your range on Content.ad and need to be aware of what you’re getting for your money.
  • Catered Content; because the platform is based on native advertising, you’ll need to test different strategies to increase your CTR (click-through-rate) to lower the CPC
  1. Web Traffic Geeks (WTG)

We are a web traffic source that can deliver highly targeted visitors right to your site within 24hours.


  • Drive Unique Visits to You; WTG allows you to target your audience by age, gender, location, or even type of device being used. 
  • Take Off Organically; You can purchase organic web traffic. If your site is filled with engaging quality content, you could get a lot of attention.

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